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Mitch 'The Grim Reaper' McConnell: Meet the Man Who Ruined the Senate

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/06/26/mitch-grim-reaper-mcconnell-meet-man-who-ruined-senate

When Republicans took control of the Senate, they eliminated the filibuster for judicial confirmations and rammed dozens of them through the Senate. When Democrats controlled the Senate, they retained the filibuster and thereby empowered the Republicans to block Obama’s nominations. Please reread the previous sentence - that is why there have been so many judicial vacancies for Trump to fill and for the Republican Senate to approve. McConnell could be an obstructionist during the Obama years only because the Democrats gave him that power. Democrats are equally at fault.

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We need to do everything possible to ensure that “When McConnell leaves the Senate” is in mid-January, 2021.


Not true. Democrats dumped the filibuster for administrative and lower court judicial nominees in 2013. They kept the filibuster for Supreme Court nominations, but Republicans dumped that for the Gorsuch nomination and recently altered the rules to make court nominations move quicker.

Now, Pat Leahy honored the blue slip tradition as Senate Judiciary Chair during Democrats time in the majority. By that, I mean, if home state Senators did not return blue slips on circuit court nominees from their states, said nominees wouldn’t get a hearing in committee. Recent Republican Chairs have chosen to be more flexible on that tradition, however. I wish Leahy wouldn’t have been so deferential, but that was his choice as Chair.

Amen to that brother!! Hopefully, he will be escorted OUT of the senate in chains, or, preferably in full mode tar and feathers!

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Maybe we should all be thankful that Mitch “Scam Reaper” McConnell has reduced the Senate to a claptrap shop so we can all now consider the brutal question: tell us again why we even need the US Senate?

Is it not time for a Constitutional Amendment?

Upon ratification of this Amendment to the US Constitution, the US Senate shall cease operations, and hand over all of its properties and materials to a newly minted Citizens Congress.

This Citizens Congress shall have equal Constitutional Standing as does the current US Senate and acquire equal budgetary allocations as does the House of Representatives.

The Citizens Congress shall have the same number of representatives from the very same districts as does the US House of Representatives; these Citizen Congressmembers shall in every case become the Second highest vote-recipient in each respective House Of Representatives District.

The Citizens Congress Shall have the very same powers allocated to the House of Representatives as are now assigned by Article I of the U S Constitution.

Neither the Citizens Congress nor the existing House of Representatives shall have the power to veto any legislative proposal by the other arm of the US Congress. In disputes over legislative proposals, when the two sides cannot agree upon legislative terms within three months of passage, or prior to regular election cycle term limits, said legislation shall be considered “Congress Vetoed.”

Elected members of both the House of Representatives and The Citizens Congress shall be henceforth limited to serving no more than ten years, and shall not be eligible for re-election after having served eight (8) years and one month.

Readers of Common Dreams shall henceforth consider ourselves the provisional Citizens Congress and shall deliberate upon, and appropriately (meaning get a super-majority agreement of two-thirds of all participants in these deliberations) decide upon the wording of this Proposed Amendment to the Constitution of the United States Congress; upon completion of these deliberations, these deliberators shall commit to henceforth performing every necessary activity to preclude either election or re-election of any member of Congress, either House of Congress, who does not publicly endorse this legislation for immediate passage.

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Typical GOP IGNORANCE parading as very stable genius. That writer obviously has never noticed what was blatantly all over media and even in most local noise rags: THE GOP BLOCKED WITH ITS FILIBLUSTER Obama’s Supreme Court Nominee in 2016.

And it does absolutely no good whatsoever attempting to point out that massive ignorance, either. All it does it provoke them to demonstrate it anew, with ever more evidence.

For the record, Merrick Garland was not filibustered. The GOP controlled the Senate when Obama nominated him and McConnell et al. simply refused to give Garland a hearing.


Mitch McConnell has been the death of many a poor boy, In the house of the rising sun.