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'Money Changes Everything': Corporate Sponsors Finally Join Native American Call for Washington Redskins Name Change

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/07/03/money-changes-everything-corporate-sponsors-finally-join-native-american-call

Sometimes the easiest answer to a problem is almost too obvious to see: They should change the team’s name to the Washington Redskin Potatoes - “Redskins” for short!

P.S. - Yes, they would still have to change the logo, but at least changing the name would solve half of the problem.

How about just shortening it to: THE WASHINGTON REDS? We already have the Cincinnati, Reds.

The stupid “tomahawk chop” started with the Florida State Seminoles.

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Maybe they should change their name to the Washington Whiteys. Kind of has a nice ring to it. “Starting at quarterback… for the Washington Whiteys… Donald Trump!” (And the crowd goes wild.)

By the way, is any consideration being given to changing the name of the Cleveland Indians?

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Or the Kansas City Chiefs with their Arrowhead Stadium?

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Kansas City Crackers? Gotta admit, it has a nice ring to it.

Thanks. I did not know that. I understand that fans can latch onto a simple gesture that they can all do as a show of togetherness, but times change and its past time for public displays of insensitivity towards oppressed peoples.This is just my addition to my previous comment. I fully realize you already know this.


My fondest hope is that the massive protests continue, and get even bigger.
They are clearly working.

More pressure on corporations.
More pressure on government.
More pressure on police budgets.
More pressure on racists.

Get out in the streets!

I like your reference to “displays of sensitivity.”
I never felt anything but respect for the tribal history of the Redskins.
Which means in part that I have been insensitive, and need to take a deeper look at these references.
I suspect most white folks, and many of color are in need of some enlightenment.

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