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'Money Is Not Speech and Corporations Are Not People': Sanders Unveils Plan to Get Corporate Money Out of Politics

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/10/07/money-not-speech-and-corporations-are-not-people-sanders-unveils-plan-get-corporate


Good stuff Bernie.
Be well, get strong, and help America create democracy.


Bernie is exactly what our country needs to survive and evolve into a truly strong country. The biggest hurdle is the DNC minimizing Bernie as they promote the two far lesser candidates of Biden and Warren.


Once again, it is great to hear from Bernie and the sharpening of his message. Anyways, I would like to pick up on a conversation in a previous thread (Joan Robinson, I hope you are around). Anyways, you were lamenting Bernie’s need to differentiate himself from Warren which you (and I) view with considerable caution. I agreed in principle with you but thought one had to get rid of Biden first. I predicted somewhere around 4-6 weeks.

Funny how a week goes by and one can see the Biden campaign imploding faster than predicted. Fund raising has fallen markedly, polls are trending decidedly downward and the whole soft corruption argument (Hunter Biden) is sucking the life out of his campaign. I think he is finished and well campaigns are moving on.

So now comes Bernie’s campaign reform platform, with ideas that strikes fear into the heart of every campaign, particularly Warren’s. Warren’s commitment to getting money out of politics is one of convenience, in sort of the inside the beltway, corporate democrat mold. This has never played well with the base and it illustrates her half commitment to not just this policy but to others as well. So Joan, I think the real battle you wished for is starting to begin.



It’s Bernie as the Democratic nominee or stay home next November.


I hope you’ll reconsider staying home.
Even the worst of the corporate Dems (Biden, Cloudbootjar, Beto, Mayor Petey, Harris, etc.) are better than Trump.
Warren is way better than Trump.
Yes, Bernie has long been the only reincarnation of FDR and Henry Wallace in national politics, and he is by far the best person to be president.
But if you and others stay home instead of voting against Trump in 2020, this country is doomed.
No Democrat running for president is a lifetime grifter, cult leader, pathological liar, adulterer, molester, fraudster, bankruptcy king, daughter-copulator, Epstein co-conspirator, gangster, and egotistical demagogue like Trump is.
We must get rid of Trump and Preacher Pence.


As currently configured, Congress, the Bleached House, the Subprime Court, and the leaderships of the two private corporations that control elections in the US — the D Party and the R Party — are all nothing but corporate whorehouses protected by private goon squads paid for with taxpayer dollars. Like every other corporation, these whorehouses are designed to prey on, commodify, exploit and profitize people, labor, resources, all living beings, and Mother Earth. The US government is nothing but a corporate whorehouse. Its politicians are whores, its clients are gangsters, warlords, banksters, and corporate executives. Both groups have consciously and deliberately removed themselves from all sense of social contract, all sense of obligation or legal duty to the People, whose wealth and labor pay their exorbitant salaries. As such, both groups are criminal organizations. They belong in prison. Their five-decade crime spree — murder and robbery on a massive scale — needs to be documented and exposed as a criminal conspiracy against humanity. Updated Nuremberg-style tribunals need to be established, and the entire network of conspirators needs to be prosecuted and imprisoned. These conspirators include corporate executives, bankers, military officers, political leaders, media figures, and their enablers. Defendants will number in the hundreds. Their wealth needs to be confiscated and redistributed to the People and all the living beings from whom it was stolen. If our goal is to heal humanity and heal Mother Earth, nothing short of these measures will suffice.


On this point, I disagree. Corporate democrats are no different than sell out republicans. They have repeatable sold the middle class down the river and with it the idea of America. There is a remarkable pile of academic evidence highlighting this fact. When you elect a corporate democrat, you are simply enabling this destructive and corrosive behavior.

To reform the American political process, you have to reform the corrupt democratic party and turn it into an opposition party. You don’t do that by voting for people who then sell you out, the first chance they get. It’s over.

There are only two people I will vote for. Bernie, with no reservations and Warren if she were to included Bernie as a VP. If she were to appoint some corporate democrat as VP, then the message is loud and clear. Its the old bait and switch routine once again. Surprise, surprise.

I’m done with this nonsense and I will vote Green. I doubt I’m alone.


If a corporate-funded Democrat wins the nomination and somehow manages to defeat DT (which is very unlikely), the next fascist the Republicans put up in 2024 will be even worse. The lesser of 2 evils argument is a loser, because it still leads to more evil.


The US is run by the corporate politicians as envisioned by the privileged ‘founding fathers’. The DNC is the entrenchment of the original intent.

Folks should understand: Pelosi is the guardian of the corporate interest not ‘we the people’. When the republican corporate lackeys lose control of the House, their champion is ready to go to bat for them. I’m with you Bernie, but the democrat party is rotten at it’s leadership roots. With enough grass we can crowd them out.


I’m sure if Hillary won, we would be at war with Russian over some imagined Red Line. I don’t trust Biden or Warren to de escalate any tensions with our imagined enemies. They are willing toadies to the MIC. So I’ll vote for someone who is aligned with my peaceful views and that seems to be the Green party, Bernie , or Tulsi.


Still plenty of time before it’s necessary for Bernie to draw substantive distinctions between Liz and himself. Let the ByeDone implosion play out…watch as the corporate crowd – Harris, Booker, Buttigieg, O’Rourke, Steyer, Yang – fall one by one and throw their support to Liz…watch as the taint of Clinton corruption attaches itself to Warren as she less and less convincingly plays the role of anti-corruption crusader…Watch as the press directly asks her to say “yes or no” on her positions and call out her weasel words when she tapdances…


If, as seems likely, Sanders is again screwed out of the nomination, please consider voting Green. If the Greens win at least 5% of the vote, they won’t have to waste time and resources on petition drives for ballot access.


Oh, I was a registered Green, until we didn’t get enough votes in the last election to maintain official party status in Ohio. If there is a Green on the 2020 ballot with no Bernie, I will vote for them, but very possibly Ohio will not have that choice next year. And when I said “stay home”, what I really mean, but not as dramatically, is I’m going to leave the Presidency blank on my ballot if there is not a choice I care about. I’m not about to reward the Dims with my vote for cheating us out of the best nominee again.


Right to the heart of the matter.

Bernie or bust!


Indeed. I’m sure most of us can recall an essay published on this very website a mere two weeks ago.


Good run down Tank.
In addition, there is a lot of blame today for the establishment. Bad war mongers, bad corporatists, and bad anti worker politicians.
Unless we are all going to have a daily tent sale on our own property, or rent space to do so, maybe bad mouthing business operators isn’t all that good of an attitude. Who signs the paychecks after all? Simple reforms can do a lot without burning down the company. Unions for a start, and reassessing the pay structure is another. Fair voting will also help level the playing field.
Most important is getting our heads right. Half this country is either asleep, don’t care, or are boot strappers that see no worth in the poorer working class. That’s a lot to fight against.

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We the People, keep allowing money and those that have it, to keep us divided. Why?

In the United States, the largest growing party is the Independent Party.

The existing two party Duopoly, works very hard to keep the electorate divided, the GOP through Hate and Fear of the Dems, and the Dems through Hate and Fear of the GOP.

Why in hell is anyone associated with either of these two parties whose primary goal is to keep the United States divided through Hate and Fear?

Everything that is wrong with this nation is attributable to one of these two parties, and Money is the root of it all.

When will the people learn not to trust political parties corrupted by money?


Yet again, for the umpteenth time, Bernie Sanders shows his quality and sets himself apart! His honesty, integrity and vision to serve people and a sustainable healthy future, not wealth, corruption…and exploitation. Those are the qualities that set him apart from all other candidates, and 99% of elected representatives!

I read here several days ago the question: “when will Bernie set himself apart from Liz” - well, he just has (as he has all along actually, in his own way) and he is the originator, the prime mover of policy, not a follower, riding the wave - the tidal wave - of energy Americans who give a damn and have the integrity to work for the changes that might save us believe-in. The great photo that accompanies this piece shows the energy Bernie generates!

The problem is really the DINO establishment, that has no integrity, no honesty, and no vision. They cannot and will not see that what Bernie represents is a groundswell of the future. All the millions that thirst for Bernie’s brand of honest politics without the corruption of big-money and special interests, and a sustainable, healthy, truthful, future for all, represent what the entrenched DP will not, and R’Cons cannot even understand!


“Still plenty of time before it’s necessary for Bernie to draw substantive distinctions between Liz and himself.”

This piece relates sidelong to that idea - since it has as much to do w/supporters as candidates: