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'Momentum Is Shifting': MoveOn Calls for Democratic Presidential Candidates to Boycott AIPAC Conference

You lost me at ‘we love Israel’. I get what you mean but it’s still so so wrong. The Zionists stole the land they call Israel. Some by outright murder and coercion and some by collusion with absentee Arab landowners who sold out the people renting their land. But steal they did. I will never ever support the right of zionists invaders and their descendants to live in Palestine…
Western Europe, Russia, the Stans and everywhere else zionists usurpers invaded Palestine from should be building nice refugee camps to house the Zionist criminal settlers that need to be repatriated.


The Green Party is miles ahead on this. We proudly and openly support the BDS movement, and many of us are pushing for a resolution calling for an end to ALL U. S. aid to Israel, period. We are not under the sway of the Israeli lobby at any level.


This is good news for a change. AIPAC should have to register under FARA, for it is very much an agent of a foreign government. For all practical purposes it controls the US government behind the scenes.


Thank-you Ihan Omar. Now this is open for discussion and the appropriate criticism. Let’s talk about the attempt to stifle American’s free speech by making the BDS movement illegal.


I heard several settlers in the video question the myopia of their own viewpoints, Mary.

One admitted to having fascist leanings – she was embarrassed about that.
Another had been stabbed by a Palestinian but now works toward reconciliation.
A third got to know the Palestinians who worked his land, and learned to respect them.

And after making the video, the filmmaker remains a leftie.

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I hear Biden is waiting to announce until he’s lined up a younger running mate.

IOW, he’s looking to counter claims that he’s too old. Biden/Beto 2020 wouldn’t surprise me.

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Americans need to get it known to all candidates that they will never vote for anyone who attends this anti-American conference. I certainly won’t


i am jewish and i won’t vote for anyone who supports zionism.


redjeff, i am jewish, and i certainly do NOT love israel. it’s just another religious state that puts the rule of dog before the rule of law.


I didn’t see any comment on Iran here so I will. Iran should be thrilled and in full support of this effort. It would, if even mildly successful, put a monkey wrench in any U.S. war plans for Iran.
And beware of the Benjamin’s, and the Benjamin N.

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Since no Democrats were going, it seems to me Move On had no reason to make this statement which by singling out a pro-Israel group (AIPAC s neutral on Israeli politics but generally supports whomever the Israelis elect) for special hate needlessly divides the anti-Trump coalition

Thanks for posting this video again. It is truly the history of Palestine. And the killing will never stop until the rights of Palestinians and all indigenous are recognized and protected by the global nations of the world. ALL of them.

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What rock did you just come out from under Barry? It says in the article that Schumer and Pelosi are speakers at this shindig. and AIPAC is neutral? Is that why they spend so much money bribing most of our representatives in DC year after year after year?


What you mean-um “where Israel is headed”, Kemo Sabé?  It’s where Israel has been for at least the last two decades, maybe longer.

Schemer, P’Loser and all the rest of the DNC establishment will be there, cheering for the Israeli fascists.  The differences between Hitler, Nuttin-Yahoo and Tweetle-Dumb grow smaller & smaller
with every passing day.

“Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.” — George Santayana

That makes at least two of us!!


Biden/Beto 2020 — now there’s a winning combo . . .   At least so far as the DNC and MSM are con­cerned.   If that’s the best the Dems can do, we had better brace ourselves for another four years of Tweetle-Dumb!


Yes I heard all of those responses as well but in the end those people held onto their ideas even as they questioned them. They expressed their right to occupy the land because they are Jewish.

The women who was stabbed was and exception expressing her views that she thought that efforts should be made to interact with Palestinians.

And at this time that effort is more important than ever since sump-pump just gave the Golan Heights to Israel or at least sanctioned Israel’s right to own.


It is immoral and unethical to patronize an organization that treats it neighbors and citizens the way we treated our African American Brothers and Sisters during the post-civil war Jim Crow days.

With contempt disrespect and violence.

Those Democratic candidates that attend the meeting of the Jewish Klan are unscrupulous and unprincipled and inhumane for ignoring the horrendous treatment of the Palestinians under Israeli Occupation.


Yes, but as documented in the film “13th” the Jim Crow actions today of racism have replaced those of the post civil war days.

Okay then repatriate to where? How would you complete the repatriation? Your solution doesn’t take into account either the two state or one state solution. FYI 2 state is Palestine&Israel. 1 state is one nation with equal rights for everyone living there. Persoinally imho for starters Israel should return to their original borders. I am totally anti Israeli illegal settlements.

Last I heard the KKK was totally antiJews.