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Mob Rule at the White House

Mob Rule at the White House

Michael Winship
I blame Tony Soprano.

As entertaining and compelling as the “The Sopranos” was back in the day—and I certainly count myself among its fans—by so successfully humanizing a thug and his henchmen in organized crime, I can’t help but wonder if the TV series, and other shows and movies like it, may have helped contribute to an atmosphere in which a man like Donald Trump not only can be elected and then allowed to treat the presidency like a Mafia clubhouse, but even be admired for it.

Seeing how the GOP gamed the electoral college to get Trump installed with 46% of the popular vote compared to Clinton’s 48%, and recent research confirms that electoral college gaming in 2020 could get Trump re-elected with 23% of the popular vote, “erosion” of Trump’s base will need to be tantamount to an accelerated formation of the Grand Canyon to deny him a second term.

The subheading for this article should be: Murkins love their reality TV irrespective of whether its happening in Hollywood or DC.

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Time to wise up about the TV condemnation. Its moved on to ‘aps’, algorithms and selling off each member of the family according to their on-line profile.

The article posits one pole of an intensifying bi-polar government/corporation vs citizen/consumer (note that neither accurately represents ‘human being’; they are pawns/predators/prey in a late-stage predatory capitalism that has now exceeded the tipping point ecologically.

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“The silent circle of assent. The boss in complete control. The loyalty oaths. The us-versus-them worldview. The lying about all things, large and small, in service to some code of loyalty that put the organization above morality and above the truth.”

This can largely be said of the way many organizations and institutions work - including the FBI. This illusion that Trump is such an aberration that the moment we get rid of him everything will fall into place, is cheap. While it would be good to see him go, the reality is that Trump or no Trump, millions do not have healthcare, 6,000 people per day get evicted, 100 per month are killed by police, children are scared for the life when going to school, up to 10 million are either in prison or probation…and much more. What we should be looking at, Mr. Winship, is not the old news of who Trump is, but the many years of governing that handed him to us, and that includes the despicable ways which the democrats used to mingle with the elections against Bernie Sanders.


Corporations as they now stand select for sociopathy—yet another reason, possibly the best one, to rein them in as we once did. Limited life spans in which to achieve a clearly articulated purpose, such as building a canal; an end to one corporation owning others (if corporations are people, isn’t that chattel slavery?); and absolutely no donations to political campaigns—a campaign based on a return to these principles could attract the support of a broad range of citizens.


Assuming we survive until 2020 - don’t put anything past this insane bloviating disaster-in-Orange - I have made the decision that if Trump is elected again in 2020, I am moving out of the U.S. I have liquidated a few things, and am making preparations - financially and otherwise - in advance. I simply don’t have the stomach for any of it anymore. If he is elected again, it will say clearly that the US is not only not a functioning democracy (it isn’t) and far down the path of authoritarianism and tyranny, but that the quality of its inhabitants has sunk to such disgusting depths that I no longer can remotely recognize the nation I was born in. I have a short-list of several countries that look good (certainly better than here), affordable, opportunities for a decent life and living, etc, and am working on lining up my ducks for citizenship qualification.


As bold as Michael Winship may write in similitudes, his journalistic code prohibits his coming out and saying so. Mueller’s team, preserving its secrecy, has likely used the mafia enterprise as an operating theory for some time.

But Trump will be difficult for his team to unseat without breaking the whole frigging country. Until now I never recognized how fragile our democratic norms are.

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While progressives seem to be spinning their wheels figuring out how to take over the Democratic Party two groups have successfully taken over what used to be the Republican Party. The first group that succeeded was the Tea Party backed by the Koch brothers or perhaps more accurately the Koch brothers took over the Republican Part using the Tea Party. The Tea Party consists of libertarians who are obsessed by the goal of economic liberty which means make all the money you can and keep it without government interference. The second group is the white nationalists who suddenly went from the margins of society to the middle when Trump announced he was running for president. Who better than the birther guy himself to lead the way to a white Christian nation. No matter what happens to Trump and his gang if the country does survive it will still be faced with a Republican Party controlled by two movements that are determined to undermine democracy. The white nationalists favor authoritarianism and the Tea Party is for what would be a dystopian country with a small percentage of economic winners and everyone else left to fend for themselves without any help from the government. With the Progressives determined to take over the Democratic Party leaving the main opposition to the right badly divided the path for the white nationalists and libertarians to take total control may not be all that difficult.

Sorry to interrupt your nap, but progressives are taking over the Democratic Party, it’s just that the party apparatchik haven’t caught on yet and those that have are in a panic because they know their time is up.


Trump and all his cabal have to go first. They can be the match that lights the fuse for change.

Not sure how you missed the Christian Evangelicals who aren’t necessarily white nationalists or Tea Party kooks but a significant faction.


Progressives taking over the Democratic Party is the only viable game in town.


Ray Delcamino: Explain the math of who Trump “could get re-elected with 23% of the vote”. That makes no sense at all

Dissent: too bad that too many of us are TOO POOR to jump the ship & go to another country. Fact is, most countries want (at least) MIDDLE-CLASS people immigrating there—or in the case of Mexico, someone who can cough up $1,500. Canada has age, education & income requirements that EXCLUDES the MOST VULNERABLE AMREICANS from ever escaping to go there. Good luck with your escape plans.Some of us have no choice but to stand & fight.

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Neither the US or any other nation has a Trump problem…we all have a corporate control of government problem. It doesn’t matter if we leave the US. As soon as the corporations realized the unparalleled return on investment (ROI) they get owning the US Congress they started buying up politicians in other nations.

The research that concludes that Trump can win with 23% of the popular vote in 2020 assumes that Trump wins by a bare minimum in all the states he won in 2016…a remotely possible but highly unlikely scenario. The states where Trump and other GOP candidates serially win 60 to 80% are dyed in the wool GOP and not likely to see reduced GOP support in 2020. The research DID show how perverse making the electoral college responsible for determining winners really is.

One thing Comey nailed is that it would be better for the country for Trump to be rejected at the polls than be ousted by impeachment or indictment. The voters that selected Trump should be given the opportunity to correct their mistake – or to understand that their fellow citizens have made the correction for them. An early ouster on purely legal grounds would be viewed by the Trump base as illegitimate – a manipulative Establishment conspiracy to rob them of their rights.

Not all mobsters are Italian, (the racist reference to Tony Soprano insults an entire ethnicity). That said, mob rule is not new to American politics. it has long been impossible to separate organized crime much less the rule of organized business interests (the biggest mob of all) from government. The difference now is that it is overt – not the plausible deniability of the past. It’s time for citizens to clean out the mobsters from CIA drug and gun running types to Wall Street, fossil fuel, insurance and arms industry types.


I beg to differ. Your point is pedantic. While I agree that “not all mobsters are Italian” (nor are all Italians mobsters), the reference to Tony Soprano is merely a reference to a known fictional character that most everyone relates to and made in the furtherance of a critique of Trump – acceptable poetic license in my view. Don’t overstate the use of Tony Soprano as some racial attack on Italians – that’s simply not anywhere in the context or intent of the article.

Surely you don’t deny that some mobsters are Italian, or do you? Nor can you deny than some fictional mobsters are Italian – I submit the latter is a proven fact with the fictional existence of the Sopranos.

If anything, the author glorifies, rather than villifies, Tony Soprano.

"a known fictional character that most everyone relates to ". Yeah, Like Amos n Andy . . .

Just about every country of note has a mob, the Yakuza of Japan, the Israeli and Russsian mobs, the trouble is they are all transnational now. The older more established mobs are just businessmen now.