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Mistranslated or Not, Israeli PM's 'War With Iran' Tweet Sparks Grave Concerns


Mistranslated or Not, Israeli PM's 'War With Iran' Tweet Sparks Grave Concerns

Jessica Corbett, staff writer

A deleted tweet from Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has ignited fresh fears about his position on Iran, after his official Twitter account provided an English translation of his remarks to reporters on Wednesday while attending an American-led summit about the Middle East hosted in Warsaw, Poland.


Democrats and Republicans will sign on to a war with Iran to prove they’re for Israel. Those who stand against it, people like Ilan Omar, will be smeared as anti-Israel and anti-Semites.


We are watching madmen bring our collective selves and our entire globe to the brink. These are pyromaniacs and we had best come out in force against them!


Can’t continue to use the holocaust to justify what the isrealis are doing to the Palestinians. It is inhumane the treatment both holocaust and palestinian survivors are put through. The sins of the nzi germans has nothing to do with a Palestinian child born today 2019.

in 1945 & 2018 the darkside of humanity is being displayed for the world to see…


This is only news in the sense that it’s a reiteration of Netanyahu’s long held lust for war with Iran.

Of course, after his stand offs with Hezbollah, the KSA’s stand off with the ragtag Houthis, and Russia running interference in the region, he might want to think twice. Israel has nukes and a formidable military, but they will suffer gravely in the next conflict.


Iran is just another country in the USA’s regime change playbook. They have been waging economic war on the country since the revolution that toppled the shah, install by the USA and England, despite repeated attempts by Iran to reach out to the west. The theocracy in Iran is simply a populist cover for the oligarchs that took over the country’s oil reserves.

I’m curious why Washington thinks they can launch a war against Iran from Iraq? Might have worked when the Ba’athist (our buddy Saddam) controlled Iraq but Shias now run the government and are not about to tolerate an attack on another Shia country.


But it will bring about the rapture so everything is going according to gawd’s plan.:grinning:


I think there are many millions in this country ready to take on that challenging position. If not who, if not when?


Scuds for Israel.


Wouldn’t Israel throw in with the U.S.? What about our playmates the Saudi’s? Then there is the oil. Trump would say “Why wouldn’t we just take it?”
How much of another countries historical buildings do we want to destroy.
What if they found J Bolton looking like a large pre made hamburger patty ready to fry? Just curious.


reminds me of the different translatios of “jihad” depending on political purpose.
Whatever the translation, Iran and Israel should have no quarrel with each other, no boundary disputes, no resource conflict, no history of conflict. There is no excuse for the belligerence both sides display. Whatever Netanyahu said, his crusade against Iran, and Trump’s, should be resisted by Europe and the world, and Iran too has to can the “death to Israel” rhetoric (I saw Rick Steve’s feel-good non-political program about tourism in Iran and friendly Iranians, but even he was shocked by big "deth to Israel banner there in a mosque of all places!)


In 1066 William the Conqueror of France had spent five years appealing to his nobles to convince them to cross the channel and go to war against Harold of England. He told them he would make them all rich. And he did. William defeated Harold at Hastings and went on to take control over every property worth having in England. It was more than a generation of terrible times for the English people who never recovered. French nobles ran the show and English people had to dance to their tune. Netanyahu wants to eliminate any and all defenders of the Palestinian people. He has American politicians right where he wants them, afraid to not do his bidding. His concern for the Palestinians is non-existent and his concern for his own citizens rests on a big gamble, that few will be injured and that the outcome will be assured. His goals are monstrous, as is his disregard for the lives of real people whose rights stand in the way of those goals demonstrates. Are we right back where we were in the Middle Ages when might made right? It is up to European and other countries with a conscience to prevent Netanyahu from realizing his dreams.


Numerous interlocutors say Iran’s invective against Israel is for the death of the Zionist state and says nothing against the Jewish people. As a documentary on NPR last year made clear, the Jewish community in Teheran don’t like the anti-Israel rhetoric, but have no intention of leaving their synagogues, cultural centres and lives to move to Israel.


Bibi’s bellicosity against Iran is partly an unsubtle dog whistle to American neo-cons and others still lamenting the U.S. defeat there in 1979. It’s also a useful distraction from growing criticism of Israel’s war crimes against the Palestinians.


Actually, been there, done that. The outcome was not what TPTB were counting on.


Why has Netanyahu and Trump adopted Hitlers political rhetoric against the Palestinians? Why has the American press fallen into the anti Islam me too trap . Israel security forces murder a sixteen year old student, not a peep. Re. Omar tweets an open fact about AIPAC and the American political mealy mouths climb down her throat. Do they realize they have actually proven her point in spades? AIPAC isn’t pro Jewish, it is pro empire building and anti Islam. It has purchased a large segment of the American political system.


This is why Netanyahu should be wiped off the map.

Criticism of Israel’s war like manner is not anti Semitic!


Do we want to keep funding Bibi’s wars? I vote against AIPAC funded candidates.


You bring up an interesting point. I have always held the belief that Israel’s greatest international accomplishment has been managing to convince the world that they have a great and powerful military.
In practice and performance nothing has been further from the truth. When Israel has had military confrontations with their hapless neighbors they have almost always fought to draw. And anytime in their history that their nation has been seriously challenged (1967, 1973) the US has stepped in wiped out their opponent.
Left to their own devices, Israel would have become a failed state long ago. However, as long as they receive billions in direct financial aid from the US every year, along with all the free munitions they can carry, and promise to continue to be our watchdog in the Middle East, they will not only survive, but thrive.


Yes, an open fact, as documented here: