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Mitch McConnell Gets his Own Chapter in the Story of America's Dying Democracy. And it's Devastating


Mitch McConnell Gets his Own Chapter in the Story of America's Dying Democracy. And it's Devastating

Will Bunch

It’s kind of trivial, perhaps, but one of my favorite odd facts about the 1963 March on Washington for Jobs and Freedom — the epic event that produced Dr. Martin Luther King’s “I Have a Dream” speech — is that not one but two college kids in the bobbing sea of faces crammed around the Reflecting Pool listening to King’s immortal words would grow up to become U.S. senators many years later.


This guy is pathetic and I would say a traitor to democracy and the American people. How can the people of Kentucky send this Neanderthal to congress over and over again. It does not reflect well upon the state and its people.


I dislike Trump. A lot.
I dislike McConnell even more

The U.S. Senate has been home to many outstanding people over the decades. We have had
more great Senators than great Presidents, imo. McConnell dishonors their legacy. He needs to go!


“It is Mitch McConnell, more than anyone else in Washington, who has turned the notion of comity into comedy.”

Not comedy, but farce. McConnell is not the first; history does repeat itself.


Term limits would have ousted this demented unfunny clown long ago. You get two elected terms and you’re out. Limit the entrenched political damage done that is our government. What is the current difference between what the two sides of the uniparty propose? Sanders is just a fish on the line to be bobbed about when necessary to hold out false hope. In my estimation the odds of he being elected president are very high against ever happening.


I actually HATE that man.


Not tragedy or farce (come on Bunch, you know better) It is much worse, it is an attempt to end Democracy! Dear people of Kentucky, you have learned nothing from being raped by the coal companies, your future is everyone’s future; start thinking beyond “I’m a proud conservative” it’s killing us all.


Feudal is as feudal does.
Both parties are wholly owned thanks to the SCOTUS Citizens United. The upshot being,

We are, however, and for what its worth, citizens having evolved to be fully integrated with the living planet, which this transnational cabal is killing, poisoning and attempting to project as ‘owned’ because they cannot conceive of the actual failure of their methodology.


Me, too. I despise McConnell. He is a corrupt, racist, regressive piece of shit. Some years ago I saw a list of the top ten political recipients of special interest money over the previous decade and Turtle Boy was right up there at the top of that heap with $4.5 million. This asshole is infamous for stating in Dec. 2008, before Obama was even sworn in as president, that the number one priority of the Rethug party was to make sure that Obama was a one-term president. He is despicable and screw the people of Kentucky for re-electing this appalling shithead over and over. If you are looking for evidence that our political system is broken I submit that McConnell is a prime example.


Mitch is a symptom that has plagued our democracy since the beginning, that the rich control it most of the time. We have never been a country of the people, by the people, for the people. It’s a claim that never has materialized. We have always been a country of the rich, by the rich, for the rich.
It’s a great ideal that has been ignored throughout our history. And our history shows just how little we truly cherish it.


I would submit that our political system has always been broken. The country’s political system has always been controlled by the rich.