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Moment of Truth for the Nobel Peace Prize


Moment of Truth for the Nobel Peace Prize

Fredrik S. Heffermehl, Tomas Magnusson

The Nobel Peace Prize is about to bow out to critics. As of Jan. 1, the Oslo-based Norwegian Nobel Committee that selects the winners has a new secretary, Olav Njølstad, who announced that “changes loom” in a recent interview.

However, Njølstad added, the changes “will not be dramatic”, making it unlikely that they will satisfy the full makeover demanded by The Nobel Peace Prize Watch, a newly-formed advocacy group wishing to reverse and undo international militarism.


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This is a brilliant article–and strategy. Among many fine points made, this one bears repeating (as it’s the recipe for Post Mars-rules):

“It seems as if Norwegian politicians, imbued in Western militarism and loyalty to the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation (NATO), are unable to understand Nobel´s idea of peace: to liberate the nations of the world from weapons, warriors and war. The idea to be supported by his will was that all nations must cooperate on disarmament.”


Rescinding the prizes awarded to Obama, Kissinger, and a host of other Noble war criminals would be a good start…


If you, like Nobel, wish to liberate all nations from weapons, warriors - and wars, and cater to human needs instead of feeding the weapon makers, then please go to nobelwill org to sign our appeal for respect for the Nobel vision of peace.