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Moms of Trans Kids Wonder, Where's Hillary Clinton?


Moms of Trans Kids Wonder, Where's Hillary Clinton?

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

Moms of transgender children are waiting for Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton to complete the national Trans United Fund's (TUF) candidate questionnaire on Friday, after the group extended its deadline to give the former secretary of state extra time to respond.


Where's Hillary Clinton on this important issue? Right where she is on numerous other issues - nowhere! Hillary doesn't want to talk about issues, only in vague, feel-good slogans, where she doesn't have to take a stand - very unlike Bernie Sanders!
Without delay, obfuscation, diversion or just outright changing the subject or ignoring questioners, Hillary will not answer the critical issues of our time!


Why would Clinton answer people who she knows are going to vote for her whether she answers them or not ?


OK, if you want to believe in Hillary Clinton, all you need to do is close your eyes, tap your ruby slippers together three times, and repeat, "I believe..." Your only alternative is to check her record and this (or any other) issue, and accept reality. If adequately pressured, she might tell you whatever you want to hear, but it wouldn't mean anything.


She won't be elected, for the same reasons she wasn't elected in 2008. And the Dem Party bosses know it.


"Getting things done" ...


What the bloody hell, TUF? Why are you chasing and begging her plus basically giving her a pass? She's a lying, hypocritical viper, and the sooner her minority minions learn/appreciate that, the better. As stated elsewhere, there's no way none of her campaign staff could answer that questionnaire and run it by her for approval. Please stop begging and hoping for blessings. You have scads of other people to educate and win over. Use your energy there. Btw, be sure to give Bernie credit wherever and as loudly as possible. He wants to help all of us.


Yes, she only cares about that and herself.