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MIT’s Climate Plan Doesn’t Add Up. So We’re Sitting-In


MIT’s Climate Plan Doesn’t Add Up. So We’re Sitting-In.

Fossil Free MIT

We write from the office doorstep of MIT’s President, where on October 22, we began a sit-in in response to the President’s announcement of MIT’s Plan for Action on Climate Change (hereafter ‘Plan’). As President Reif acknowledged, the Plan originally “emerged in response to” Fossil Free MIT’s ongoing call, since April 2013, for MIT to divest its now $13.5 billion endowment from fossil fuel companies.


Good luck to you at Fossil Free MIT. More (renewalble )power to the people!


How did Georgetown decrease its emissions by 71%? Don't keep it a secret. Spread the word.


Since agribusiness (the animal slaughter industry) produces 51% of all greenhouse gases, it is impossible to reduce emissions below that percentage as long as that business continues to operate at its current levels. If all humans were vegetarians, there would be no climate crisis. Nor would we have an over-heated, expensive health care system. Vegetarians have far fewer health problems than meat eaters, despite what the meat-eating herd here at CD says.


First explain where the 51% comes from. I doubt if anyone reading your post if going to believe that number.


I have stated many times that the 51% number comes from the movie Cowspiracy, now on Netflix. That amazing percentage is based on careful computation, not speculation.