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'Money Couldn't Buy a Movement': AOC Trounces Wall Street-Backed Democratic Primary Opponent

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/06/24/money-couldnt-buy-movement-aoc-trounces-wall-street-backed-democratic-primary


Taking on AOC was a fools’ errand! She’s The Real Deal.


I still wonder if our country and our planet can survive long enough to see the Nancy ‘PayGo’ Pelosi Corporate Dems replaced with the wonderful young people like AOC who want to see our planet survive and who put the working classes interests above those of Wall Street and Corporate CEOs.


Instead of using this vibrant, intelligent young woman as the driver of renewed Democratic Party, the Clintonian scum that still run the party seem stuck in their 1992 Third Way jalopy.
If it weren’t for this pandemic, the democrats would suffer horrible loses in November. Trump would have been re-elected, the House would have been 50/50, and the senate would have remained Republican. But now the democrats have seemingly been saved by a massive recession and an enormous pile of Covid ravaged bodies. The problem is that the democrats are looking at this through a very tinted lense. Now, instead of having to shift to the left and espouse actual progressivism to win, the clintonians that run the party are going to “stay” their center/right course, continue to hide Joe Biden in the basement, and try to re establish the Third Way as the power that be in DC.
A Democratic Party with bold progressive leadership could have taken advantage of this pandemic to enact the most bold liberal agenda since the New Deal. Instead they seem content to do the minimum, and maintain the status quo.
Kudos Ms Ocasio-Cortez, now please take your new found power and establish a vibrant progressive third party. The time for radicalism is now.


Wall Street is Pelosi, DCCC and the usual DNC Cabal. Apparently lost their vote rigging nerve … besides they would not want to be caught with their hand in the jar and tarnish their brain dead candidate for POTUS.

AOC will be thirty five just in time for the 2024 election. You can officially call me an AOC Bro. I’m betting this one will not have a yellow streak.


The young lady raised millions of campaign funds herself.
Advertised heavily.
Jake did not mention in this write up.

She and her three cohorts = 1% of house membership.
So, we can label her a one percenter in humor.

Tammy Duckworth as VP nominee will bring victory in November.
She is senator from Illinois.
Terrific person to be president if Joe has health failure.

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Kudos Ms Ocasio-Cortez, now please take your new found power and establish a vibrant progressive third party. The time for radicalism is now.

The time is now!!! Unfortunately, AOC is not that leader. Until we have someone willing to be truly courageous and take the leap, nothing will change.


Yes, and we need a voice against the propaganda machine. Alas, fascism is a concept that isn’t going to stop raising its ugly head.


Always nice to watch the wealthy corporate stooges loose their bets.


Everything you need to know about the current iteration of the d-party:

They voted in lockstep with the r-party to pass the CARES Act, one of the biggest and most brazen giveaways to corporate interests in history. Ultimate control rests with Mnunchin, Blackstone given a no-bid contract to manage “asset” purchases by the Fed, $135 billion in tax cuts to 43,000 millionaires buried in the fine print. Bernie and Liz voted for it, too.


Maybe money couldn’t buy a movement, but it will take a lot of money to elect Biden to be president.
AOC has the Ted Kennedy fire brand style. We will see if it is enough in this odd political world we are in.

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The $1200 helped. But it’s been spent.
The unemployment benefit bonus and the rent holidays end soon, too.

Now we’ll see what AOC does with the resentment of desperate serfs.


Someone’s been hitting a pipe full of hopium. Easy there, friend.

Not so fast----if a real conservative ran in Calif I think they could make real in roads—homelessness , my monthly healthcare payment just went up 30%(in the middle of a pandemic --I thought my rate was set for the year, I am locked into this plan)—covered calif—I hear the DMV is backed up 1 year----Newsom is the one who started the stay at home order to please the tech industry-----this economy was on life support before the virus----and Newsom stuck a knife right into the real economy.

Newsom was all talk about MFA until he was elected----then doubled down on corporate healthcare.

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The Nation is intensely divided but evidently not in #NY14,
It’s not enough, Americans have Partied to hard for to long with out demanding social directives from our governments.
Just announced in my town the business district downtown is getting new sidewalks which are not needed. The backstreets and side streets are something from the third world. Perhaps it’s because the downtown district now has armed foot patrols of city police.
They built a new public toilet that stays locked because people stop up the toilet with debris; the downtown places of business closed their toilets to the public; they cut down large trees and put up mega lighting.
The city spends huge money on advertising trying to make the town a destination; maybe it’s over, maybe people will stop throwing their money around entertaining themselves because they are sick in bed or the heat, torrential rain and flooding is overwhelming.


Alexandria has the juice. Fresh squeezed.

2020 shows us a top-to-bottom clean house is the only way to move from neoliberalism in both Parties. There must be a way to make optimal use of the millions of small doners to Bernie - a historic movement waiting to be put to use.


After she is re-elected on November 4 I am looking forward to the AOC24 POTUS campaign launch !

In the interim, hopefully Pelosi will decide to retire to Pacific Heights to spend more time with her money.


I think I get it, you and your state were betrayed by a corporate democrat(s). I am baffled why you think you would fair better under a “conservative”, instead of a real progressive. History shows us that politics to the right are only conservative when it comes to helping the working class, they are usually extremely extravagant towards the 1% and their minions.


Tammy Duckworth is Asian American. She will not be the VP nominee ever. Bank on it.