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Mob Violence in The Capitol A Logical Completion to Trumpian Politics

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2021/01/08/mob-violence-capitol-logical-completion-trumpian-politics

Somehow the Fairness Doctrine needs to apply to internet resources that have audience over a certain threshold. I do not know what that threshold should be, but “airwaves” is an outdated concept given the current media paradigm. The separation of church and state must be enforced if churches are to maintain their tax-free status, which I am very much against. Property is property. Period. As a secular person, I am discriminated at every turn by this tax-free status of religious organizations, whether or not they act politically or not. This policy goes against the Enlightenment which inspired so much of the construction of the founding documents of this nation, which, while imperfect, did provide for amending to higher and nobler purposes.


Several cogent points to be addressed. Rule of Law…that slogan pops up every time something happens that shows the US is not under the Rule of Law. Wednesday’s coup attempt is one of a long history of unequal treatment under the law.
Secondly, I keep reading and hearing various members of the GOP, including our own Rep in the House, saying there are deep flaws in our electoral system as well as inaccuracies in the November election, but they don’t give even one example with evidence. The smoking gun with transfer DNA, so to speak. Nothing. Just the same exact statement with the pod person smile.
If I had turned in a test paper in my course in differential equations with some copped up answer without even a scratch sheet showing how I arrived at my answer, my prof would have given me an immediate F. Then he would have hauled me into his office and ripped me a new one. Which is why people who give me slogans instead of evidence and facts hate my guts.
You can bet the next item on my to-do list is a long letter to said Rep, asking for a list of the evidence and examples of these deep flaws and inaccuracies, no slogans or party line allowed. And I will send this letter again and again until I get the evidence and the process that led to the conclusions.
But our polity is too lazy mentally anymore to even parse a sentence. Slogans are easy.


In defense of Comar’s attempt here to provide solutions, he couldn’t possibly get at the morass of injustice and dysfunction that has long characterized U. S. government. This nation was founded upon genocide, slavery, and institutionalized deceit, and it’s always run on violence, racism, militarism, and justice only for the few enablers to cover their asses and their profits at the expense of all else. Comar’s paltry solutions are almost laughable, but for the massive tragedy that has long since unfolded for most Americans, and extended to most people and other living beings.

Will anyone seriously examine the causes and effects borne from an unsustainable and destructive economic paradigm that is capitalism? Does Comar think any politician with vested interests in this prevailing paradigm would promote re-thinking the entire system of “value” that blanket this earth like a plague? Putting Comar’s bandages on severed extremities and disgorged internal organs is a pathetically underwhelming response to systemic crisis.

Asserting that the Capitol mob violence is a logical completion to Trumpian politics is a red herring for a systemic metastatic failure to account for all the crimes and injustices that created Trump, for all the crimes and injustices that created Obama, and Bush, and the Clintons, for that matter. How can anyone assert a “logical” “completion” by resorting to arguments for the “rule of law” when that law itself was corrupted and unjust from inception? You want rule of law? How about holding accountable an entire system devised to draw blood from the innocent, to ravage the land and sea, and to persecute for profit all that supports life?

When the FBI labeled me and thousands of other environmental activists “terrorists” of grave concern some time ago, as the U. S. military continues to rain bombs and drones over weddings and farmers, as U.S. economic sanctions continue to kill millions, and while fossil fuel corporations continue to destroy all that sustains life – and to do so tax-free! – that tells me all I need to know about how utterly evil and tyrannical is the pandemic disease called U. S. government.


And now the question remains, are U.S. citizens prepared to waste another 156 years locked in a (virtual) battle with a second Confederacy of Dunces, or will we finally shout “Basta!”, and strangle this treasonous movement in its crib?

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“To avoid collapse of its political system and unrestrained political violence, the United States government should immediately implement the following policies.”

Seems like the author forgot to mention wars of invasion and regime change, along with extra judicial murders around the world - when he makes a list against ‘unrestrained violence’. But really, why would we want to avoid a ‘political collapse’ which is his thesis? That is precisely want we should want, and not avoid. The system has already proven that is beyond self improvement.

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“This is a tough truth to bear, but it’s a growing recognition that Donald Trump is not going anywhere after Jan 20. It’s likely Trump will continue to perpetuate the lie that the election was stolen in order for him to retain a “Virtual Resistance” or “Virtual Confederacy” of online movements, directed to use violence and threats of violence to influence politics and provide Trump a financial support."

Your final 5 recommendations, Dave Inder Comar, are predominant and worthy. Another highest priority issue must be addressing homelessness. Anyone living on the streets can go crazy.
“Institutionalized” shelter solutions most homeless will avoid.
Institutionalized solutions come with Million Dollar price tags.
Homeless sites are training camps for vandalism, learning to hate the ruling class, which wants homelessness to continue as a reminder to the working class how close they or a family member or friend are to being homeless.

Lastly, Trump’s last words of note were to thank his base and inform them “this is just the start” and by that statement he meant he’d continue his Virtual destructive intent. I don’t have the exact quote, but his wording clearly informed supporters this is “just the beginning” of further seditious activity.

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