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MNBC News Anchor Chris Hayes Applauded for Doing What Few Prominent US Journalists Do: Report Honestly About Israeli Massacre


MNBC News Anchor Chris Hayes Applauded for Doing What Few Prominent US Journalists Do: Report Honestly About Israeli Massacre

Jon Queally, staff writer

MSNBC news anchor Chris Hayes is receiving plaudits from human rights defenders and other progressive journalists after airing a segment on Wednesday night which offered a rare example of a major U.S. cable news outlet providing critical coverage of Israeli crimes against Palestinians.


Let’s hope that he is not the only one, but the first one.


Agree, but my inner pessimist was already wondering how long Hayes would remain at MCNBC even as I clicked. Still, it is a refreshing change from the usual line.


Yep, my cynicism went there too. Kinda hope the guy gets to keep his livelihood. Not because I’m such a fan of his - b/c I’m not. Just would be a nice stroke of justice if this guy showed some courage (something in profound short supply currently - like the media is breathing the rarefied air of sinclair and the likes)and wasn’t taken down for it.
I hope he doesn’t get whacked, and hope his example will stir some spinal cord uber-development in some of his colleagues.



Usually, when something this important is reported in video, within 12 hours, many uploads of the video are made to YouTube. However, at the moment (Thursday, 10:30 PM), I can find only one upload on YouTube. So, I’m wondering whether YouTube is hiding these videos?

Note that there have been only 220 views of this video, at this time.

Chris Hayes condemns Israel over Gaza killings 4/4/2018 – Apr 4, 2018 – Chris Hayes – Youtube


A well stated and accurate report although the assumption that previous earlier American administrations would have been more critical is over-stated.


I guess someone at Comcast has some deep seated anti semitism left in them to let Chris do this.


WTF…deep seated anti-Semitism? You don’t have to be an anti-Semite to abhor what Israel is doing to the Palestinians. All you need is some empathy. Where’s yours?


Correct me where I am wrong;

The English carried out a premeditated holocaust on Ireland that is commonly demoted to a potato famine. That purposeful and for profit genocidal ethnic cleansing by the English killed a similar number of Irish as the German genocide of Jews, Gypsies and diseased aryans.

Even so; I have never heard Irish people claiming the english murderers were racially prejudiced against their Irish victims.


It is more likely that MSNBC has a “we are still progressive” quota policy to make the left keep faith. To be fair, the network did expose the Saudis role in the Yemen conflict a couple of weeks ago. Again, it was only token coverage. The U.S. relationship with both of these countries is what kept the Middle East unstable for the past decades. The token coverage amounts to complicity in spite of the liberal wish fulfillment.


Keep the Truth coming Chris.

Perhaps you can convince Chris Matthews, Rachel Maddow, and Lawrence O’Donnell to tell the Truth about the oppression and murder of the Palestinians by the Israelis.


I am not going to applaud what he should have been doing all along…so he is not totally part of the Walking Dead, and he still has some moral responsibility…I will applaud him for that.
Let’s see if he keeps it up, or this is just a blip …
or that he has been told “Don’t do that again”, and he obeys…
if he keeps it up, I’ll stop calling him Chris Hades…


what Palestinians? Rachel Mildew only sees Russkies on her horizon…and all around her,
even at the bank where she cashes her paycheck bonus for a job well done…


But they were prejudiced, everyone knows that…you ever hear of “No Irish need apply” Now Hiring signs in the U.S.A. in the late 19th and early 20th century? who put up those signs, immigrant Italians?
Anglo-Americans continuing their discriminatory anti-Irish prejudice., are the ones who
put up those signs…


Hayes did a good thing - finally. The day after he is not at his seat? Hmnnn? Does he get his $35,000 if he is suspended? Or canned?


Russia, Russia, Russia.

Battle Cry of the Democrats.


Anyone who criticizes the immoral, if not illegal, actions of the Israeli military is labeled “anti-semitic” by some Jews. We need to get past this rhetoric and call these horrible atrocities what they are and hold those responsible to account.


Be careful Chrisl I would not doubt that nutty/yahoo has called MSNBC to complain about you.


I am pretty sure that it was religious persecution.


There is such a thing as organized Jewish action and if that action is wrong, it’s appropriate to be “anti” it If we accept that any such opposition constitutes the abhorrent pure-prejudice Antisemitism we hear so much about, or is even prima facie Antisemitism, then we make ourselves slaves to organized Jewry (such as the Anti-Defamation League).