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Mnuchin Flips Tax-Scam Grift, Hopes Nobody Notices


Mnuchin Flips Tax-Scam Grift, Hopes Nobody Notices

Richard Eskow

With a little-noticed remark at a friendly event, Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin discarded his past arguments for the Trump/GOP tax bill. All Mnuchin could offer in their place was one of the oldest and most discredited ideas in the conservative playbook (and that’s saying something).

It was a startlingly cynical move, even for the preternaturally cynical gaggle of gold-plated grifters running our government – a crowd whose sole ambition is the single-minded pursuit of additional wealth for themselves and their fellow Gilded Age grandees.


He simply does what a psychopathic narcissist does. It is his nature.


The article ends with this:

“That’s what happens under a government of grifters.”

That government of grifters couldn’t do what it does without the corporate media, which are largely owned by the same sort of individuals as Mnuchin.


Mnu chinless makes SOCIOCRATIC principles to do away with this tripe look easier and easier and better and better all the time.

This sort of thing , like ‘pride’, goeth before a fall… and when these grifters fall you’d better be sure you’re ready and agile enough, along with your community and region to get out of the way, cause it is not going to be pretty.

I almost included ‘state’ in the above, then realized, that dog don’t hunt.


Considering the crimes he committed during the mortgage meltdown…of course he believes his current calumnies will go relatively unnoticed.


US corporate law has always required that corporations act in the best interest of their shareholders, or face shareholder law suits which corporations invariably lose. Any promises by corporations (or the politicians and university operatives they own) to the contrary are simply LIES.

The only way to influence corporate behavior that favors workers, customers, the environment or anything other than shareholders is to enact meaningful REGULATIONS which is what happened between 1890 (Sherman) and 1978 when the fist New Deal regulation was repealed (legalized securitization of mortgages) starting a 40 year dismantling of corporate regulation that is being accelerated by Trump and the GOP controlled Congress.


The Republican lie on tax cuts is that if the wealthy take a larger slice of the economic pie, it doesn’t follow hat you, the non-wealthy, take a smaller slice, smaller than it would have been without the tax cut.

This lie had been relentlessly pushed by and since that fraud or cretin (maybe both), Ronald Reagan – the everybody wins bullshit, it’s a tax cut for everybody. it’s money for nothing, the lie that tax cut creates a much bigger pie, the lie that by virtue of the tax cut all of us hereafter can contribute less towards the cost of government. See what deficits this has created since Reagan, who in 8 short years changed us from the greatest creditor nation in the history of te world to the largest debtor nation. This debt has cost and will cost us as we go forward: Thanks, Reagan and Republicans. We need to reverse the Reagan tax cuts for the wealthy.

My objection is not that the poor and middle class win, but win less the wealthy, it’s that the poor and middle class, when it all shakes out, with deficits and spending changes etc, the poor and middle class actually lose, are worse off, while the wealthy actually win, are better off, as a result of what is touted as a tax cut for everybody.

The lie is subtle enough to be obscured by propaganda. It’s not the politics of envy, it’s the politics of taking by fraud. It’s redistribution - upwards.


This was an expensive way to purchase votes.


Mathew 19:24: “I’ll say it again–it is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for a rich person to enter the Kingdom of God!”

Mnuchin is probably one of the slimiest sleazebags populating the swamp these days. Ugh.


Marx, rightly so as our common situation makes evident, considered as evil any structure that makes for unequal social relations where some–a very tiny minority–gather wealth or “capital” from others’ labour and reinvest this same wealth in ways that worsen inequality. These inequalities in material things lead to inequalities in other areas–education, comfort, wealth.

Marx opined that if we had a truly equal social order–a society that provided everyone all they needed to cultivate themselves and give back to the whole society the fruits of their self-cultivation evil would not exist. For Marx, socialism is about self-cultivation/expression, where the joy we experience is in the actual cultivation and exercise of our talents not in any of their products. Unfortunately, as so much of great ideas get misinterpreted, Marx became misunderstood to tragic results. Marx had the idea that changes in these inequalities can change or even eliminate such horrors of human life as starvation, wars, slavery.
Time to revisit Marx:


Very well argued.

Hope this gets read:


The gravity of greed

What goes up, must come down

On our heads


This is what happens when the MSM and democrats don’t definitively debunk supply side economics. The easiest way to do it is look at the deficits which balloon with each tax cut. Reagan dropped the top rate from 70% to an astonishing 28%. Now check the debt number when Reagan left office. Same with Bush’s tax cuts and his accumulated deficits. Then compare with Clinton’s nominal tax increase and see the difference with his balance sheet.

If the republican’s claim that tax receipts would outweigh the tax cuts, the opposite would have happened in these scenarios. If this wasn’t enough proof, look at the overall picture going back to the mid 1930’s and an even stronger case can be made for taxing super wealth.

But in the complicit expediency of the press to constantly change the shiny mobile in our field of vision, they let major, incriminating stories about administrations run their course and then move on. And if you’re the White House, it’s a windfall.

Consider Clinton’s punitive welfare reform and letting banks gamble with your money when he revoked Glass Steagall. Huge stories, the latter of which rocked the world economy for years. The press should have constantly asked Bubba what the pressing need was to suddenly allow massive banks to become casinos, knowing full well if any large, coordinated fraud - like the housing bubble - went bust that the government would be left holding the bag.

Another less important but laughably obvious lie was Trump claiming 3-5 million voted illegally in the election. Not hundreds, or even thousands, but frickin’ millions. Voter fraud in any given election is never more than one hundred. If I was part of that useless press corps suckholing Sanders each day, I’d hound her until she confessed it was a lie - or they threw me out. But maintaining a coveted seat in the briefing room is more important than establishing truth.

To paraphrase Carlin, the press corps is just another big DC club which you ain’t in.


That’s not exactly true — it works exactly as it was designed to work.

Econ. 101 -  The Fat Cats Piss on the Middle Class, and it Trickles Down onto the Rest of Us.


GOP voters always praise Reagan on the net. Most a little too young to remember Howdy Doody while Reagan was a dead ringer lookalike for the wooden stringed puppet. In looks and policy. The fakest fake president in my lifetime, a nose ahead of the Shrub.


Republicans knew that this would be the result when they passed the law.

For the majority of the last several months, the message has been:

“look at the $1,000 bonus!” (on a side note, $1,000 bonus is literally like a $0.25/hour raise… seriously… and 1 time at that!)

“my 401k is doing great!” (they said this until Trump tanked the stock market repeatedly with tariff talk)

They recognize that $1,000 bonuses given sporadically to a really small number of people was see through. So they tried to encourage people to look at their 401ks

If anything the law itself says more about what GOP leadership see in their future than anything else they have done in the last few years.

Simply put, the conservative establishment recognizes that their days are numbered. Millenials, and the general browning of America, spells their doom. Even those arguments that suggest that an increasing number of latinos and asians will bubble in “white” on census forms cant stop the tide.

The tax law was a last ditch effort to grab as much money as they can before democrats get back in control and pass more realistic taxes.


Fixed link:

200th Anniversary of the Birth of Marx and a Revolution in Understanding