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Moment of Truth for House GOP as Committee Debates Trump Investigation


Moment of Truth for House GOP as Committee Debates Trump Investigation

Lauren McCauley, staff writer

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With a line that extended around the block, a packed hearing, and hundreds of thousands of signatures delivered, it was made clear on Tuesday that the people want answers regarding President Donald Trump's conflicts of interest and potential ties to Russia, and are demanding that Congress pave the way.


I would expect the Republican to vote it down. I think they have concluded that being charged by the Democrats about being part of a cover up will not be as damaging as what finding out the truth will reveal. Since Trump won't release his tax returns, using the phony excuse that they are being audited (where are the form letters from the IRS he should have received proving there is even really an audit gong on?) and he has attempted in interfere with the ongoing FBI investigation into his connections with Russia, and there is also the dossier which so far has been backed by meta data on the phone calls that were made, the obvious conclusion is that it looks like Trump is trying to hide something that would be extremely damaging.


I don't know why anyone thinks this "investigation" by a Republican controlled House will amount to much.

This is kinda like asking the Warren Commission, "Who killed JFK?" or the 911 Commission why the Bush family had hundreds of transactions with Bin Laden Brothers Contracting for Industry (Later the Bin Laden Group.)

The conclusions are likely to be a whitewash.


You're right about that, of course. And that's why we need an independent investigation, which is what Democrats should be demanding instead of giving them a chance to whitewash or possibly destroy evidence.


And while they're at it, investigate Israelis' investments in Trump's businesses...and all members of Congress' invesstments, for that matter. Our Congress has predominantly, Republican and Democratic, voted along lines that the Israeli "Oded Yinon's Plan-1982" formulated for a "Greater Israel". US neocons and their myriad right-wing think tanks are loaded with money to bring this about... deconstructing Iran and Russia would have to be part of that plan. Pretty heartless, I'd say.