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Missoula Wins Right to Control Its Own Water in Victory Against Privatization


Missoula Wins Right to Control Its Own Water in Victory Against Privatization

Nadia Prupis, staff writer

Missoula, Montana scored a major victory for community ownership of public resources when the state's supreme court ruled 5-2 on Tuesday that the city's use of its water system was "more necessary" than its use by a private company.


Take that, you fucking trolls!


The Carlyle Group, if I recall correctly, has as some of its owners, members of the Bush Syndicate.
Hope that this ruling sets a precedent


Good on you Missoula!


"The opinion cited $48,000 that goes to 'travel and entertainment,' a $103,000 'board of directors fee' and $1.3 million for salaries of staff in California."
"Travel and entertainment" are perks when it comes to water privatization.


The Cochabamba, Bolivia struggle to prevent global corporations from gaining control over their water was just a meaningless little issue in a faraway place as far as tuned out Americans were concerned way back in 2002, but now, only 14 years later, their war against the Neo-Liberal (neo-colonialist, pro-corporate,anti-people) policies of both major US political parties has become our war...here at home. When I was starting my professional life, I would never have dreamed I would live to see the sad day when Americans would have to fight desperately to retain control of their own drinking water! Thanks for the good news for Missoula, but... Does anyone in America (outside of Common Dreams writers) realize how rapidly we are losing ground?


This is a great example of people organizing and taking control of local resources. National and state politics are completely beholden to big corporations and banks. It is still possible to form local cooperatives that control water, sustainable food production and energy, etc. It would require, though, that people wake up, turn off the TV, and CHANGE their precious life-styles. The future of humanity on the planet is what's at stake.


At least you know you're a troll. There is a difference between shoes and water--or perhaps this was sarcasm?


Yes, water is a right and part of life cycle which is necessary to life itself. Water should always be in public domain. We the people = government. We the people should own all our utilities, there are many things that the commons (government) does better than private enterprise. Shoes is not one of them. You want to build your own road to where you work. Dig the trenches from your house to water source and put in piping, same with sewer and electricity. Don't be stupid.

You're an idiot arguing stupid analogies.


When Obama signs TPP after the election, corporate tribunals will be "deciding" these cases and it will all be water under the bridge.


Now Venezuela is another issue of corruption both there and US sanctions i.e. Cuba or Chile in 1973.
Many things that public can do better than private sector is government is properly funded and not corrupted by pay offs.

Man has proven over and over again given a little money and power they become corrupt. We need public commons and private industry with regulations to curtail the greed and corruption of man.


A very weak post celebrating a sick ideology.
It is clear that you do not understand the BIG difference between a social democracy and socialism.


Another example which shatters the public vs private mantra - that private knows how to do business properly and the public system does not.
People may be interested in Mariana Mazzucato and her book The Entrepreneurial State, Debunking Public vs Private Sector Myths.
The real question for all who are not sound asleep is can we afford to let the private sector continue to rip us off with their lies and deceit while wasting huge amounts of our money to amuse themselves and own governance.


Wow, talk about showing your absolute true colors of depraved worship of all things money and power.

I've wasted time in the past engaging in debate with you, but no longer. I'll push back against your neoliberal and libertarian ejaculations of propaganda on this forum, but I won't waste my time responding to your replies against my attacks on your utter bullshit.

I mean, your argument underscores perfectly how demented is the mind that finds value only in the life experience of pursuing capital over everything else, that you have the audacity to compare the necessity of water with shoes.

I'll go ahead and spell this out for you. Human beings can indeed survive without shoes, but they can't survive without water you ______.

And your ridiculous diatribe based upon your stupid premise comparing shoes to water, is just so indicative of someone who has been absolutely brainwashed by right wing propaganda. I mean, the slippery slope of that scary "socialism"if the water system were to RETURN to public ownership!!!!!! GASP!!!!

Sad music plays in the background, even dark and foreboding minor chords, another dark day in America after all public water systems have been returned to the public. A sad little girl, tears rolling down her cheeks (born of the public water comprising 3/4ths of her human body) reaches down to put on a pair of dull gray shoes, the same as every other person in her town aside from the varying sizes, and then walks out into a dark foggy scene. Public water, the menacing blood of socialism is now even falling from the socialist dark foreboding, overcast sky.

Not having anything fun to do anymore, in her socialist hell, she walks down the street. Freely available public water falls from a dark sky in the form of socialist rain, as she heads down a hill…

She slips.

Get a grip will you?


Did you say something?


Wowzie - tell that to the 90% H2O portion of your and, golly, just about any.body.'s body. And, oh yes, please do let us know what the response is.

Hallelujah, turn it on Missoula!


You really lead a sheltered life. Don't you? They only reason people are not dying of starvation on the streets of America is because The Socialist of America are feeding them! Survival is a right.


The Carlyle Group is one grasping, greedy pile of high-rolling players with tentacles that reach into any and all profit-making ventures around the globe. The only purpose of their existence is to extract a profit regardles of the cost to humanity, the environment, and the planet.

The Race to Buy Up the World's Water: http://www.newsweek.com/race-buy-worlds-water-73893

I believe it was Nixon who said "Water is the New Oil," which was prescient and surely foretold the future.

BRAVO, Missoulians...fight on!


The Carlyle Group.
That's the Bush family's partnership with Saudi Arabia.

They sold it to Liberty Utilities which is a Rip Off Corporation.
Liberty's most recent scam is to sponsor legislation that would allow their Electric Utility companies to Bill private homeowners for the electricity generated by the Homeowner's Solar Panels.

It's the sort of law that turns a Homeowner into a Slave of the Power Company. You'd have to Pay for Electricity that the Power Company Didn't Generate on the "Legal Theory" that the Power Company somehow "Owns" the right to extract a Profit from everyone who lives anywhere near their power lines, even if they aren't a Customer.


Imagine my surprise when my city pops up on CD! Yeah we finally won this, my fear is all the legal fees involved. Carlyle early on alluded to bankrupt Missoula through legal wrangling, still haven't seen a final cost. As for FreeToChoose, have a big glass of fracking tainted aquifer water and let me know how well private industry takes care of this resource. Whiskey's for drinking, water's for fighting over!