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'Moderate' Syrian Militia Armed With American Anti-Tank Missiles Announces Collapse


'Moderate' Syrian Militia Armed With American Anti-Tank Missiles Announces Collapse

Sarah Lazare, staff writer

A U.S.-backed militia in Syria, touted by the Obama administration as a trusted "moderate" group and armed with American anti-tank missiles, is reportedly dissolving following a series of defeats by al-Qaeda aligned Jabhat al-Nusra—leaving the U.S.-led war on ISIS in further disarray.


Take a good look at that picture. In one glance is the reason why any president of the US is noting more than a pliable sock puppet or else they will be replaced one way or another. The guys with all that crap on their chests are the ones (along with the rest of the security state establishment and the war profiteers) who control the government and policies of the US.
Right now their errand boys and girls have screwed up (the Petraeus trained and supplied “good terrorists”) and they are not happy–but not to worry, because they already have a plan B, C, or D ready for implementation after they have their “sit down sonny and let us remind you how the world really works in case you have forgotten since you last viewed the Zapruder film” talk.


The latest US military plan calls for the US to equip. newly trained rebels with GPS devices in their trucks. That can actually call in US air strikes against Assad and the Syria Army. The President also said the other day Assad needs to go before the US military can take out Isis.

Linked article is an interview with General Wesley Clark. Revealing Isis is an Israel project.