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Mohamed Morsi, Egypt's First Freely Elected President, Sentenced to Death


Mohamed Morsi, Egypt's First Freely Elected President, Sentenced to Death

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

An Egyptian court on Saturday sentenced ousted president Mohamed Morsi and more than 100 other defendants to death for their role in a 2011 mass prison break.

Morsi, Egypt’s first democratically elected president, was ousted by the military in July 2013 after days of street protests by Egyptians demanding that he be removed because of his divisive rule. His overthrow triggered a government crackdown on his Muslim Brotherhood movement in which hundreds of people have died and thousands have been imprisoned.


I would submit that in the long run this is about neither Morsi nor the Egyptian people. If it were the news out of Egypt would be about what is being done to meet the necessities so sorely lacking. Death penalty anywhere is the psychic spike of organizational ineptitude engendered by inversion of collective and aggregate principles. It reflects the polar opposite of dysfunctional and illegitimate centralization of societal identity modeled on narcissistic (ego) control. The nubbin being the question: what does it accomplish? Its methodologies are secrecy, denial of INFORMED CONSENT OF THE GOVERNED and the cyclical referencing back and forth between the two in constant flip flop from cause to effect where the effect is then cited as cause. It is a bulwark against educability.

This is the same railroading of runaway freighting as criminalization of whistleblowers who reveal criminality in colonization derived constructs of systems ostensibly for “governance”. This is a colonization of public discourse about false claims to legitimacy being practiced around the world in as varied a number of sets of circumstances as possible. This by a systems model that is fundamentally dissociative, unsustainable, wastrel in its practices, dehumanizing as matter of course, and in denial that it is responsible, incapable of being accountable and identifying its own mistakes and mistaken premises.

It is the inversion of what it means to be a human being. It is the same model that claimed ‘green revolution’ as excuse for military chemical supply companies to break the fort of organized killing projecting its ‘mono’ domination model onto the essential dynamic equilibrium of living agroecology. So flawed is this construct that it must internalize its premise of death for its own “product”. It is the same model that ‘kills’ local economies so that it can make “money” that is, a note, a hypnotically intricately designed memo, suitable for framing, little pieces of paper that are debt receipts, based on exponential extraction of debt value because its ‘profit margin’ is a measure of its already existing debt in the first place.

This is the nature of externalized cost.


I thought he had already got sentenced to a big prison term. What’s going on?

It certainly seems to send a message that Egypt is determined to be secular no matter what the cost, and that would-be theocrats will get very short shrift!


Probably pay back for Morsi loosening the vice grip on the Palestinians while he was President. Israel wins again.


Well so much for the much vaunted Internet mediated Arab Spring - a mile wide and an inch deep - Egyptians threw out Mubarak and elected Morsi, didn’t like him, didn’t wait for another election but teamed with the military to throw him out, and, basically got Mubarak back … Not a good sign for the prospects of “democracy” in Egypt …


The old regime has to crush the brotherhood because it is (was) the largest functioning grass-roots opposition political party there. Which is why they won the election. In addition to the brotherhood’s governing ineptitude, I’m guessing there were many “counter-revolutionary” worms at work whipping up the backlash. Can’t wait to watch Obama dance around this one. edit: perhaps that’s one-sidedly unfair; is there anyone one in the anointed US political sphere that will come to the defense of this Muslim?


You mean the US/Israel didn’t like him. Out he went. He didn’t stand a chance. The US only supports Democracy when it suits our needs.


The U.S. didn’t call the coup in Egypt a coup, so it’s unlikely they’ll label assassination via kangaroo court as such.

I didn’t like Morsi’s lurch toward the fundamentalism of the Muslim Brotherhood after his election, but he was elected.

MIlitary coups seldom, if ever, end well.


The people were demonstrating against him. as well, remember he won the election … Why didn’t they wait for a new election?


The US? There is no US any more. Just the CIA. They prop up puppets all over the world, and they are so good at it, they do it to the US now too.

JFK? Out he went. He didn’t stand a chance…


No, but changing the filter that controls who gets to be an authority will. That’s our job.


Why should they, in a democracy? It’s only in the Ur-Capitalist countries that absolute monarchs are elected. Elsewhere they (at least try to) toss them out or kill them.


The U.S. government was never going to permit democracy in Egypt. Their support of the ruling dictator came with one demand… never allow democracy to take foot in Egypt again! Democracy would have translated into little or no support for Israeli apartheid, demilitarizing the economy and acceptance of an ecumenical society.
When the democratically elected Morsi came to power, U.S. corporate fundamentalists immediately got nervous. Morris’s promise of open and honest discussions about all of Egypts’ relationships with neighbouring countries gave the U.S. and Israel the jitters. Now their henchmen have ordered their puppet in Egypt to do as he is told and get rid of Morsi and his symbol of democratic reforms.
I’m afraid until we get rid of our own despots, Egypt can only expect the worst from the U.S. government.


Exactly Mr. Jefferson, the CIA, it’s paid stooges in the press, and the constant bombardment of military worship at every sporting event is indoctrinating the sheep to accept the culture of brute force. The movie ‘American Sniper’ is an example of the push for eternal wars. This evil Empire needs to implode from within. The corruption in America from financial to political shows the world who we really have become.


So you don’t think their election was legitimate? Who, then, “orchestrated” Morsi’s win? If neither the US nor Israel wanted him, who would have “fixed it”?


I have a slightly different take - I think folks, both here and abroad, are 1) so oversold on the “power of the internet” to “change everything” 2) so convinced that elections are basically worthless, or at best, an afterthought, that they seem to think that all they have to do is hashtag their asses off, get a lot off people to show up for a few days, or weeks - and voila! their “movements” succeed - in this case the movement to get rid of Mubarak - well, OK, then what, well i suppose we oughta have an election - but as it was, it appears, rather an afterthought, the only folks who were organized enough to participate in any meaningful fashion were the Muslim Brotherhood - so they got elected … but when it became rather clear that the MB’s agenda was not exactly what they had in mind, instead of organizing political opposition to elect someone they might actually like, they wanted “instant relief”, had another “movement” to throw the bum out, which the military jumped on board with, and ousted the guy essentially by force - well, OK, but then what - as they still hadn’t organized any political opposition, the only “organization” in a position to exercise power was the military …

What I get a lot of “dislikes” for is the idea that “movements” without elections are like a one-legged man - he can hop around a lot, but doesn’t get too far… I realize that I am no doubt rather dense, but, for the life of me. i cannot figure out why we keep on electing bums, that we know are bums, and, adding insult to injury, re-electing them, for Pete’s sake, and then spend our time, energy and money “pressuring” them to “do the right thing” - why don’t we organize around putting decent folk in office? How masochistic can you get …


I don’t think that’s a particularly fair portrayal of what happened in Egypt or of the Egyptian people. The Muslim Brotherhood, as far as I know, is widely disliked by secular Egyptians, won the election in the first place by allying themselves with the military and the remnants of the old regime, and once in power enacted severe martial law and violently broke up demonstrations in Tahrir Square.

You make it seem as if the Egyptians just elected this guy, decided they didn’t like his haircut, and then sold him out to the military. That isn’t what happened.


He won an election which many Egyptians believed to be a sham, and once in power betrayed what many Egyptians believed were the principles of the revolution which put him in power. He violently suppressed dissent, continued maintaining martial law, and granted himself dictatorial powers.

Why didn’t they just wait for a new election? What a ridiculous question. This guy was put in power by a revolutionary movement, which he then sold out completely.

If you have millions of people – MILLIONS – out in the streets demanding a leader be removed (and I’m talking about Morsi, not Mubarak) and your only question is “why don’t they just wait for an election?” then I think you need to seriously reconsider you understanding of the situation.

Is that the same advice you would give to Americans? Hey, just wait til the next election. Direct action is silly and immature. Just wait four years and vote! Ridiculous.


No, I think his election was “legitimate” from a US standpoint, where campaign promises are unenforceable and once the election is over we have a ruler who can do whatever he likes to us for the next umpty years.

But it wasn’t legitimate in the sense that people didn’t get what they “paid for”. They elected Moderate Morsi, but his evil twin Theocrat Morsi was the one that took office, as his behavior demonstrated. The people weren’t going to hold still for that, and didn’t. So now they have a military dictatorship again, but they obviously feel that that’s preferable to having a religious dictatorship.

We USAians tolerate a Clinton, Lesser Bush, or Obama no matter what they do to us because we’ve been taught from the cradle to be peasants, to obey authority, even illegitimate authority. And we don’t realise it! As Milgram demonstrated.

So we fume and mutter, and do nothing but let the current psychopath work his malignant will for 4 or 8 years and then elect another of his ilk the next time. Hopeless hope triumphing over bitter experience, every damned time.


So where are they now? Any better off?