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Mitch McConnell Wants to Let Corporations Kill You Without Consequence

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/12/15/mitch-mcconnell-wants-let-corporations-kill-you-without-consequence


Moscow Mitch serially reconfirms that there is no limit to evil.


“To this day, he refuses to let it even be discussed in the Senate.”

This goes beyond Mitch; it is the structure and even the existence of the Senate. That one man can hold up a bill, and even the discussion of it demonstrates a fatal flaw in the Constitution and structure of the government. How can anyone call this a democracy.

Of course, the Senate is a legacy of Southern slavery. The Southern states were less populous than the North, except for the slaves who couldn’t vote. By giving each state two senators, states with small populations had the same representation as ones with large number of constituents. Add to that Senators serve for six years; and their arcane rules, the filibuster and the power of the majority leader.

All this makes for a system similar to the original British House of Lords, except they aren’t hereditary. The Brits, however, have given the Lords a political haircut by severely limiting their power to reject Parliament bills. It is time for the Senate to get a haircut.


I’ve been raising hell for the last 30 years and where has it taken us? Joe Biden and Nancy Pelosi should do their jobs and put accountability as their first priority.

I’ve been trained by your radio show for last 16 years, Thank you Tom. Back in the old days was able to listen to Ed Schultz, Norman Goldman, Right of Fire, can’t remember the firey gal I think from Texas. Sure do miss them and the late Ed Schultz.
I guess here in Portland Oregon I cannot tune in and I am not a you tuber or …???


I posted this in another thread here but I think I;ll drop it here too

Many people/families hurt and destroyed by this Immunity will not just take it and go away.
I’m guessing that Corporate Immunity will ‘force’ many people damaged by that immunity, to take matters into their own hands. I"ll also guess that CEO’s, Owners and other Corporate types are thinking they are personally immune from repercussions…until they start finding out they are not.

The Courts also protect them personally to some extent. Lawsuits, jail and fines can be a relief valve for some. I guess thats gone now too


…and Many Dems are voting FOR this damned thing too


The framers intended majority control in the Senate .The Senate rules need to be changed to restore majority control, so that, for example, any senator (with say 15-20 support) could move for a vote on the full Senate on whether any particular item could be scheduled in the near term for consideration and possible action should the majority so decide. One man controlling the agenda like a dictator is undemocratic and contrary to the spirit of the Constitution.

This would allow for bipartisanship.in place of virtual one man rule.


I hope and pray there is a Special Place in HELL for Massacre Mitch and others of his ilk!! He has NO inner core nor any intrinsic value…he as so many other GOPers are amoral


Excuse me, who exactly controls the House? Mitch can’t get d!ck through Congress without Paygolosi’s approval.


As far as the last I read Nancy is “demanding” that this provision be removed before it comes to a vote. The previous package was passed by the house but rejected by the “mcconnell”


An article posted just yesterday indicates that the desire to see Corporations garner immunity has support from both Political parties.


Barely any signal to pick up KXRAY at 107.1 FM til noon. They stream online but I’ve got no time not on the clock shlepping or mobile device with Wi Fi. I don’t get the deal with KXRAY sharing an FM shaky frequency with the Public Interest Community radio station over the bridge in Vancouver, WA, KXRW…


Internally things not so rosey at KXRAY. As usual some individuals, in this case washed up Prog Mayoral candidate Jefferson Smith drawing complaints for taking the format too far away from music and too close to Jeff and his Dad’s personal interests. Smith’s retired Dad is an on-air sidekick for morning talk show that cuts into Thom Hartmann’s commercial radio spiel when commercials play on the commercial radio outlets keeping gab on Hartmann’s show so short and incapable of complex discussion. Must not be any Prog Underwriters to cover paying Hartmann for broadcasting from strong signal PoTown Community Radio pioneer KBOO. Corporate or oligarch money not welcome there, although Kroger has been getting underwriting announcements on KBOO which prides itself on taking no corporate dough. They also pay only tech and management staff, all program producers are volunteer and deal with similar cronyism dynamics issues:


Mitch Ritter Paradigm Sifters, Code Shifters and Song Chasers
Lay-Low Studios, Ore-Wa (Refuge of Atonement Seekers)
Media Discussion List and Looksee

" Mitch McConnell Wants to Let Corporations Kill You Without Consequence"

Satan’s advocate.


What he wants is privatized police and prisons, the real motive is replacing police who are paid well with guest workers from repressive countries corporations, who in many cases are even more experienced at killing than US cops. This is what we agreed way back in the Uruguay Round to help the less develped countries catch up with America.

Also, US activists want to defund the overpaid US police, right? Countries like East Timor and North Korea (if they join the WTO) have skills in these areas Remember how the US used to send prisoners to prisons all around the world. Tony Blair was well known for that too.


Praise be to Thom Hartmann for some Professional Class solidarity! Solidarity from that sector of the American We’re All In It together community has been in short supply since the normalization of homelessness decades ago. Roughly, very roughly concurrent with the moratorium of Public Housing construction once the Soviets and Maoists all went to State Managed so-called FREE TRADE and there was no more need to win hearts and minds. We also had and have financialized property values to think of. Scarcity tends to drive up the value and cost of existing housing in our Predatory Speculative Neo-Liberal E-CONomic system that both parties now embrace. Where no human need not even Public Health is safe from Market Forces and its rational depredations.

As Saskia Sassen a Columbia U. professor who studies the loss of modest housing habitat around the world has coined it, the surplus of vacant newly built luxury high rises in most global cities over the last decade of the normalization of homelessness and with tent cities of homeless working people often spring up cheek by empty lot alongside these new vacant luxury towers, this supply of new units isn’t meant to be “housing.” It is meant to be a speculative instrument for unfettered Global Capital to safely park. The value of housing is less likely to depreciate than is the value of hoarded cash. Prof Dr Saskia Sassen calls these vacant post-modern high rises alongside homeless camps in cities like ours here in PoTown, Ore SECURITY BOXES IN THE SKY for global investors and the BLACK ROCK or BLACKSTONE investment portfolios.

At that point Reagan then Bush just dumped those who couldn’t care for themselves out of the warehousing institutions with nothing to replace public residence and treatment facilities. All the money went to the mad Magyar Dr Strangelove Physicist-Entrepreneur Fast Eddie Teller and the Daddy Warbucks Livermore campus and cronyocracy to build the wacky BRILLIANT PEBBLES .

Recall the drain named STRATEGIC DEFENSE INITIATIVE (SDI) into which our national wealth flowed? Where the ballooning NATIONAL DEBT numbers on the big scoreboard in Times Square came from and where that public money went to? Thereby requiring the House of Clinton to clean up the fiscally responsible GOP recession and job-lessness by cutting all Social Welfare programs and declaring Austerity Policies the GOP never did put in place during their 12 year spending spree of CIA Chief, China Desk turned VP turned Voo Doo Economic President George HW Bush’s campaign pledge of "READ MY LIPS, NO NEW TAXES."

Nobody even on HD TV could find Pappy Bush’s lizard lips…

Even though by then we’d already spent both the dissolving without a shot being fired Soviet Union and ourselves into deeper national debts than any honest self-printing World’s Reserve Currency and Quantitative Easing Federal Reserve Central Bank lil ol’ world’s wealthiest if most unequal nation-state can repay.

Add layers of displaced workers who found Bill Clinton and Al Gore & company were going to turn U.S. into a GIG economy in line with Neo-Liberal E-CONomic doctrines and dogmas of the weaponizing federal contract propagandist Milton Friedman and his Chicago Boys who were all about SHRINKING BIG GOVERNMENT and ragging on the NANNY STATE entitlements while providing none of the job training needed to fulfill the House of Clinton bully pulpit preaching of the coming of each American will be an entrepreneur in the Silicon Valley Nirvana! If Slick Willie didn’t inhale in college he sure did once he and Madame Mistress without portfolio Hillary took up residence in the White House!

Sounded like Reagan and the House of Voo Doo Economic Bush saying in the pre-House of Clinton years, with straight faces, how Morning (not Mourning) would be coming to America and how great America was (Reagan-Bush got to MAGA b4 the Trumplicans). Where if someone wanted to sleep in the street or under a bridge they were free to do so…Public Health concerns be damned! This land belongs to you and me

Once the Commies folded, game over for Public Housing in U.S. Same Public Housing that the NANNY STATE flooded contractor Fred Trump with federal contracts to build and that Fred Trump built along with his family fortune. Along with a few tax breaks and looking the other way by the NY State Blue Political Machine that the Trumps belonged to back then in their government contracting days. Wayne Barrett, the recently deceased muckraker at the recently folded VILLAGE VOICE dug up way more on the Trump Family shifting of ownership from the federal government to the Trump family for all the land under the buildings and private ownership of the federally subsidized public low-income housing structures that remain desirable low-income housing.

That was not just the IRS and NY State Tax Franchise Board going into coma for decades of the building of the Trump Family bid-net fortune off the NANNY STATE and BIG GOVERNMENT. Again, when corporations go looting the damage to the Public Interest puts to shame anything protesters of government policies out in the icy cold streets can do without the militarized weaponry Daddy Warbucks sells and even gives as surplus to the Municipal Police Departments.

We’re talking the Trump family biz making a killing off the building of Low-Income Housing for WHITES in the outer boroughs or suburbs on Long Island:

Any concern from Beltway Washington or Daddy Warbucks Perma-War economy for U.S. Wage Stag-Nation or Food Stamp Nation living on the Planet of the Clock Punchers went the way of that House of Clinton network TV covered gab about re-training programs for the most productive manufacturing labor force ever quantified! Here comes Wall Street and like London and UK the shift from ship-building to FINANCIAL SERVICES and SPECULATION taking over our GDP’s and federal investment with so-called PUBLIC\PRIVATE PARTNERSHIPS.

Where has the U.S. televised autopsy been on the policy outcomes of both of our parties that turned Cold War weaponized Neo-Liberal E-CONomic doctrine and dogma dba blather into the new bid-net model of the U.S.? Where not even Public Health is to be shielded from Market Forces! We should’ve known when our NATIONAL SECURITY STATE was out-sourced to Booz Allen Hamilton and cloud computing for the CIA out-sourced to Amazon…

Status Quo Joe MBNA Biden and take a pass illegal Foreclosure King Hollywood Steve Mnuchin from Cali Top Cop Kamala Harris as they’ve signaled to Wall Street bosses who run our show government that we can always blame our war-level fatalities and material losses for lack of Public Health (plenty of PRIVATE HEALTH) to those darn Russkies and the wannabe Russkie Social Democratic Nordic States that do shield the necessities of life like Health, Higher as well as lower quality Education, Public Housing, National Security, High Tech, Telecomm and Transport from the depredations of Market Forces. These higher quality of life OECD peer-reviewed and top scoring Nordic nation-states like Finland not only out-produce and out-trade U.S. on global markets.

Finland and the Scandinavian nation-states’ rates of Corporate Caliphate-capture of regulatory state apparatus is nowhere near as compromised as in our GREED IS GOOD Milton Friedman and the Chicago Boys’ kleptocracy…(Although Iceland’s bank regulators gave Wall Street a run for their money as Icelanders found out and only recent came out of hock re-paying from the tax-payer purse instead of the bankster Claw Back Kitty).

Note that top-rated Social Service provider Finland borders Russia and was occupied militarily by Russia (as well as Sweden) during the 20th Century. So you know Finland has a rather large per capita share of their domestic GDP go to NATIONAL SECURITY for legit DEFENSE as opposed to the U.S. where Daddy Warbucks spends for illegit OFFENSE on a Global Interventionist and democracy regime-changing scale.

Here’s one in print for those that still read magazine long-form journalism:

Mitch Ritter\Paradigm Sifters, Code Shifters and Song Chasers
Lay-Low Studios, Ore-Wa (Refuge of Atonement Seekers)
Media Discussion List and Looksee


Wolves in Sheep’s disguises. Someday the words Democrats and Republicans are going to be words attributed with self-serving humans and corruption.

Oh, that’s today!


Yes, but it’s exactly like Pelosi does, holding up essential bills (Med4ALL) in congress. Refusing to allow a simple vote on the floor, even though 90% of democrats voters support it. Only a handful of politicians [on either side] have any real empathy or a soul… Even the progressives like AOC have already been corrupted and become puppets of the DNC and “mama bear Pelosi”. It’s sad that Thom, a smart man, still sees it in simple, child-like terms… Republicans bad; democrats good…


Covid-19 Relief Draft Bill Provides $100 Billion “Double-Dip” Tax Deduction for the Wealthy

No stimulus checks, but big tax giveaways for well-connected business owners


For sure a poor signal, thanks for all the info. I do like/prefer Jefferson Smith and Joe to the music they paly but I am a child from the late 50’s and 60’s. Many other shows I like listening to but I don’t always especially when driving around Portland and don’t get good signal.

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There will be a long line of volunteers to wield the scissors.

You know the Senate and related offices are somewhat hereditary. Rockefellers, Bayhs, Kennedy-Shriver-Schwarzeneggers, Clintons, Trumps (including outright nepotism) Blewitt-Bidens, Browns, Cheneys, D’Alesandro-Pelosi-Newsoms, Cuomos, Daleys, Dingells, Gores, Lippitt/Chafees, Lodges, Longs, Murkowskis, O’Neills, Pauls, Pences, Sununus, Udalls, and many others have inherited power.

The presidency is also somewhat hereditary. The Adams, Harrison, Roosevelt, Bush families also each had family members in other positions. The one advantage I can think of to President Stephen Miller (something I can’t get of my mind) is that vampires don’t have children. But there are surviving victims.