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Mixed Messages: President Obama’s Alaskan Climate Trip


Mixed Messages: President Obama’s Alaskan Climate Trip

Hannah McKinnon

On Monday, President Obama and Secretary Kerry are going to Alaska. Their main goal (as we talked about here) is to see the front lines of climate change first hand.


" President Obama and Secretary Kerry seem to get the urgent need to tackle climate change at least, on a rhetorical level."

Yeah, too bad their rhetoric is doublespeak!


'Mount Denial' is good. Someone should put this on a banner at the planned protests in Alaska.


Obama: Hope-a-dope...


I lost trust when he did not prosecute the Bush Administration for War Crimes.


Obama's goal is to please his Big Oil donors so they'll keep the cash flowing to Obama.


If on the one side you can lie to the media, and on the other side lie with actions, and still not be called
out for lying, you have achieved the Holy Grail of politics. It's a game at our expense.


legacy = hypocrisy rampant


"The tragic irony should be lost on no one"

How is there anything tragic or ironic here? There is the self-serving, say whatever works for Obama at the moment there has always been. It is not tragic, it is corrupt. And it is certainly not ironic. It is evil.


Don't forget when Rahm Emanuel in the beginning of his Administration told the liberal leftists to shut up and stop whining. Now Rahm Emanuel is doing a bang up job in Chicago, he does not even listen to the people.


Yes, but he also very good in fooling his base by always coming up with a little bit of something for them and giving great speeches. Many are still falling for it. What better way to divert the conversation from the Arctic drilling by renaming a mountain which please a lot of tribal leaders.


And Obama is an absolute master in it. That's why he was chosen by the shadow government of Wall Street and corporations.


The united states of hypocrisy continues with its World-wide destruction! Environmental destruction, crimes against humanity, all done for greed and imperialism!


Cloudhopper, I must agree with you.
Obama is a true master of the (S/shell) game. He took office on the rhetoric of hope, but all along he has talked to the masses, and has acted for his campaign donors. That is audacity!
Look up "hypocrite" in the dictionary. Obama's picture figures prominently next to it...
As an old school, pre-DLC, democrat all I can add is: poor FDR spins in his grave.
Be well.