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Mixed Messages From White House on North Korea as Trump Warns of 'Major Conflict'


Mixed Messages From White House on North Korea as Trump Warns of 'Major Conflict'

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

Saying diplomacy was difficult, President Donald Trump warned Thursday that the United States "could end up having a major, major conflict with North Korea. Absolutely."

"We'd love to solve things diplomatically but it's very difficult," Trump told Reuters in an Oval Office interview in which he identified North Korea as his biggest global challenge.


I don’t know…this whole thing with North Korea somehow feels like a “set-up,” or a “reality show” bit. It’s as if Trump and Kim planned this back and forth saber rattling just for show. I can’t seem to take it seriously. Hope I’m not wrong.



We are not about to incinerate 20-25 million people are we?


Aye, Donald… there’s a great deal of being presidential that’s proving to be difficult, isn’t there?


It seems to me that the whole situation is pretty much unresolvable as long as the U.S. insists upon North Korea giving up its nuclear program. All Kim has to do is look at Iraq and LIbya, and he knows what would happen to him and his country if they did give up their nukes. Especially with tens of thousands of American troops right on their border.


Methinks the ‘Major, Major Conflict’ is going on in the Emperors Prefrontal Cortex.

‘Should I admit I have no idea what I’m doing?’
‘If I push that button, what will happen to my Towers?’

“I never thought being President would be so hard.”


Drumpf hopes that Kim is rational. One can only hope, because that would mean there’s only one rational actor between them. However, I fear that between Kim Jong-un and Prince Tiny Hands there are no adults in the room, and fear that their childish squabble will lead to nuclear war (which is not unthinkable to Drumpf, a man whose shriveled brain can’t resolve a thought beyond which pussy to grab next).


Tell me again, why have we been threatening war with N.Korea for decades and causing their military buildup? I thought the Domino Theory was disproved when we started doing business with communist countries.

Direct Democracy


And the Democratic opposition??? Crickets!


Dear Commondreams Readers,

I shall not name names, but I am writing to request that certain individuals responding to this article treat the matter of President Trump’s comments with suitable seriousness.

Our Commander in Chief has warned lawmakers that the U.S. “‘could end up having a major, major conflict with North Korea’” - not just a major conflict, but a “major, MAJOR conflict.”

To those of you inclined to respond with levity to this warning, I urge you to pause and consider: What would it mean if the situation becomes more serious. Well, in case you still do not really - I mean, REALLY really - grasp what is at stake, allow me to answer: we would have the potential for a major, major, major conflict on our hands over de-nuclearization.

How can I put it any plainer, you with silly simpering smiley smirks sitting on your faces. We are one major away from a major, major, major conflict. And that is majorly serious - really, really serious. Really, really very VERY serious.

There. If that doesn’t wipe the smirk off your faces…Absolutely…I don’t know what will.

Sincerely, baska


They refuse to be another US puppet.


The only good outcome in Korea would be if the dictatorship in North Korea were overthrown and a responsible government took over. The military people around Trump know that any military conflict with North Korea would be catastrophic. North Korea has many thousands of conventional weapons aimed at Seoul. That city would be more or less destroyed in a few minutes. Japan and China might become involved. I think Kim Jong Un believes Trump is bluffing. And Trump again has put himself in a position where he will look weak if he backs down. It appears his foreign policy is based entirely on emotion and being a bully and is completely divorced from reality and any overall strategy.


If his actions provoke Kim to do something stupid, instead of taking the blame, he will say “see, I told you we should have done something long ago. The fault is Obama.”


“…having a major, major conflict…” Spoken like a true 7 year old discussing how one toy is better than another. ‘Snake Eyes is major, major better than Storm Shadow!’ “And knowing is half the battle, YO JOE!”


Yeah, that has been in the back of my mind.


The bloviating Clown in Chief won’t hesitate to start a war with North Korea so that his involvement with Russia can be sidelined by the Press… and forgotten… amidst nuclear fallout.


Baska has a point. However, taking The Trumpster seriously is what got us in this mess to begin with. The people who are still trying to " normalize" this disastrous basketcase of contradictions will gladly kill 25 million non-white people to show how tough they are. At the end of the day, at the end of next month; the Trump Adm. will still be doing the work of destroying the country, some how, some way.He needs to be stopped and not " normalized ".
This charlatan is dangerous, and increasingly,so are the 23-25% of the adults ( ? ) who still support him. He’s not up to the tasks required to be POTUS. And, that should scare the 75% of the people who don’t want him or his followers anywhere near the levers of power. Trump is akin to those Samsung cell phones that spontaneously combust. He needs to be recalled before the house catches fire and the whole joint burns down.


Hope very hard.


This is all speculation based on no insider insight at all, but is is possible that since Trump had no government experience at all, knew no one in government, knew no one in the military, knows nothing about statesmanship, diplomacy, or how to conduct affairs of government, that he is relying on all those greatest people, the best people, that he said he was going to have to advise him, to appoint the people that actually carry out the policy, and that those people want this war with all their little hearts and souls?

There are some who have been waiting for this moment since 1945. Our nuclear technology has improved so much since then that they have been itching to see how many people can be killed at one time with one bomb since then. Taking out all of North Korea with one attack would be sooo satisfying for those whose live for war, destruction of life, and the pure joy of watching people who are not white suffering.

The generals have been calling for ‘tactical’ nukes to be used in Afghanistan for years. Trump’s ignorance of everything government would dictate that the best, greatest people put in charge of starting wars would come from the dregs of the military, where it is known that no bomb is too big, no number of dead civilians is too many, and if South Korea goes with it. well, I don’t drive a Kia anyway. Collateral damage is unimportant, as long as the world understands who’s number one, and who’s ready to destroy the world as we know it to prove that.

What I really asking I guess is: Is Donald Trump so incompetent, so obtuse and so detached from reality that he has unwittingly unleashed the military to do what they have been trying to do for decades, and that is start the war that will end humanity because they think they can win it?


On this one you are putting way too much trust that Trump and his unhinged generals are bluffing.

It is the US that has put unrelenting pressure on NK for decades, and the citizens. For a brutal dictatorship, NK manages to provide all basic necessities for survival unlike the US’s wonderfully cruel capitalist system.

WWIII could break out so best call your sleeping at the wheel corporate servicing Democrats.