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Mitsubishi Lied About Vehicle Emissions for 25 Years


Mitsubishi Lied About Vehicle Emissions for 25 Years

Nika Knight, staff writer

Following VW's smog-testing cheating scandal in September, Mitsubishi on Tuesday announced that its employees used outdated emissions testing methods outlawed in Japan on millions of vehicles sold since 1991.

The outdated methods violated Japanese regulatory standards and provided deceptively low results for emissions measurements. The environmental impact of Mitsubishi's decades-long deception is as of yet still undetermined.


“Mitsubishi’s deception only applied to cars sold in Japan; the fuel tests Mitsubishi used are allowed by U.S. regulators.”


Cars, whatever; how about that Mitsubishi was known as one of the largest destroyers of rainforest on planet earth in the 1990’s.
Don’t drink Kirin beer which they own, or use Nikon.
excerpt from 1st link above:

For twenty years Japan has been the world’s largest importer of tropical timber. Mitsubishi Trading Company is a principal supplier of this timber and one of the world’s largest rainforest destroyers. In 1990, Mitsubishi and its affiliated company Meiwa Trading were Japan’s second largest importers of tropical timber, with 1,253,752 square metres of wood, only 8,000 square metres behind Nissho Iwai Corporation.

In the four years since the Rainforest Action Network, an international activist organization, initiated their Mitsubishi boycott, their research has exposed an ever-increasing number of Mitsubishi-related operations, ranging from a chopstick factory in British Columbia (45 percent Mitsubishi owned) to a timber trading company in Malaysia (66.8 percent Mitsubishi owned) to a plywood manufacturer in Brazil (49.5 percent Mitsubishi owned). There is documented evidence that Mitsubishi owns all or part of logging operations in at least nine countries, including Bolivia, Brazil, Canada, Chile, Indonesia, Malaysia, Papua New Guinea, the Philippines, and Siberia.

Mitsubishi plays a major role in tropical deforestation around the world, yet the corporation is unwilling to negotiate to seek a more sustainable way of operating. If you are concerned about rainforest destruction, one of the easiest things you can do is to avoid buying Mitsubishi products and to inform Mitsubishi that you are boycotting it. Writing to Mitsubishi is a critical aspect of the campaign, since it is important to link the sales of individual companies to Mitsubishi’s logging practices. The goal of the boycott is to persuade the President of Mitsubishi Corporation to meet with the Rainforest Action Network to discuss possible alternatives.

Malaysia offers a prime example of Mitsubishi’s role in rainforest destruction. The provinces of Sabah and Sarawak on the island of Borneo are home to the world’s oldest forest, 180 million years old. The Penan, possibly the world’s oldest indigenous culture, have hunted and gathered there for 50,000 years. At present only 7,600 Penan remain, of whom 5,500 to 6,000 have been forcibly relocated into government camps. Less than 800 Penan remain in the forests living their traditional lifestyle.

The Sarawak rainforest is disappearing at a much faster rate than the Amazon: logging continues twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. At this rate all primary forests in Sarawak will be gone in less than five years.

Mitsubishi owns 66.7 percent of Daiya Malaysia, a logging company in the province of Sarawak. It also owns 66.8 percent of Meiwa Trading, a tropical timber trading company in Sarawak and neighbouring Sabah, and it has shares in two plywood mills located in peninsular Malaysia. In Sarawak and Sabah, logging operations linked to Mitsubishi are rapidly destroying extremely fragile climates, despite active resistance from native peoples through land claims and non-violent road blockades. As Unga Paran of the Penan says, “We are like fish in a drying out stream waiting for death, at the same time hoping for rain.”


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How many people go through smog test hell every two years?Its a total scam! Its so people are forced to buy a new car with big payments! Calif has toxic chemicals-a gas leak-in the LA area for six months. Low income people lose their car because its a few numbers off on some emissions test-and most of these tests are rigged!