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Money Media Cover Change Makers Most When They're Dead


Money Media Cover Change Makers Most When They're Dead

Laura Flanders

It’s amazing how money media cover activists, when they die. When radical philosopher and organizer Grace Lee Boggs passed away on October 5, she received long, respectful obituaries in just about every paper. "Activist and revolutionary", "trail blazer", "human rights advocate". Boggs, it was noted, lived to 100 years old. But it shouldn’t take a century for the media to notice Bogg’s ilk - the activists in their hometowns.


When the sanctity of someone's humanity is being breached consistently, with either classist, racist or psychological jabs, no money is lost. There is no currency in building a stable community on the values of mutual respect, accountability or the depth of one's humanity.

What is currently regarded as money is based on nothing, and believers will soon dissolve the little trust left in it as things go further to chaos. Bitcon has been co opted by those who got into it early and have a vested interest to see its "value" against the "dollar" rise.

The technology of the block chain can be used include what truly matters to humanity. Somethings can be left unmonitized.

If I had the resources, I would be writing this exchange system right now.
Can anyone help?