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Mitch 'Nuclear Option' McConnell Poised to Turn Steady Stream of Trump's Right-Wing Judges into a Flood


Mitch 'Nuclear Option' McConnell Poised to Turn Steady Stream of Trump's Right-Wing Judges into a Flood

Jessica Corbett, staff writer

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) is reportedly pursuing a "nuclear option" rule change to make it easier to push through a flood of President Donald Trump's right-wing judges—a plan critics condemned as "hijacking" the federal judiciary.

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Democrats should threaten that if McConnell does this, that when they return to power in the Senate they will take the nuclear option to the next level—for regular legislation.



Everybody should contribute to a fund to defeat McConnell in 2020, as many have done to defeat Susan Collins. Also, the next Progressive president should increase the number of Supreme Court Justices to 11 or 13 – nothing requires the court to be 9 justices. Then if most of these conservative justices cause trouble, the cases could be appealed. Furthermore, federal justices can be impeached.



Historical precedent is one such impeachment every fourteen years (https://www.brennancenter.org/blog/impeachment-and-removal-judges-explainer), so let’s not be too encouraged on that mechanism. It also requires a simple majority in the House but a two-thirds majority in the Senate–a hard row to hoe under any likely near-term political realities.



There should be term limits for Supreme Court Judges. If the Democrats gain control of the Senate in 2022 & Trump is still POTUS, they should block his attempts to appoint new judges as the Republicans did under Obama.



The US fascists elevated one of their right-wing judges to the SC in October 2018 and thus ensured the seizing of the US judiciary and that their fascist agenda will be carried out for a lifetime:



Let’s look at this clearly.
*The once Constitutional Republic of the United States of America is now recognized world-wide as being run by a criminal mob intent on turning the nation into a nation of serfs and a handful of billionaires and trillionaires. This mob is destroying other nations, or their people’s elected governments, to put in its own criminal governments that will allow the US to rob, steal and kill the country and its people.
*This is going on world-wide.
*The people of this nation seem to be, for the most part, willing to follow the rules which have been suborned by the mob, even though it strengthens the power of the mob and weakens We the People.
*The only possible salvation for this nation is for We the People to decide that this whole criminal enterprise must be eliminated, including all of the bills and appointments made by this mob. We cannot just accept the possibility of throwing most of these crooks out of office, but accepting what they have done. If “the evil they have done is allowed to live after them,” then our good may well be interred with our bones and the bones of our children and grandchildren.
We the People know what has to be done, but do we still have the cojones to do it. We the People did it in the forties to defeat Nazism, fascism and Imperial Japan’s bid for power and control. We should be willing to take the same steps to defeat Nazism and fascism in our own country.
*The fascists must be expunged, and their deeds thrown upon the trash heap of history.



I agree, but unless the Republican Party is thrown under the trash heap of history, like the Whig party, in my view, the fascists will never be expunged.



Corbett sez:
“Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.), meanwhile, suggested reinstating ‘blue slips’—which would allow Democrats to weigh in on home state Circuit Court candidates—in exchange for backing some Trump nominees.”

With “Let’s Make a Deal” Schumer heading the opposition, is the Nuclear Option™ not rather superfluous?



If they only had the courage or even cared. It’s the Senate. Not a representative body but an elite group out of touch with the average american.



I feel sad when I think what these people have done to our country remembering all of the american soldiers who gave their lives fighting fascism. We need to remember them and their sacrifice. McConnell never does or will.



Yes, they should be gone over with a fine tooth comb and brought up for impeachment for their transgressions. You know they have them - they are such a bunch of creeps.



Actually, I was calling a spade a spade. Unfortunately, both the Republicans (the vast majority of them) and the Democrats (again the vast majority) are the fascists, or rather, the tools of the fascists, which are really the Oligarchy of billionaires and trillionaires that tell them what to do, and pay them well for doing it. They all must go!



McConnell is probably salivating and rubbing his hands in excitement - knowing how well the Koch brothers will take care of him when he leaves the Senate. I’m sure he is already enjoying their generosity in so many ways that we the public are not aware of. They are all traitors to the country and its people. Their time has come.



I’ll second that.

They all must go!



Memories of FDR.

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I think it is just a matter of time before the majority of the world armies say enough is enough and attack the USA. Scary thought with the present day weapons of mass destruction. It may be a quicker end of civilization, instead of waiting for the 6th extinction. Many countries are desperately trying to survive the oppression and death and theft and sanctions delivered by the USA and may soon reach the end of their rope, or sanity. That is if we do not take care of business and rid the government of these vermin ourselves.
That is a sobering aspect of the nuclear option.



As a nuclear veteran, I have seen and felt what may again be coming. Many thousands of us did not survive being government guinea pigs. We should, we must, “take care of business and rid the government of these vermin ourselves”
*As I have written before, the first person who panics and presses his particular button may well say "I am become death, destroyer of worlds!" For someone will see that incoming and press his own button, that launch will be detected and another button pushed and soon, a matter of hours, there will be few survivors to try to sweep up the mess and survive, for a little while.
*That’s been my nightmare since 1956, and it seems to be growing yet again. I think it can be stopped, but it is up to us!



For any wondering what the “lower courts” refer to -
Here is the page on vacancies and where they are;

The Courts of Special Jurisdiction are listed on the page of “lower courts” -

U.S. Courts of Special Jurisdiction

There are a number of courts that have jurisdiction over certain types of cases. Links to the sites for these courts are below:

This court has nationwide jurisdiction over cases involving international trade and customs issues.

This court has nationwide jurisdiction over most claims against the United States.

This court offers a forum for taxpayers to dispute a tax deficiency determined by the Commissioner of the I.R.S. This court also has jurisdiction over a variety of other (tax/worker) cases.

This court has worldwide appellate jurisdiction over members of the armed forces on active duty and other persons subject to the Uniform Code of Military Justice.

This court reviews certain Board of Veteran’s Affairs decisions. It does not hold trials, receive new evidence, or hear witnesses. Th USCAVC reviews Board of Veteran’s Affairs decisions, the written record, and the briefs of the parties.

This panel determines 1) whether civil actions pending in different federal districts should be transferred to a single district for pretrial proceedings; and 2) the selection of judge/s and court assigned to conduct such proceedings.



Thank you minitrue. It is important for survivors to bear witness and keep reminding the people of the horror of what you experienced. And to have your own country use you as a guinea pig. The shame, the shame.