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Mitch, Chuck and the Big “What If” for DREAMers

Mitch, Chuck and the Big “What If” for DREAMers

America Reyes
Thousands of American futures are in limbo.
"So I’ve got news for Mitch McConnell, Chuck Schumer, and all our elected officials – get ready, we’re coming to the polls. " (Photo:Molly Adams/flickr/cc)
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I’m glad you’re going to the polls, Ms. Reyes.

I’m also glad you’re taking a hard look at people like Schumer and McConnell.

Above all, I hope that indicates that you’ll consider candidates outside the 2-party farce.

Because a small but committed bloc of voters can turn the tide and usher in a new era. Nothing lasts forever–the only barrier to forming a coalition of progressive independents is our own lack of imagination and courage.


For decades and generations one of the ‘privileges’ of “upward mobility” one of the constituent elements of being a ‘successful’ American has been largely unspoken - but as has been said by a SCOTUS justice about pornography ‘I know it when I see it’ - is a superior air of dismissal - which Trump and his ilk portray in spades. The bizarre side of this is that it is actually a slavish, ass-kissing posture that roars 'I do what I am told only by my “betters”. In turn, those who are their “betters” to which the former refers, play at invisibility, equivocation, “deal making” and disappearance - all to guarantee that the machinations for extraction of health and wealth are seen, calibrated and acted upon IN THEIR TERMS.

This is just a quick sketch of what I cite as the ‘effete’ who claim to be but are, only, wannabe ‘elite’. What they fail to acknowledge and pretend to be blind to, is that their convenient sleights of hand across the spectrum of life, are done in the face of some of the most dignified, consistent, healthy, persistent and loving presences such as these DREAMERS and those of us who are buckling down and working to shed the layer of offal matter that has been marketed for generations.

These obstructions to the changes that need to be made if the planet is to survive, think according to their own framing , working through the SCOTUS, legislature and media to make the offal layer so deep as to be suffocating. To which I introduce an indigenous observation that shows our natural alliances:

“They try to bury us, but what they fail to see is that we are seeds”.


The bill that funds the government for three weeks to work out immigration also contains a bill to further erode healthcare. It blocks taxes that fund ACA. I doubt anyone even noticed.