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Mnuchin Admits Trump's Budget Cuts Social Security Even as President Claims He Is 'Not Touching' the Program

And “just because” there are IOU’s, does NOT mean that all of the money owed us is just sitting around.

Sure, it is sitting around, but NOT in the form of spendable assets, but in the form of IOU’s. WHEN IT IS OWED TO SOMEONE AS THEIR MONTHLY PAYMENT, IT IS CONVERTED TO READY CASH IN A BANK ACCOUNT, and a check is sent.

But no, SS funds do NOT reside in a Bank, no matter how secure.

Why would Trump suddenly become truthful? He’s a bald-faced liar first, last, and foremost.

Mnunchin - An enemy of America, just like Teflon Don.

What we need is a “reduction in the rate of increase” of bullshtt being spewed by Manurechin.

I’d say trump just came up with the ending for bernies ss ad… decades of bernie advocating expansion and fending off cuts, cuts to trump promising he wont touch it, cuts to trump saying eventually yes 2nd term, cuts to trump claiming he didnt say it, cuts to trumps budget and admin admitting he is, yadda yadda… but we all know that wont be enough to un brainwash the cultists. It’s all fake news! Ffs anyone who thinks our problems are solved when trump is out of office is severely out of touch. And its sadly much more widespread of a fantasy infecting far beyond just creepy uncle joe. What about the third of americans remaining who are convinced hes never told a lie and just wants to help Americans and saved the economy??? What do we do with these people???

Old Goat- Thank You

“Reduction in the rate of increase…” What the hell?

From a purely technical standpoint Trump is telling the truth in that there will be no cuts to your Social Security or Medicare, he "won’t touch them " which mean if you get $988.00 a month like I get [after Medicare part B deduction ] then that’s what you will continue to get, month after month, year after year, and it will be below zero in hell if you ever see a increase in that rate.

Is it time to tell Mnuchin that he’s about to get a height reduction and allow him to choose one of three methods:

  1. Six inches off the top of his height, with anesthesia.

  2. Six inches off the bottom of his height, without anesthesia.

  3. A pile driver giving enough blows to drive him six inches into hard dirt.