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Mnuchin Uses Debunked Right-Wing Talking Point to Justify Slashing $600-Per-Week Unemployment Boost

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/08/03/mnuchin-uses-debunked-right-wing-talking-point-justify-slashing-600-week


Oligarchs are making a run on t.p. Seems they really are starting to shite themselves


“See, as long as I have my hands own the printing press, let them suck eggs. They are my slaves, just as Donny-boy promised.”–Beggin’ for a right hook


Mnuchin is a feckless twat.


You worry about your unemployment supplement, wait till he comes for you home… that you might have saved with the $600. Hopefully, Kamala Wall Street Harris
will not be assisting him this time.


It’s as though they want to lose in November.
That’s because they do. They have implemented almost everything they wanted in the previous four years. The Federal courts are now packed with enough conservatives to slow or prevent any progressive legislation from taking hold (and that’s should the Biden/Pelosi administration even propose any).
The USA is set up to fail. Just like in 1932, 1976, and 2008, a mess is being left that the GOP hopes is unfixable. FDR somewhat fixed it (although a world war played a large roll). Carters administration plodded through 4 years of the post Vietnam, post oil embargo, post Nixon recession. And of course prez Barry simply gave Wall Street another huge goddamn tax break, and bailed out countless big businesses, somewhat stabilizing the economy, but only creating service and retail jobs, as well as creating the gig economy of low paid contractors with no benefits.
Who here thinks that Biden and his Clinton cronies will propose the most progressive agenda in US history?
Yeah, I thought not.


The only hope of the Trump/GOP cult in 2020 is to drastically limit the number of voters. A crashed economy where homelessness and helplessness are rampant, and a postal service that has been destroyed will go a long way towards that end. And of course the fact that it is estimated that 2020 will have Americans dealing with over two thousand less polling places than in 2016, and the recipe for a rancid electoral cake is already mixed.


there are still fights breaking out at the local bar here in Craphole, OK between the people who just made 3k a month doing nothing and the people making 9 bucks an hour keeping this lurching machine teetering onward.

somehow Dems managed to create another class wedge issue, by favoring one group of workers at the expense of another.


Did these people even take a basic Econ course before they made their millions?
People for whom 600 extra dollars a week is giving them a ‘windfall’ are almost certainly putting every penny of that 600 right back into the economy immediately thus keeping it from collapsing even more that it already is…
Plus people getting that bit of extra are still missing putting into SS - thus potentially lowering their payouts depending on the length this goes on and how old they are,
some lucky enough to put a bit aside in a 401 k cannot do so so will lose a lot over time there depending on age,
still have to try and get Medicaid if they were lucky enough to have had health insurance but lost it,
still have to repair a vehicle,
replace a water heater,
fix a washer or go to a laundromat,
replace a pair of broken glasses
ad infinitum
The ‘Munchkin‘ and his moneyed pals really are the stupidest people on earth it seems…


Unfettered capitalism” = social Darwinism

Tell it like it is, Bernie: socialism for the superrich + social Darwinism for everyone else = Feudalism.

Conservative” is a misnomer for the Fascists’ “philosophy” (if you’re kind enough to believe that such reprobates are capable of abstract thought); a more accurate term would be “Regressive.”

What were “Democrats” are now Republicans; what were Republicans are now Fascists. What was Liberal is now Conservative; what was Conservative was, in fact, always (& always will be) Regressive.

With the overton window shifting so drastically toward Barbarism, progressives inevitably will be called Communist. Redefine that term for the 21st century; don’t run from it. Communism is the antidote to Fascism.


Yet another obscenely rich asshole who needs to have a guillotine rolled up on his front lawn one morning, just to see the look on his face.


Really IS reminiscent of Reagan’s Miracle Pittsburgh: 130K jobs were gone forever, in a perpetually Union/ Democrat town (inbred corruption, such that the Mafia stayed out around Youngstown & Greensburg). We’d all be “working” at whatever we could, under the table; selling the unemployed union members sinsemilla, cocaine, methamphetamines, then illicit firearms or sex. It was only a taste of what non-whites & single moms had been going through, perpetually and what we’d been doing in Central America & the Middle East (induction centers were in every rust belt strip mall). Liberal yuppies WERE just suburbanites who liked “urban” lifestyles (wink-wink), so… had to hide racism, reactionary mindset and narcissistic entitlement… er, unsuccessfully!






Looney Louie Gohmert already did that. When asked about the right-wingers in Tyler who beat up the campaign manager of his election opponent, he called the counter-protesters violent Marxists–close enough for government work.

Truthfully, I doubt that Looney Louie would recognize a Communist if one bit him on the ass and drew blood. To him, it’s just an insult hurled at people who are smarter than he is (which is pretty much the population of the entire planet).


Until people with metaphorical megaphones and/or good sense organize telephone trees to get people to walk their by-mail ballots to a place that will receive and count them (polling place, central office), then yes, people will wring their hands and do nothing because they’ve been told there’s nothing they can do. They’ve been steadily denatured by both parts of the Duopoly into a state of learned helplessness.


Consider the significance of the fact that rolling up even a cardboard-cutout image of a guillotine in front of his house would be prosecutable, while his genuinely-harmful behavior is legal


Not really feudalism: the peasants had rights under feudalism that could not be safely infringed by the manor-lord.


No it would not be prosecutable unless they trespassed but your point Is well taken that laws are made with massive loopholes that invite their use…


…in other words, the present-day GOP is worse than the monarchs of the middle ages…


Simple math, folks.

$600 per week X 30 million unemployed = $18 billion per week

It would take 111 weeks of paying out $600 per week to 30 million people to equal the $2 trillion slathered on corporations!

Trump, McConnell, and Mnuchin are craven assholes.


Here’s the truth: corporate monopolies of wealth and power are disincentives to democracy.