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Mississippi Judge Bars Public Defenders from Representing Clients


Mississippi Judge Bars Public Defenders from Representing Clients

Jonathan Rapping

Congressman Bennie Thompson (D-MS) is asking the Department of Justice to investigate recent events in Hinds County, Mississippi, where a judge is refusing to allow public defenders to represent their clients in his court.


Apparently we have far to many judges on the bench, and far to few in prison.


The anti-corruption law passed in Tallahassee, Fla. “an infamous battleground” in Nov 2014 - a model for cities around the country
First Anti-Corruption Act in US History Passes


Nobody ever reads the linked articles so here’s a summary:
-the judge barred one public defender from handling indigent cases (due to “unprofessional conduct”)
-the judge did not describe any specific “unprofessional conduct” of said public defendant that prompted him to bar her from his courtroom
-the judge allowed the public defenders office to assign the cases to other attorneys
-the judge also assigned private counsel to some defendants (still paid by the taxpayer)

So a more accurate title would be “Judge bars One Public defender from representing clients and assigns taxpayer funded private counsel to some defendants”. Not as inflammatory tho…


As you read thru the text you’ll see some of it highlighted in blue. For instance in para 2 of the article “to identify any specific behavior” and “held an attorney and the head of the office in contempt” are blue. Those are links. If you click on one of them they will take you to a different site with more info about the particular topic.

Some forms of colorblindness prevent people from differentiating the light blue from the standard text. There are add-ons for all browsers that change color scheme to help. You can get someone with some computer knowledge to install one of these add-ons if you have this problem.


Was she the one wearing a pants suit? Judges are our to order. They are robed thugs. USA. Badged thugs harassing people without accountability. Suited thugs railroading them. Robed thugs jailing them. We are telling the world to be like our democracy. Never in human history has there been so much hypocrisy concentrated in one place.


Good points. Most people tho are ignorant of those facts. Millions emigrating to the US every year, legally or illegally, and whoever is in the US whether native born or naturalized doesn’t seem to have the will to leave. They must put something in the water.


I have a remedy for that too. When i open links on news websites i usually open them in a new tab, that way the original website stays there. As i drill down on other links i keep opening them in new tabs.To open them in new tabs you either click on the middle mouse button (the wheel) or right click the link and pick “Open in new tab”.

Happy browsing…


I would bet he is affiliated with the GOP party of intolerance…Which makes him an AssClown of biblical proportions.