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Mitch McConnell Is Right. Secure, Open Elections Would Elect More Democrats.

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/07/26/mitch-mcconnell-right-secure-open-elections-would-elect-more-democrats

Well fair open elections could also do this:

As a Green Party member it’s depressing to read what a supposed progressive sees as the alpha and omega of democratic reform.

Democracy should be about choice. Even with the reforms Mr. Waldman proposes (not that they aren’t worthwhile), the US system effectively limits us to 2 choices. If you look at the 20 countries labeled “full democracies” according to the Economist Magazine’s Democracy Index, all but one have at least 5 political parties represented in their parliaments (Malta has 3). The US, in contrast, hasn’t had a Congressperson elected from a 3rd party since 1948.

As the article makes clear, the Democrats are happy to push open elections reforms because it benefits them…since if voters want a candidate who’s not clinically insane, they are the only game in town.

But when it comes to small-d democracy, the Democrats have been happy to see Green party candidates arrested for daring to ask to be included in their debates. Democrats have fought repeatedly to keep the Green Party and its candidates off the ballot. They are for “democracy” as long as it benefits them.

It’s no accident that the Democracy Index labels the US as a “flawed democracy,” in part because of this lack of choice. A good example is military and foreign policy. Which party thinks that the US should stay out of wars and mind its own business? The Libertarian Party. Which party has non-violence in its platform? The Green Party. For those of us who are sick of the violence, the destruction, the brutality, the inhumanity of perpetual war, the 2-party system offers no real choice.

As I see it, Trump won in part because the Democrats failed to connect with enough people. It was clear that whatever promises they made, not rocking the wealthy and powerful’s gravy train was their top priority. The difference boils down to how much wealth is allowed to dribble down to the rest of us.

Trump is a horrible president and I might even hold my nose in 2020 to vote for the Democrat, but even if they win, the deeper-seated problems with our corrupt political system and super-unequal society won’t go away.


I want to say “Way to go, Captain Obvious!” but that would sound like a put-down, and that is not my intention.

I only wish many millions more would realize the obvious, and how electing Democrats, these Democrats anyway, is just perpetuating the corrupt capitalist ideology that both parties benefit from. If Republicans are evil, and I believe they probably are, then Democrats are their enablers. Without opposition, Republicans will continue to drive the country off the fascist, theocratic cliff, and the Democrats will continue to brag about their “bi-partisanship,” which means “Give them anything they want, and soon they will be our friends.”

I will continue voting Green despite the protests of the supporters of the corrupt duopoly.

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Ever since the 1985 Democratic Leadership Council (DLC) formation, Democrats’ “bi-partisanship” has indeed been characterized by serial capitulation to the GOP while tossing in a few social plums like same sex marriage as long as they don’t negatively impact Wall Street’s revenue stream.

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Moscow Mitch wants Russians to run in his party, seems obvious. Instead of the Republican Party, maybe it should be called, the Russblican Party. That would make trump cheers also.

We couldn’t have that. Wouldn’t reflect the true level of ignorance here in America.

Turtle man is wrong when he claims that dem’s seek a partisan leg up. It is more like we would like to see the legs of the stool propping up the cheating ways of repugs, knocked off of that stool.
Eliminate unfair, unethical, cheating.
But who expects the right-wing to do ANYTHING ethical at this point, or ever for that matter. Their track record is of swamp, cesspool, and stonewalling tactics.

2020 is a great opportunity to rid US senate of Moscow Mitch.

Doesn;t McConnell have his own super pac from Russia? He is a traitor of the first order. Doesn;t he know what we do to traitors…

Is that why the Democrats don’t do anything about it? The stolen election of 2000 (stolen by the GOP controlled SCOTUS), should have been more than enough reason to move to get rid of the Electoral College - but the D’s did nothing. Crazy gerrymandering and mass voter supression by the GOP in the last 10 or so years should have led to the Dem leadership to work to undo these undemocratic practices, but the Dems do little to nothing. Why? The GOP work consistently and agressively to improve their chances of getting and holding power - by hook or crook. At least this is rational, if not criminal. You’d think that the Democrats would do the same for thier own partisan reasons… But the Dems don’t - why?

If the Dems want to beat Mitch in 2020, they need to get a candidate that is over weight, has a limited vocabulary, has a low IQ, and lies a lot.

But will Americans standup to Moscow Mitch, and all republicans, and save there futures?