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Mnuchin Gives Away the Game: "It's Very Hard Not to Give Tax Cuts to the Wealthy"


Mnuchin Gives Away the Game: "It's Very Hard Not to Give Tax Cuts to the Wealthy"

Jake Johnson, staff writer

"Guy who wrote Trump's tax plan says that the laws of math basically forced him to give rich people a huge cut."


You gotta admire his honesty :slight_smile: Disgusting, sleazy, corrupt to the core - but honest!


But will that be shown on MSM ‘news’ tonight? I sure hope so, but no breath-holding. Man your phones! Congress critters on speed dial, call daily. This cannot be allowed to pass.


Oh, lets gut amurika and then we’ll read the entrails.


Perhaps the treasury secretary should go back to elementary school to (re)learn some basic mathematics. Perhaps he could also learn what fair taxation looked like in the time of Eisenhower.



A little dark but amusing and probably true.


Munchkin’s statement sounds like a spin on the age old DEVIL MADE ME DO IT excuse.


Well ya but that is exactly what they are doing.


I’ve read in more than one European Newspaper “the fascist take over of America” as very matter of fact. So yeah, I don’t think it is an exaggeration.


I know, I cruise the news sites over in europe and it’s a given, a done deal. With this budget deal going down and then the tax cuts I’ll be living in the bush’s and their pockets will be stuff with green-backs.


If what I am thinking is right, you’ll have a lot of company in the bushes and those green backs are not going to be worth much.


The Senate today is working on a budget resolution that works into the tax cut plan----this is happening right now. Sen Sanders had an amendment saying none of the 1% would get a tax cut—this was defeated on party lines. Middle income people will be screwed with this Trump tax plan. But of course once it is done Trump will come up with some excuse that he had no choice but to sign it.

Just look at what Trump did today to Sen Alexander(though I don’t care for what the guy stands for)on healthcare----told Alexander to get something done—Trump supported what came out—and today he is against the 2yr fix.Bizarre.

These tax cuts are a continuing theft from the COMMON people.


Ummmmm, of course the math dictates tax cuts for the rich after all they are the ones with enough money to pay for elections and campaigns. Other than that their money dictates that their voices are the loudest. What a disgusting individual.


Well…you are more often right than wrong.


Easy peasy, just elimilate the Kennedy tax cuts and reinstall his loop hole patches and we will return to the system that paid off the war debt for WWII.


This is a turning point though and some the details remain unclear. I think we all agree, we need to be vigilant.


Quite a bit of sophistry. The obvious that should bite us all in the face is that the wealthy in the US pay a much lower effective tax than ordinary workers and their taxes should, at the very least, be what everyone else pays. Also, capital gains should be taxed the same. No caps on Social Security either. What do these soulless sophists do with this fact: “But–but-- but we pay much more taxes than every one else.” Yeah, that is because you have enormous wealth and even a very paltry tax of 12% will amount to more than say a Wall Mart worker.

Then you have the rich who pay no taxes at all and condemn, as Mit Romney did, the 47% of people who do not pay taxes–that’s because they have insufficient funds to live on in the first place.


It is time to consider what we actually mean by honest, no?


For decades the wealthy leaches have figured how to game the politics of resentment by offering the poor as the “real” culprit–the scapegoat-- to the heavy taxes on the middle class. Time to take these bourgeoisie aside and explain plainly that the poor have never been the problem–the fault rests squarely on the shoulders of the wealthy.

If they get this passed and the taxes on the middle class go up–well this will be just fine with the rich as the embedded animus toward the poor on the part of the middle class will rear its ugly head once more and, rather than demanding those who actually have the wealth (much of it in non taxed trillions off shore) to pay they will demand that social safety nets be shredded for those who cannot pay.


Sarah Huckabee Sanders didn’t deny that the rich would benefit enormously from Trump’s tax plan. Instead, she claimed that cutting taxes for the middle class remains “the focus and the priority.”
…and they LIE EVERY PHKN TIME!! Cutting taxes for the middle class…my ass!!