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Mobilizing the Poor People’s Campaign

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/06/23/mobilizing-poor-peoples-campaign

It’s great stuff, and a pretty good description of much of Bernie Sanders’s platform (he being the only Dem contender, I believe, to issue a K-12 plan as well as a college plan): “The budget details large reforms — from automatic voter registration, a living wage, health care for all, quality education from pre-k through college, investment in clean energy and modern infrastructure. It details how these and other reforms can be easily afforded by fair taxes on the wealthy and corporations and by ending our effort to police the world.”

So maybe time for an out-and-out endorsement, Jesse – like the one Bernie gave you back in 1988!

The call to “reviving our democracy” was anticipated by the powers siphoning off the grass roots resources. The trumpian campaign to “drain the swamp” has proven to be a tight sleight of hand like a classic Trump golfing wedgie. Fluidity from swampiness to the hogwash of nepotism, awash in laundering the TV image laundering of the laundering of money laundering. The vacuous verbosity of daughterś hubby Jarhead, I mean Jared - apparently buying time to buy more time to line up privatization buyers for the gutted and the garnered.

All over the world this model is severing the remaining ties to the Earth herself, stewardship being scorned for outright rape of communities, biomes, ecosystemic balances.

The notion of the exponential factor as a dynamic that is active in human interaction and stewardship needs to be provided a platform. So far, this dynamo, the ‘perpetual motion’ machinations of a healthy planet remain veiled under the poisoned catch word ‘socialism’ when the dynamo is the 99% of what the greed of predatory capitalism is not. One of the ironies is that we who are impoverished by ideas - which is all that economic models are - are the key to unleashing something completely different, something evolutionary, liberated, reconstructive and sustainable.

Dr. King and the Poor Peoples Campaign is me, its you, our communities, spirits and energy … all together in exponential discovery of what we cannot even imagine under the suppression from the flooding of the hogwash. Mercy and gentle rain can rinse a whole lot of waste into compost.