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Mississippi Hate Bill Smacked Down in 'Blistering Opinion'


Mississippi Hate Bill Smacked Down in 'Blistering Opinion'

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

A federal judge struck down Mississippi's anti-LGBTQ bill hours before it was scheduled to go into effect on Friday, saying that it fails to "respect the equal dignity of all of Mississippi's citizens."

"This is a huge victory for the state of Mississippi and the nation," said ACLU of Mississippi executive director Jennifer Riley-Collins.


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The discrimination against the LGBT community and individuals is very like the Civil Rights struggle - some of the same players who fostered hatred for people of color are the same today who discriminate against and hate LGBT people. The church often a prominent offender and teacher of hatred, because of a false teaching of "scripture" - many so-called 'religious" are only racists and bigots in soft clothes, and that includes all "religious" denominations and sects - some religious have seen the light and do follow The Golden Rule of doing unto others, but far too few, IMO.

The other aspect of this is that social issues are used as a cloak or mask to hide the wider political discrimination of the 99% by the ruling class. Politicians use social issues (when it suits their purposes) to divert attention from their servitude to big-money and the mechanisms of domination by great wealth and power. Social issues are often easy for a politician to use to advantage but their loyalty is not with the issue but to big-money.

Politicians and the ruling elite have always dominated and had their way by dividing people - black from white, gay from straight, rich from poor......


RELIGIOUS LIBERTY is "Newspeak" for intolerance and bigotry.


Love it when the haters get vanquished.


I'd add that the climaxed ecosystems that Mother Nature has been evolving for billions of years is the epitome of both the systemic denial of the unquantifiable (always evolving) necessityof vast dimensions of diversity necessary to life AND the 700 year old western colonization conceit that Nature is not only not sentient but 'not alive' - and ONLY something to be used and discarded. These diseases in the western human psyche have given rise to ongoing immune responses and the greater the crystal clear articulation in deconstruction of those prejudicial and erroneous conceits, the healthier all of living and no-living balances will be.

For me its an instance of keeping an eye on the prize that MLK so eloquently couched as the arc of the universe being long but bending toward justice, and i'd add - reality - in which loving collaboration is recognized and nurtured as the paradigm that has always floated the human boat of life/lifeboat and ability to learn to paddle.


Only one thing better and thats when they publicly acknowledge the lessons learned


Interesting to me is to note that in the context of the true core of religion being practice of loving self-discipline toward spiritual and practical refinement.


Because fracking involves Money. And the free market reigns as the religion of this country.


Good point. Hope you keep raising it. Are there any writers out there who are digging into that? It sounds like something Matt Taibbe would be especially good at teasing apart down to the shredibles.


Time to recognize the haters for what they are - ignorant, aggressive, angry individuals- not leaders, not "successes", not accomplished nor civilized.
Acquiescing is part of the problem. Say it out loud - say it accurately.


Mississippi: High unemployment, skyrocketing poverty; lowest HS graduation rate in the nation; in bottom three in the nation (along with Idaho and their neighbor to the East) in funding for education; state laws systematically closed all but one women's health clinic providing access to abortions in the state); allocated BP payouts to casino owners along coast to "rebuild" (much larger facilities than were destroyed by Katrina) leaving Vietnamese and other small businesses to dry up and close shops by NOT compensating them in any reasonable time or money to rebuild; a governor (Bryant) who wears his bigotry like a badge (even though his son was attacked because he is gay) and caters to the homophobia, misogyny, covert racism and unbridled bigotry of the state's legislature. Not a tourist destination to be sure.


The problem being in the case of fracking that the other "citizen" is actually a corporation--a legal fiction--which the law treats like a citizen, but in no way acts like one.


Carlin's mind on Mississippi:


And, indeed, it does reach back into the dark past of Mississippi and its Segregationist past --

Discrimination against any group usually provides a profit for those at the top --
whether in providing cheap labor (as with women and AA's) --
Or in forcing GLBTs to live in fear of job loss, beatings, civil rights -- the right to love whomever
it is that you love -- all in the name of an alleged sexual norm proclaimed by organized
patriarchal religions.

Still behind these teachings of hatred and intolerance is "Christian" religions which could at
one time even convince parents to abandon their own homosexual childen!


Well stated. Sword in one hand and the Bible in the other.


This chicken loves how you write, old goat.