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'Money For War': US Arms Sales Soar and Bipartisan Militarism Thrives Amid Covid-19 Pandemic

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/12/05/money-war-us-arms-sales-soar-and-bipartisan-militarism-thrives-amid-covid-19

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Does anyone notice the armed forces, flag-waving defenders of democracy and on the frontlines keeping us safe from the terror awaiting us should they not be spread around the world, are never mentioned as being the first recipients of the Covid vaccine?


Their missions become more and more accomplished.

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The Coming Financial Storms:
" People in the wealthy nations cannot simply continue to splurge and carry on their buying spree, heedless of the future, heedless of the consequences. It will change the landscape entirely. It will change the structure of your economies. It will change your political priorities. It will change the focus and priorities of people living in cities and in the country—the emphasis now being on stability and security. People’s freedoms will be diminished simply because they will not have the resources to indulge themselves as they did before.

It will be one financial storm after another, with perhaps brief intervals of seeming stability. But the Great Waves of change are coming, and there are many of them.

Do not think that when you get through this crisis, it will all be fine again, and humanity can continue its overconsumption of the world, like locusts upon the land, consuming everything in sight, degrading the very world that sustains you and that gives you life.

Therefore, in the financial storms you are experiencing currently, take this as a sign of things to come. Take this as an indicator that you must reconsider how you live, your work, your relationships, your priorities, your interests and so forth… The Coming Financial Storms… Marshall Summers.


The name must be changed to reflect this Duopoly’s obsession with World Conflict.

It must be known as:

The Divided States Of Hate And Arms Sales.

Seriously, doesn’t that reflect who the Duopoly wants us to be?


It’s all about priorities. Where $'s are spent shows priorities. So the U.S. of A is the leader of unbridled destruction and death on the planet; a real merchant of death, savor or sorts, right? Why do Americans not think this juggernaut will not come to the “Homeland” full circle and with inordinate, devastating force for use on our civilian population on all those who step out of the corporate-defined consumeristic profit framework we perceive as “normalcy?”


part of patriarchal white supremacist underlying philosophy that drives this nation to its eventual demise. cannot come soon enuf imho.

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Where have you been since late January 2020?
The Kissinger hot war we sent over seas was noticed and returned to us.
We have already suffered 300,000 dead and nobody thinks we can cut this off until late spring at the earliest. Expecting 500,000 to 600,000 dead.

December 7th is Pearl Harbor Day here.
And more Americans are dying today than from the air attack back then.

Meanwhile our war department wastes 50% of what we worked so hard for.
Their toys have never won, except desert storm. And VII Corp, on the ground accomplished the win. The previous 30 days of constant air assault was reported 50% loss of Iraq capables - but it turned out to be 30%. So much for air fierce bragging.

The U.S. army is in need of three years
of genuine peace to retrain, build morale, re-equip, We do not need one more sub or super carrier. We do not need another nuke. We have 1,600 and it only takes 78 to murder 250 million russian citizens.

Drones used for missle offense has a joy stick operator in Arizona or Nevada killing farmers in the middle east because they only have a two dimensional view. A pilot has the three dimensional view of potential targets. Spending one millions to kill one or two enemy soldiers using a missle is central command SOP. These guys are idiots for sure.

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this is America–give the killers all the money and weapons so they they could continue their mission of bombing poor third world peoples and their countries into dust while they starve the American people of the aid needed to preserve our communities-( it should be noted that the US military is a useless organization that has had their butts kicked by every major opponent since Korea–currently fought to a stand still by poorly educated-poorly armed -tribesmen in several countries for almost 20 years)-this is INSANITY and it is the baseline of almost all our politicians–this along with the climate denial practiced by both political parties(the Biden proposal is about $16 Trillion too short and decades too long to actually reverse the collapse of our ecosystems) leave me with the unavoidable conclusion–that our political leaders-the corporations that buy their loyalty-and the media that provides the propaganda could care less what happens to anyone or anything as long as they are making bucks on it–that they feel their actions in destroying the world is immaterial and continuing to support them is a sign of our own insanity


America is such a God fearing country ,sending its young to do battle with the demons of it’s own creation.

Greed and even more violence will simply disappear our culture. Like so many before.


The United States sold more than $175 billion in military equipment to foreign governments in the fiscal year that ended September 30

I wonder how much Trump’s commission was?


Weapons sold are only part of the story of US Death Merchants.

A like number, perhaps much larger dollar value, is free direct transfer and
subsidized weapons of all sort. The deal to ‘sell’ F35 turkeys to UAE will cost
UAE $0. It will just another debit on the US massive debt.

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Another reason to walk away from this evil system as in non cooperation:

I will repost this (On The Ropes: A Tale Of The 60’s)

From the author:

“[I]t would be far more advantageous if we give up on this failed system
that keeps us eternally dependent upon the lesser of two evils, which makes us dependent on evil as a way of life, and turns us into cannibals and wish injury on others for our benefit. There is nothing more evil or small minded than to wish the worst on the oppressed that we might look to a day we prefer. I know the price of violence all too well; I know what it does to people —their inner lives. I’ve seen its gruesome causes, and know that what we are talking about is not healthy. Not healthy for oneself nor society. We must, if we want to see a better day, be wiling to walk away from the trap of civilization in whah we are enshrined, adore and worship as the jewel in the crown of Mans greatest achievement. We must abandon it for what it is behemoth that consumes everything like Saturn eating his children. And so the day shall dawn when it also eats us. No we must abandon our personal demons, personal preferences, scuttle all that is useless directly to life and find a more harmonious way by which to live.”

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Besides the use of this money to wage war, since the word “socialism” has been demonized by the neoliberal/neocon faction, this is what this funding should be called, and what it is really. Most people have a vison that this money is used to “support the troops”, but the reality is it’s a conduit from the US Treasury to weapon manufacturers. On top of that, a high percentage of these expensive weapon systems don’t work properly, or don’t work at all. I guess I’m old school, that to me, is called stealing.


WAR! What is it good for?- corporate profit- stand up and shout it now

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The irony is that while Trump thinks that the Democrats will somehow destroy the military the reality is that Biden and his administration will probably be just as supportive of the military as Trump while like so many past presidents continue to advocate for America’s endless wars.

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Biden has stated that he plans to increase the military budget beyond it’s overbloated present level under Trump. Note that Democrats in the Senate and House largely supported Trump’s ongoing wars and actively opposed his efforts to withdraw troops. Biden was second in command in the Obama administration that took the US from 2 wars to 8.


That in my view, is because Amerika is and has been a military dictatorship and has used the Fourth Estate to support the endless, bogus wars narrative. Examples: " thank you for your service; bringing then freedom and democracy; if you do not want to get behind the troops and support the troops…you are welcome to get in front of them; America, love it or leave it; and too many more to list here.

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“That we can find the money for war but not for coro­n­avirus relief expos­es the moral rot at the cen­ter of U.S. pol­i­tics.”
Too bad that covid-19 is not a terrorist plot that way it could use the egregious military budget to really fight domestic, terrorism!


Excellent point. I can still remember when I got into a heated argument with my next door neighbor during the G.W. Bush administration when she magnanimously proclaimed that she would allow me to have my anti-war point of view but that I must support the troops. I tried to explain to her that as a Vietnam War veteran not supporting the troops is part of my anti-war beliefs. But trying to talk rationally to her is like trying to speak intelligently to a Trump supporter today as both attempts fall under the category of a lost cause.

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