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Mitch McConnell's Lie-Filled Tirade Against Medicare for All Draws Cheers From For-Profit Hospital Industry

Mitch McConnell's Lie-Filled Tirade Against Medicare for All Draws Cheers From For-Profit Hospital Industry

Julia Conley, staff writer

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell drew applause from leaders of the hospital industry on Tuesday morning as he called on those who profit from the nation's broken healthcare system to swarm Washington, D.C. to thwart the growing momentum of Medicare for All.

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If you think Mitch’s audience was just aimed at the hospital profiteers, you’re dreaming.

His BS was lapped up by the centrist majority of the d-party, too. Forget MFA with them in charge.

I’ll be voting third party again, you betcha.


Don’t give McConnell an inconvenient truth. He can’t handle the truth. And when it comes to healthcare, he is just wrong, wrong, wrong.


Getting harder and harder to argue against third parties among the left. People can do the whole Trump, boo! thing, and to be sure, he is horrible. What he is doing on healthcare could kill me, so it isn’t a dismissal of him without realizing the real world consequences of him winning. However, giving more power to a party run by people like Pelosi, Hoyer and Schumer (or whatever corrupt pricks they choose to take their place) is scary too, and largely leads us to the same place. The direction is the same, the pace to which things get worse is just sped up with Trump.

As I asked KC over and over again on this site, if the Democrats get power, what will they do with it? What’s their vision, their policies, where do they want to lead people, where are the alternatives and solutions to our problems? Well, we can see what they are doing with the power given to them. They’re fighting the left as much as any other group and fight against any structural changes to the system or their party internally that would benefit regular people but not their donors.


I am convinced that if a committed cadre of 10 or 15 liberals now in Congress would form a third party, they could hold considerable sway over Dem policy. As you saw, a few of them are making a show over voting no on the budget unless social spending goes up. That’s a small start

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Just in case you didn’t see this:

Conley sez:
“… McConnell told the American Hospital Association (AHA) that their help is needed on Capitol Hill to defeat the increasingly popular idea.”

And earlier today, we read of Reps openly calling on drug company execs to withhold info from a committee investigating drug prices.

In other words, it appears our elected ‘leaders’ (sic) are now lobbying private industry, which is, as Arte Johnson periodically observed, “Verrrrry interesting.”


It’s hard to be religious when certain people are never incinerated by bolts of lightning. -Bill Watterson


So does this mean Adam Schiff will be opening hearings on Isreal’s influence on our elections and the Trump campaign’s collusion with Netanyahoo? :-!

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God is a free market capitalist judging from the tax free loot his minions rake in.


That would actually make God a RIGGED market capitalist seeing how tax exemptions organized religions get are part of the economy that is rigged against us.

Has Canada been conducting “a far left social experiment” since the mid 60s that continues to produce better health outcomes for patients for less money than Murkins fork over to the medical industrial cartel ?


The privateers of our health care system do not need McConnell to entice them to descend on Capital Hill. They are already their. The lobbyists for the privateers of health care far out number our elected officials.

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So here we go again. An article about an extremist Republican ends up filled with comments attacking Democrats and calling for voting for non-existent political parties with zero chance of getting any more than zero seats in Congress.

Will you will please learn how representative democracies work?

It’s what is for sale here at CD.

I’m pretty sure that what right-wingers don’t want is to subsidize heath care for the people they have sold their goods to. Creating rotting teeth, a diabetes epidemic, a medication scourge, an opiate epidemic, and cancer causing products. They have made us pay our taxes to assist in our own demise. That’s pretty damn insidious.
Today Maxine Waters wouldn’t take any shit from Mnuchin in a committee hearing. They had all better step up to the plate or these asshats are about to run over everybody.

When you see the enemy staging and are giving NO quarter, be prepared to be overrun. And you don’t want that. There will be casualties.

               BERNIE SANDERS   2020

Voting for a Third Party at this critical political juncture is handing Trump a gift.

I voted for Jill Stein the last time around but if we get Bernie on the Ticket it is a whole new ballgame.

A Third Party Candidate has not won an election since Abe Lincoln ran for office.

So representative democracies work by limiting choices to two options?

Boy, you sure must love the status quo. Either that or you’re a coward.

What’ll your epitaph be: As crisis loomed, he told hippies to STFU?

Just curious. If Bernie is kneecapped by the Dem establishment again and sheepdogs his followers into the Dem corral anyway again, are you going to still stick with them because Trump?

I ask because Trump isn’t some accident. He’s the result of lots of voters wanting leadership from outside the status quo, even if that means electing a gameshow host.

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Vive la purge. Out with the corrupt, in with the dreamers. A nation without dreams is a land without a purpose.
Never start a debate from the middle. You form agreements there.

In a real sense the game is actually the same. You have chosen this time to perhaps vote for the logical choice, not the choice of heart. Many of us struggle back and forth on allegiances of that, which left do I support.

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