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'Momentum Is Shifting': MoveOn Calls for Democratic Presidential Candidates to Boycott AIPAC Conference

'Momentum Is Shifting': MoveOn Calls for Democratic Presidential Candidates to Boycott AIPAC Conference

Jake Johnson, staff writer

MoveOn, a progressive advocacy group with millions of members, is calling on Democratic presidential candidates to boycott AIPAC's annual conference.

"It's no secret that that AIPAC has worked to hinder diplomatic efforts like the Iran deal, is undermining Palestinian self-determination, and inviting figures actively involved in human rights violations to its stage," Iram Ali, campaign director at MoveOn Political Action, said in a statement.


AIPAC: America’s Israeli Perpetual Agressive Cancer


Wow. Hope it flies. Most Dems don’t have the guts though


Not disagreeing with MoveOn stronger than expected statement but: The neoliberal, wall street, hollywood dems will be on the front row giving standing ovations. For me this is a watershed moment in deciding my vote …


With the March deadline approaching for reporting campaign contributions, it’s going to get interesting. Makes you wonder why former VP Biden is waiting until April to officially declare he’s running? Who else in the growing field is taking PAC money, too?
Good on MoveOn.


Well the one running who isn’t a Dem does:


For decades the aipac stamp of approval has pretty much been a prerequisite for anyone to be considered a “serious” candidate from either party, so this is certainly a pleasant surprise.
Certainly never expected something like this from MoveOn who has been on the front lines of the Russiagate hysteria and other dnc initiatives from the start.

Almost everyone running are already in aipac’s pocket, so i am not certain any of them will actually boycott it.
More likely they will reflexively start bleeting about antisemitism and call for MoveOn’s management to be replaced.
Still, it is a sign that people are waking up to the reality of what aipac actually is.


What is the debate? AIPAC supports Netanyahu the thug. He wants to annex the west bank with American complicity. He DOES not represent the Jewish community. The crimes this goon has committed is not a representation of any of the Jewish people I know. There are politicians, AIPAC sycophants, that will scream their support by false claiming self defense over the tears of the Palestinians being starved and assassinated, yet we continue our full throat-ed support. This is a quarrel of fire crackers against a city state with nukes. Netanyahu does not deserve to credit card on the Holocaust. He has diminished it to a mere historical foot note.


And he IS Jewish. He spent a year in an Israeli kibbutz. So far he is my candidate, age be damned, but then I’m eighty.


Considering AIPAC has long been, for all intents and purposes, Likud’s American auxiliary, this is long overdue.


If you didn’t see this in yesterday’s NYTimes, it’s worth a look:


I’m not voting for anyone that goes.


The last time that Netanyahu came here to speak to what he called “HIS” Congress, Bernie Sanders was the only senator who refused to attend the farce.

It was highly embarrassing and shameful that “Netanyahu’s Congress” stood on its hind legs and applauded his every sentence, pause, and burp.

If any other country did to any other people what Israel’s government and IDF do to Palestinians, the US would at least made Some sort of criticism. But the US says nothing about Israel, regardless of how many UN resolutions Israel breaks and how many Palestinians, including children, it kills.



Good For Bernie!   How About We Have An HONEST President for a Change — He’d be the first in a Long, Long Time!!!


You know what I’d like to see? Someone–anyone, perhaps even
Ilhan Omar goes to AIPAC and tells them what it is. We love Jews, we love Israel, but Likud and Netanyahu are awful for Israel, Palestine, and the general condition of the Middle East–just look at the record. Almost constant war and unrest for the past 70 years, and no closer to peace. AIPAC’s job is to get the US to keep propping up an increasingly militaristic state, much like Cuba needed the old Soviet Union for support (yes, that is a more extreme example, but this is where Israel is headed).


The US has become a favorite destination for globes pathetic mass murderers and psychopathic criminals like Netanyahu. He ought to hang high after a Nuremberg type trial in the Hague. But instead the US Congress people give him standing ovations and cheerful applause. What has our nation become?


And billions upon 100s of billions of our tax dollars in cash and weapons which Israel then relabels for sale at huge profits. Ask Nathanyahu about 757 dronning and participation in 911.


very interesting video

I also watched the short film. I think that it would be very odd indeed if some of the settlers/occupiers did not question their life since it is indeed stressful to live where you are not wanted. However I did not hear one of the settlers voice any doubts that they were intruding and enslaving the original inhabitants of the land, the Palestinians. The Jews believe that the land belongs to them as their birthright. Obviously they do not believe in equal rights as one human to another human.


Thanks for the video. These Settlers seem to be being used quite cynically to do the bidding of the Far Right in Israel. In a very dehumanizing manner, they are commodified weapons of intrusion carefully calculated to provide excuses for more traditional methodology should the Settlers be threatened. In a way, it is diabolically ingenious. Each Settler is a potential victim card to be played out in the court of world opinion to justify what still remains to be the perpetual history of the “Holy Land”: