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Mollie Tibbetts' Father Denounces Right-Wing Pundits and Politicians Exploiting His Daughter's Death to Push 'Profoundly Racist' Agenda


Mollie Tibbetts' Father Denounces Right-Wing Pundits and Politicians Exploiting His Daughter's Death to Push 'Profoundly Racist' Agenda

Jake Johnson, staff writer

Responding to continued efforts by President Donald Trump and right-wing media outlets to exploit the horrific murder of 20-year-old Iowa student Mollie Tibbetts to push their racist, anti-immigrant agenda, Tibbetts' father penned an op-ed on Saturday denouncing thos


Profoundly brave of you Mr. Tibbetts! May Mollie stand for something and her death not be in vain.


CD, I really wish that you had published Mr Tibbits comments in full.


Donald Trump Jr. may not be the one but two of Trump’s son’s went all the way to Africa to kill a lion and pose smiling with their guns next to the big cat’s dead body.

These Trump people are scum beneath all imagination. Their lust for the grotesque is difficult to include as part of humanity.

I also think it would be good to post Rob Tibbetts entire article.


The link was provided. CD would not let me post the page.


This story shows just how deep of a moral crisis the US faces. It isn’t enough for grieving parents to be left to their grief but to have it increased by such insensitivity and usury is beyond the pale.


Racism Corrupts One’s Soul.

Mr.Tibbett’s soul is not for sale.


Notice what real men’s shoulders look like.


Trumpster & Co., including the village idiot son, are hemorrhaging popular support with the constant uber-racism and attacks. Bannon & Miller’s advice; white nationalist screeds and a blitzkrieg of propaganda, are proving to be the wrong strategy. Even the muddled middle is just sick and tired of this family. Whose severe mental dysfunctions are in need of a group time out in appropriate federal institutions. Maybe they can take up more positive hobbies while under holds; collecting prison tattoos and learning about landscaping, come to mind almost immediately.
Mr. Tibbets’ is to be applauded for being a lot more honest than our Uniparty Federation of National Cowards. They have dodged and generally lied for 3 decades on sensible immigration law. They won’t stop until someone actually threatens to really " put a sock in it " and attempts to accomplish the task. Which would make for great reality teevee.
Mr. Tibbets call for intelligent debate and real resolution, without dragging his family into it; well, how late is too late for that with these good Trump Christians? His remarks were published on Saturday and they all went to church today, so… don’t forget to pack several lunches and dinners, while waiting.


…fuck all the criminal minds that run this truly sloppy shit show, these fake people are just VILE and should be in solitary…start with duct tape and rope…OH and THANK YOU MR. TIBBETTS, YOU ROCK. Sorry to your family for it’s trials. Damn!!


They killed an elephant and several more animals. In some of the pictures they had a cut off tail they were playing with and holding up to their faces. They said that killing these rare animals is something that gives them great pleasure and they do it for fun. I consider they are sociopaths. No conscience what so ever.