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Money Pours In for Sanders's New Medicare for All Digital Campaign


Money Pours In for Sanders's New Medicare for All Digital Campaign

Julia Conley, staff writer

Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) is launching a campaign Wednesday to promote his planned Medicare for All legislation, engaging directly with voters across the nation.


I hope millions sign on to this and contribute to seeing it happen. This needs to be demanded as the duopoly sit together and decide how they can agree to a plan to undermine the Not-for-Profit healthcare single payer system that people are clamoring for.


The last article I read said Bernie Sanders is pushing the public option. That is quite different than medicare for all.

Does anyone know for sure whether he’s going for public option or medicare for all?

Public option is a cynical ploy as I understand it.


I don’t know what article you read Garrett, but here are an email statement Bernie sent to supporters, and a page from his website…

“Our goal is to create a rational, cost-effective health care system. Today in the United States, we are spending almost $10,000 a year per person on health care. This is absurd and unsustainable. We must not continue a system which is, by far, the most expensive, wasteful and bureaucratic in the world.”

“Our goal is to put health care dollars into disease prevention and the provision of health care, not insurance company profits, not outrageous salaries for health industry CEOs, not advertising, not billing, not lobbying or campaign contributions.”

“Our goal is to move this country to a Medicare-for-all, single-payer system.”

“Let me be clear. This will be an enormously difficult and prolonged struggle, and one which will require the efforts of tens of millions of Americans in every state in this country. It will, in fact, require a political revolution in which the American people participate in the political process in a way that we have not seen in the recent history of our democracy.”

“In order to pass a Medicare-for-all, single payer system we will be taking on the most powerful special interests in the country: Wall Street, the insurance companies, the drug companies, the corporate media, the Republican Party and the establishment wing of the Democratic Party. In opposition to our efforts there will be a never-ending barrage of TV ads, editorials, political attacks and lies.” – Bernie Sanders

In Sanders own on-the-record words - read between the lines too - a canny politician cannot just throw bombs like some think he should, they must win election to alter history…“a federally administered single-payer health care program. Universal single-payer health care means comprehensive coverage for all Americans” – Bernie Sanders


I sincerely hope the “poorly educated” can grasp the concept of Medicare for All and get behind the efforts to make the wealthy in this country pay their fair share.

Any efforts to communicate to all Americans to endorse this, must be able to talk to the different classes in language they understand and feel comfortable with.


“it would be paid for with taxes on capital gains, dividends and estates of the wealthiest Americans,”

Clearly Bernie plans to get this passed without a single Republican vote. So the next step is the Democrats winning at least 60 seats in the Senate and gaining a majority in the House and electing a president. Needless to say that rarely happens. This does not sound like a serious proposal. I think is being used as an organizing tool to get more progressives into Congress.


Great, but they never include huge healthcare entities like Tenet Healthcare which would have to shift to non-profit to be a part of a single payer system.


In order to have “government-run healthcare” we need a functioning government, which we ain’t got right now, so this is going to be a monumental struggle and will involve way more than just a quest for decent healthcare. It really will have to be a revolution on a mass scale. Good Luck to us All!


I think that to get single-payer passed we do not have to mention every enemy and health-care parasite to do so - quite the opposite. That these corporations must be brought to heel is very much implied in the calls from sanders he has been championing for a very long time. His political adversaries - R’Cons and DINO’s, profit from this usury and are as much the enemy as the actual corporate profiteers.


I agree but people need to participate in these healthcare decisions and they have not be paying attention to issues like these for a longtime. They need to understand what the issues are and this is one of them. HR 676 funds these guys for 15 years. Do you understand that? Not to mention have you ever had to eat a meal in a Tenet owned hospital?


I called him on it in DC. We all need to call his DC office to keep the pressure on. I spoke at length with one of his staffers and then I came across this:


Let’s keep the focus on our demand for Improved Medicare For All–nothing less will do.



I spoke at length with one of his staffers in both DC and Burlington, VT. The DC staffer said Bernie is pushing for single payer on a national scale–what I have been spending efforts to promote. There was one problem: The staffer said that in states that will not support single payer he will support a public option being offered. My response was that this will dilute the common pool. We all need to keep the pressure on him to support a true national single payer health insurance which will ensure we all have what the Republicans shamelessly repeat–access to health care.


I have no doubt all of these huge corporations including Tenet subvert, pay-off, lie, cheat and steal - they are a huge part of the problem and their power must be fought and destroyed - people must be part of the struggle but most are oblivious, ill-informed/uninformed and “too busy” to get involved - as usual. Can you provide a reference to the 15 year give-away to Tenet in HR 676?
Again I want and support a not for profit health care system with a single paying entity - the verbiage and various labels are distracting and intentionally deceptive and divisive.


I agree, Yes it is in the bill. If you are going to support HR 676 you need to read and understand what it is and what it does and does not do. Read the bill.

Additionally, it is not a not for profit system that is only part of the bill.


“Bottom line is that other countries” DON"T have the best Congress money can buy.


If Congress, POTUS and SCOTUS won’t give us Single Payer, why not bypass them all?


Winning with 60 seats - and theestablishment half of the DEMS have to be converted or expunged from the party.


Gillibrand has said that she is will not run for president in 2020 but her support of single-payer makes me think she is trying to reach out to the progressive wing of the Democratic Party as a possible candidate. Warren has to be considered as a potential candidate. Both may be trying to get some progressive support away from Sanders who could still run despite his age. I think it is almost certain the progressive wing will have a candidate. Of Gillibrand, Warren, and Sanders I think Gillibrand would have the best chance of winning the Democratic primary.


Almost all Democrats in the Senate are establishment right now. I doubt whether that will change much in the near future because they can usually beat progressives in the primaries. I don’t see any evidence from elections that anything is changing in that regard. Maybe the 2018 primaries will show a shift.