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Money Men Say, Voters Move Over, It’s Not Your Election!


Money Men Say, Voters Move Over, It’s Not Your Election!

Bill Moyers, Michael Winship

David Brooks is a worried man.

Like many establishment Republicans, the conservative columnist for The New York Times sees the barbarians pouring through the gates and fears for both his party and the republic. Hail, Trump! Hail, Cruz! It’s enough to send a sober centrist dashing through the Forum in search of a cudgel.


That David Brooks still gets air time on the media distortion machine is evidence of who runs the show. It ain't you and it ain't me.


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i maintain that voting for either a republican or a democrat is the stupidest thing an American could do. Pretty stark comment? Think about this.
For 160 yrs - repubs and demos are the only parties that have had majority control of the govt. There is NOBODY else to blame for political problems. No one.
When either party takes majority - they still MUST have votes from the minority party or there aren't enough votes to pass a bill. This proves collusion btwn the 2 parties. Why do i use such a negatively connotated word? Because they use this assistance to pass the huge majority of legislation in favor of the rich parasitic class (donors above) and that damages "we the people" - formerly defined by the "donors" as the "useless eaters".
They have done this damage to we the people and OUR country for well over FIFTY YEARS now. You don't consistently damage one class of people for half of a century, with thousands and thousands of pieces of legislation "by mistake" or because of magic, or a fluke of statistics. You do so because you have an unwritten policy that guide you in perpetuating your damage to the country as it hands all the stolen value to the parasitic, infantile "donors". The people that ACTUALLY cause EVERY planetarily significant problem which can possibly be remediated. Those psychopath "donors".
So - vote for a republican or a democrat and you have just said - "HEY! i LIKE getting raped - so i'm reelecting you for more. Kill my country while you are at it. Take my freedoms. Beat me with your police. Invade my privacy. Kill my kids in your wars of economic empire for Zionist power infatuation....."
That is EXACTLY what you are saying - and it WILL happen. It is the poster situation for "repeating the same action and expecting a different result".

It is not just insane - it's goddammmmmm stupid, to boot. You want to SAY something? Vote for ANYONE that isn't a republican or democrat. Preferably someone that will support the Constitution, since it is what DEFINES the USA at it's best. It is the highest law of the land and provided the freedoms and protections that the world HAD envied until the "donors" stole them. Through the judicious application of political whores from the republican AND democrat parties - flip sides of the same coin - in a rich man's pocket.

So voting for, say a libertarian, who supports the constitution and wants the govt off your back? NOT likely to take office. But it very clearly states - you rep/dem office holders are NOT providing the help this nation and it's people need or want - and so i withdraw my consent for you to govern. Because at the end of the day - there are 535 people in congress. Most are whores to the wealthy. A few honestly good people are there so they can be used as what good the party is (but that other party stopped ...- mumble grumble) EVERY ONE of those people IN THE ENTIRE GOVT are there using power.

ALL of "their" power comes from US, the people. We LOANED our support and thus our power to these people to make decisions FOR OUR BENEFIT, not just to help out the rich parasitic "donors". It is a TEMPORARY LOAN of our power - and you have to use it the way we expect you do do so - in benefit of us and the country. WHEN YOU ABUSE THAT POWER - you SHOULD be shot for treason - remember, treason is an EXECUTABLE offense - NOT a prison term. Our ONLY problem for your traitorous presidents, congresspeople, and agency heads is that the Senate is so full of traitors that to convict you would be to convict theirselves, and so it is not likely to happen at all.


Go Bill and Micheal. Hearts to you. :O)


" Vote for anyone that is not a Republican or a Democrat."

I have supported Dr. Jill Stein and Ralph Nader in the past and the fact that they or any third party candidates since Ross Perot, are not allowed in the Presidential debates by the two major parties tells one that your post is spot on!

Like I have said many times, American Presidents are not elected, that is just a dog and pony show for the masses, they have been, and are selected by the political, elite. And if one that gets elected happens to become President and turns on the elite and decides not to represent the military, industrial, congressional complex and the war mongering .01% that selected him... he is JFK'd.


This goes out to JOHN ELLIS whose Parrot Talking Point is based on the illusion (delusion or lie) that half of America is above a certain poverty line and the other HALF beneath it.

In case Truth can get through to him, I am offering this as Exhibit A:

"Reminding us in a recent report that “America’s 20 richest people — a group that could fit nicely in a Gulfstream luxury private jet — now own more wealth than the bottom half of the American population combined, a total of 152 million people,” Pizzigati concludes that one reason these and other of America’s rich have amassed such large fortunes is that “the federal tax rate on income in the top tax bracket has sunk sharply over recent decades.”


... Leave room for anomaly to happen!


David Brooks is worried for his own economic future as the 'success' of Dump & Bernie Sanders shows that the shilling of he and his ilk is not as effective as it used to be. God forbid Brooks actually get a job that requires him to actually work.


Yes, Bernie is an anomaly. And if he somehow gets the nomination for POTUS, he certainly deserves our support. But what is needed, in my view, is to defeat HRC's superpacs. Hilliary, at present, has virtually all the super delegates including Debbie Wasserman Schultz, the chair of the DNC. These super delegates are not accountable to anyone so HRC has them in her pocket and they somehow have to be turned to Bernie.


Mortimer and Randolph Duke.


To those of us that say "don't vote for either party" I ask, what difference does it make what party or third party we vote for when any system whose existence depends on political bribes and/or coercion is doomed?


he can win without them, but it would take a major butt kicking in the primary vote to do it, and that's not likely. What will be the hardest thing to digest will be that it will wind up likely being non-white Democrats who carry Clinton to victory, even though she's going to trash the living crap out of that demographic when she assumes the throne.

One thing is for certain: the GOP will finally be adopting the Democratic party's rigging system after this debacle. They won't take a chance like this ever again. It's their "McGovern moment".

In any event, the assertion that oligarchs control our political system is obviously not news. What's different this year is that the old modes of media domination are straining to work their usual magic, so the masks have to come off.

Next we'll probably get a tear-jerking music video paid for by Billionaires for Bipartisan Civility featuring the song, "We Are The Rulers, And You are the Children".


I'll chalk this up to the meds today, but I figure I'd write a song for my friends here at CD riffing on my little We are the World gag. Here goes:

Performed by: Billionaires Lives Matter
Music- by whomever wrote that stupid do gooder song way back when. Not to worry, we'll buy the rights.
Lyrics-I. Luminati (ha! we thought you'd like that one!)

There comes a time, when we can't take anymore
When you twits, start voting for some creeps
Trump and Cruz are winning, and what the f*** is that?
If Sanders wins, we're gonna have to pass the hat!

We can't go on, listening to you bray
about Jesus, queers and that we all should pray
And not to mention, your fixation on your guns
But even all of that pales to those hippies whining 'bout our fun!

We own the world!
We own your children
We own the leaky roof that's over your head
We own your car loan
There's a choice we're making, and we're making it for you
Let's face it, you stupid peasants haven't got a clue!

See how we dress, it means we have lots of money
and you don't, which is why you don't run sh*t
If you idiots, were ever meant to have the franchise,
the Founding Fathers might have given that to you

But today, we're going back to the beginning
When the only people who mattered, were white and male
(cue George Soros--> 'and really rich!')
So put that in, your originalist pipe and smoke it
And remember that our reign was the original American way!

We own the world!
We own your rug rats
We own the medicine you can't afford
We own all sports teams!
There's a choice we're making, we know what is best for you
And if you don't agree, our cops will beat you black and blue!
(cue Rush Limbaugh-------> 'but especially blaaaaack! hahahahha! get it?')


This post was flagged by the community and is temporarily hidden.


Get rid of the paperless electronic voting machines and our vote will begin to matter again . Get rid of Citizens United and the Five Fascists on the Supreme Court and a nation of liberty under law may yet be resuscitated .


Yes,not likely Bernie can win without the super delegates that HRC owns. To me, that is the elephant in the room that needs to be addressed before next summers Democratic convention.


The people that cite averages when it comes to wealth really have no idea what they are talking about.

Ten beggars in a room with one dollar each in their pocket have 1 dollar each on average. They can not even afford a Big mac.

When a millionaire walks into the room the average wealth is now 100000 dollars thereabouts. this hardly means the 10 beggars now have enough to buy a big mac. They still have one dollar each.


Bernie Sanders made clear the number one issue in the last debate-campaign finance reform-and calling the system of today what it is -legalized bribery.

And if Bernie Sanders gets the democratic nomination he is the new leader of the party. And hopefully by Sanders winning this will encourage others of the same values to run for office. There are already candidates running for congress who are supporting Sanders agenda.

The contrast between Clinton and Sanders is clear-Clinton is about the status quo and Sanders has a vision of change for the better for all Americans.

I hope Sanders continues to call out issues on this system of legalized bribery-and challenge the media for not addressing this fundamental issue. How can Hillary Clinton represent the people after taking all these bribes from the banks? How can anyone sit on the banking committee in congress and take donations from the banks?


Very effective description of THE HALF OF THE PLUTOCRATIC BRAIN TRUST. Moyers and Wins hip have politely neglected to describe the Democratic Party money machine that drinks mint julep and 30 year old scotch while concocting scenes for Debbie Wasserman Scultz and Bill and Hillary to sell. Stopping Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren is a much deeper concern than recovering the vestiges of Bloomberg Republicanism. The foundation of disrespect for top down authoritarianism is rabble when divided among fundamentalist god seekers, unregulating libertarians and paranoid racists. When revolution swells up from the dregs of a capitalist middle class, it is viewed as a REAL threat to the "system". Investing in Hillary protects status quo. FEELING THE BERN means HE has to go. Watch their 'tools' from Media to 'Board directed' non-profits and elected endorsements from big $money recipients of big, dark SCOTUS infused largess jump front and centered.