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Money Flooding State Court Elections Threatens the Promise of Equal Justice

Money Flooding State Court Elections Threatens the Promise of Equal Justice

Alicia Bannon, Scott Greytak

Special interest money is flooding into our state Supreme Court elections, gravely threatening the impartial justice that our Constitution promises -- and raising troubling questions about whether courtroom decisions are for sale.

This fast-growing trend in American politics, spurred in part by the U.S. Supreme Court's Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission ruling in 2010, puts our system of justice at risk. When judges are pressured to answer to deep-pocketed special interests, disillusioned citizens may perceive them as little more than politicians in robes.

Nothing is now off limits from the reach of Big Money.

Truth, justice, so-called Democracy are all for sale to the highest bidder or donor.

And when money (mammon) rules (with a LOT of help from the martial muscle of Mars, the warrior-god), nothing is perceived as Sacred.

This is the lowest ebb in our nation’s history… and destiny. The plutocrats with the help of corrupt lawyers, experts in linguistics, and psychologists who, after giving their imprimatur to torture tactics,now use more subtle mechanisms to torture democratic principles into total submission.

But the Deciders brand all these things as Freedom. Put a glossy label on it and pass it off as the real thing. Their hope is that the last generation to know the genuine (in everything from fresh food to actual Democracy) dies out. If the tide doesn’t dynamically turn, the new generations will be told that their chattel status is what liberation is all about.

In the 1980s, the right ousted four liberal justices of the California Supreme Court, including Chief Justice Rose Bird. The pretext was the death penalty.
Then, as now, the Democratic Party establishment stood by and let it happen. With its deep pockets, the Democrats could put up a fight, but they don’t?
Why? Progressives and liberals generally believe that the Democratic Party is a defender of their interests. It is not. It exists to prevent people power.
We badly need to build an enduring political formation to defend the people’s interests. Bernie’s Political Revolution is a good start, and must take on an organizational form as a membership based party, with a constitution, and a program. It is important that it be as broad as possible, and that a battle be fought against divisions in our ranks. Unity is everything.

Somehow we have to get rid of Gerrymandering so that our votes count. Indiana Republicans are making sure that the 2008 vote for Obama can’t happen again by Gerrymandering. Dems elected a Democrat head for the Board of Education, a Teacher, much to the Republican’s dismay. So the Republicans just made the position into a figurehead position by taking all the power away, when she was about a year into her term. No one could fight it. If the Repubs, spurred on by ALEC/ Koch Brothers, will turn my small University town into puzzle pieces to prevent our votes from counting, of course they will make Judges for Hire.

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Money is too dangerous a tool in conservative’s hands.

How can Gerrymandering have any effect on statewide candidates (US president, governor, senator, or in too many states, State Supreme Court justices? - Oh… or are Indiana’s US president electoral votes split depending on individual congressional district presidential voting outcomes?

Yes! The “electoral college”! Another aspect of the politics of the USA that is sooooo idiotic that, if explained to another person in the more-civilized parts of the world, they would be left gob-smacked at even tying to imagine anything so fucking idiotic!

The AFL-CIO and my union has been bombarding my mailbox with glossy stuff exhorting me to vote for “Wecht, Dougherty and Donohue” for the state Supreme Court. - presumably all "Democrats but don’t dare say that - its supposed to be “non partisan”. I don’t watch TV, so maybe I’m missing the ads for the “Republican” judges.

Personally, I find the election of judges to be positively idiotic and inimical to everything I thought that systems of jurisprudence were supposed to be about.

But I guess everything is political, so I better vote for pro-working class judges…