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'Mistrust Is Growing': European Leaders Blast GOP Senators for Letter to Iran


'Mistrust Is Growing': European Leaders Blast GOP Senators for Letter to Iran

Sarah Lazare, staff writer

An open letter to Iranian leaders from 47 Republican senators has provoked sharp rebuke from European countries that are party to the nuclear talks.


As foreign policy expert Jim Lobe recently pointed out, a majority of major media coverage has focused on U.S. and Israeli machinations relating to the deal, even though Israel is not officially party to the talks.

Gee. Now why would that be?



It is better to “Jaw Jaw” than to “war War”.
Winston Churchill


Israel is “kibbitzing”.


What is the alternative to negotiations? Does Congressman Cotton want war with Iran? Will he volunteer to serve in that war or will he wait for unemployed kids to do the fighting forhim?




gee, when Dubya was lighting the fuse of the 13 year war the right never stopped talking about backing the President, with phrases like ’ Politics stops at the waters edge.’ Not to mention the meaningless and insipid phrase Support Our Troops.

Now they are all to eager to pay for his humiliation with the blood of more of our troops in what will be more death and destruction. Oh how fearful Oppenheimer’s filthy bomb has made us that we rattle swords and make bellicose threats as the sun sets on this bankrupt empire.

Tom Cotton should have more respect for the Commander in Chief, having served in the military. His action discredits the Senate, which is supposed to be the more mature legislative body. I guess we are headed for more shame as the legislature descends into the slime of national elections. This is just a taste of the wingnuttery to follow. A mere fart, before they start tampering with our credit by threatening to halt government with budgetary brinksmanship.

And in the background Bibi is thrilled to think he conned us into providing more fresh meat for an invasion of Iran. If Iraq brought us to the edge of destruction, war with Iran will forever render the consitution ineffective, and realize the neocon dream uttered by Dick Cheney "A war that will not end in your lifetime".


He is clearly working on behalf of the Israeli government. Has Mr. Cotton registered with the justice dept. as a foreign agent as required by the Foreign Agent Registration Act of 1938?


Five times more attention for nethanyanu reflects the five times more présence of jewish reporters, boardmembers, sponsors or owner influences in the mainstream media. The blind support for Israël despite of their crimes against humanity reflects the dangerous and overwhelming influence of jewish capital in politics and military’s industrial conglomeraties. Free yourselves from this and love jewish people as you have to do with all people!


Our oligarchy and neocons have been waging covert economic war against the EU for years. They detest its social order and social benefits and have conspired to undermine them just as they have conspired to undermine ours. Social and commons are not acceptable concepts or ideals in oligarch and neocon world. Neo-Royal hegemony is their goal. They will use any means to attain it. I am convinced Graham meant what he said about using the military against congress. Cotton, Cruz and others are the pointmen for another Smedley Butler like military coup. Have they had any communication with BlackWater officials or employees? There should be a public trial for treason. With production of all recent communications to and from all possible participants. Who was talking to whom and what did they proffer? We are all spied on 24/7 for what might happen. There is something very bad happening here.


The European leaders understand and have directly lived through the horrors of the Second World War of Empires and sen the vast damages caused to their countries. They understand first-hand the deaths and destruction done by warmongering EMPIRE — which these US Congressional fools do not understand.

Over the entire course of history, essentially no people
living in the metropole of an Empire (either knowingly or not) have ever
escaped massive financial and bodily suffering when the Empire

Within our memory of the 20th century’s two world wars of Empires,
the people of the British Empire, the French Empire, the German/Nazi
Empire, the Japanese Empire, and finally the Russian/Soviet Empire have
all suffered massively whether the Empire in which they suffered as
‘subjects’ was an overt or covert, a visible or disguised, aggressor

The American people have not yet suffered as ‘subjects’ and victims
of the Disguised Global Capitalist Empire in which they passively live
— but there is precious little time for the people who wrongly think
of themselves as ‘citizens’ of the country previously know as America to
break their passivity and organize together in solidarity and love to
end this last Empire on earth peacefully.

And the people of the UK, France, Germany, Japan, Russia, and Israel
must be mindful that although they are not in the metropole, but along
the ‘boarder forts’, of this Global Empire, that they will suffer again
as greatly as those caught in the nominal HQ of the Disguised Global
Capitalist Empire — if they do not cooperate in peacefully excising
this cancerous tumor of Empire.

Liberty, equality, democracy, and justice
Violent (and Vichy disguised)

Alan MacDonald
Wells, Maine