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MMMM BAHH BA YAHHH: And That Folks Is How It's Done


MMMM BAHH BA YAHHH: And That Folks Is How It's Done

Well we sure do love the new "Stable Genius Act" - or as some prefer, the "Like, Very Stable Genius Act" - given all the sordid evidence suggesting electors did NOT in fact get the "Necessary Information for Unobstructed Selection." And the clues keep coming. This week, Drumpf's oblivious offspring - apple/tree - showed off their cognitive dissonance skills, and he himself badly flubbed the National Anthem. Not to worry: Bad Lip Reading took care of it.


Wahahahah, sniff, snarf, snark… wipe the tears away and grab the earplugs or is that pear lugs…


well that was pretty funny…


If they cared about “Giving Electors Necessary Information for Unobstructed Selection” they’d allow parties other than Democrats and Republicans to be seen on TV.


Where would we be without Bad Lip Reading? A good laugh-till-you-cry is not a bad thing in these times.


Amy, i’m begging you to get off your ll trump all the time kick-you are a wonderful writer but you re ruining your career by trump bashing every day. just leave him Amy do your stuff like before. Please!


The dotard sings like he lies – poorly.