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MLK Jr's Son Among Justice Advocates Urging Alabama Governor to Halt Execution of Nathaniel Woods

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/03/05/mlk-jrs-son-among-justice-advocates-urging-alabama-governor-halt-execution-nathaniel

The south doesn’t know the meaning of the word justice.

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–sigh-- In the 21st century—the lives of the black people , Hispanic people, Asian and indigenous people have been assigned a LESS THAN VALUE and anyone who is poor is still at risk— fairness and justice should not have a PRICE TAG------Death is so easily decided by some who are just as awful as what the accused prisoners have done to society-. But when the actual murderer has said that Mr. Woods is innocent—then what kind of soullessness is working in government? A civil servant makes a mistake, and a BIG one as it ends in death. Why are so many truth denying humans elected to office? It’s been a long time since the PREAMBLE----but ,“Establish Justice,” is still missing in America. : (
PER the Michigan lady’s comment: Obama’s medical plan was a start. remember FDR wanted a health care plan, but it took LBJ to help the seniors. For that Michigan woman to say that Obama care saved lives is great, , as far as it goes. Again the Question for all is that MEDICARE for ALL. is the answer . As the Covid19 virus is here, it only seems fair that since Americas pay their tax dollars—the least they should get is health care.The Preamble part about " Ensure domestic tranquility, " is looking very sketchy. : (

It’s all over now…for the racist Jim Crow ignorant selfish self-righteous lying prideful disgusting organisms running Alabama, starting with that vicious hypocrite Kay Ivey. Too bad their families weren’t ever lynched; maybe then they’d have some compassion and common sense.

For the Woods’ family, all of whom committed no crime, it will painfully, bitterly, wrongly, gut-wrenchingly never be over.

Sleep well every night, you disgusting miscreants in Alabama.

Question: why don’t those who impose the death penalty have to be the ones who carry it out? Include our esteemed SC “Justices,” governors, AGs, DAs, judges, prosecuting attorneys, Pardon Boards, etc.

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