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Mobilizing Online and In the Streets, Sane Voices Demand Senate #StopPompeo


Mobilizing Online and In the Streets, Sane Voices Demand Senate #StopPompeo

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

As concerns grow that President Donald Trump is assembling a dangerous war cabinet, a broad range of groups are rallying on Wednesday in a last ditch effort to stop CIA head Mike Pompeo from becoming secretary of state.


“If Dems stand united, we’ll have the votes to stop extreme Pompeo from becoming Trump’s #WarCabinet Sec of State.”

You mean like when they stood united and approved maddog mattis? They’re anit-war now? Since when? Bernie’s giving his “lip service” I see. Oh, oh, I get it. Elections around the corner. Must fake like an unreasonable liberal extremist - I mean antiwar person.

Excuse me - I’m still a hostile demexiter from the last election. I’m going to trust the war party to stop the war party? Who does the dem side of that argument want in? Is Pompeo not bad enough?


This man will “never” serve the masses.

I suggest he be air dropped into a society of Cannibals, and he can be served, to them.

Here’s hoping no one gets sick.


Yes Rainy, We the People need a Peace Party.

The Duopoly has made it’s bed, and it’s a bloody one.


now that you bring it up, the ultra sociopath rich probably are cannibals.


Oh, the irony of feeding them to cannibals.

Just desserts, wouldn’t you say?


Let’s face it - Trump is a repulsive man who represents some of the worst in humanity. He has surrounded himself with similar types such as Pompeo. No matter what happens, the US has been damaged in so many fundamental ways by Trump and his elite supporters. This guy and his actions need to be checked now or it will only get worse.


This is all b.s. people need to be protesting all the wars we have been in for decades w democrats and republican party . Just more in your face now. Does any bloggers comment on the anti war demos that will happen this week. Commondreams as not done a story on it and most who come in here talk alot of stuff and will look at the info and then go back to blogging or go to sleep.

I am tired of posting this
End the Wars at Home and Abroad!
The time is now to return to the street to make our voices heard. Join us on April 14-15 One of the sponsors by the way is the green party.



Hi I posted again about your favorite duopoly war parties


Keep up the good work Steven.


Alan Dershowitz, the arch Zionist who helped OJ Simpson get off, is back in the White House, having dinner with Trump, and mouthing ‘fire Mueller’ rhetoric. More people are sensing the gathering storm.

The American republic has not seen such a collection of war mongering, foreign influenced, U.S. interests be damned, evil men swarm around the president, ever. These men, and Trump, could care less about citizens’ protests in front of post offices, etc. By all means go to a Moveon gathering (I plan to), but we have to come up with another legal way to show our condemnation. Any ideas?


Wouldn’t you guess that when the dust has settled, history will record that the Presidency was stolen in the first ever high tech heist by a foreign power.

As to your rant about Iran’s nuclear bomb, only you and other Zionists obsess about it.


Do you not realize that it is probably impossible to have a reasonable conversation with a true Trump loyalist. They are not living in the same reality as most of us.