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'Moment of Judgment' Welcomed as Exxon Cover-Up Investigation Goes to FBI



Hopefully Exxon will get nailed. Unfortunately, we need to change a system where lying is legalized and regularly used to mishape public opinion and politics. Until it doesn't pay to lie as a corporate person or a politician, the whirlwind will remain unabated. A culture built on hypocrisy, not surprisingly, churns out hypocrisy and corruption. Culture wars are the most important 'wars'. When you lose the culture war, then all you get is conflict and real war.


Somebody needs to tell Trudeau he better not lie.


Note to Monsanto executives, shareholders, and board members: this is going to be you one day. Resign! Resign! Resign!


We have to wonder where this will all end up. Game changer it should be, but surely one of the worlds wealthiest and most secretive commercial organization wont just lie down without an enormous fight.

This makes the supreme court appointment all the more important.

I expect to see lots of distracting action worldwide as this case proceeds, even another war, an attempt to defuse and delay any action.
And incidentally, what sort of penalty should be imposed for destroying the habitability of a planet?
Anybody got a figure for that?

Maybe maroon those responsible on Mars as a taste of where we might be going?


another dog and pony show.


Certainly the question is whether anyone expects us to trust the FBI under pro-fossil fuel Obama... or Clinton, or....anyone I can think of.

Sanders, Kucinich, maybe Warren and a a very few other members of Congress, but how many who have any chance at all to be president could we trust with such decisions?

Maybe the FBI should be investigating... the FBI, for trying to force Apple to allow a snooping back door into everyone's phones.


The roots of Oil Addiction are Auto Addiction which Standard Oil supported in the Great Trolley Conspiracy which destroyed Green public transit in cities all over the USA. When will the Auto companies be held to account for their planet destruction?


Does anyone really think that the FBI has the authority to do absolutely anything against one of the richest, most powerful corporations in the history of money?


We know the answer to that.
And I don't recall people not buying cars in droves.

Note the omnipresent auto ads on TV.

They still crank them out like candy bars.

Especially profitable are the gas-guzzling SUV's and "mini"vans.




Or the WILL to do absolutely anything....