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Money Talks: Exodus of Advertisers Forces Out Bill O'Reilly at Fox


Money Talks: Exodus of Advertisers Forces Out Bill O'Reilly at Fox

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

Right-wing misogynist Bill O'Reilly "will not be returning to the Fox News Channel," his parent company said Wednesday afternoon, following years of offensive commentary and what one media watchdog called "inaccurate and embellished reporting."


He was millennialed.


Maybe MSNBC will hire him for a show co-hosted by Rachel Maddow.


If targeted and fired for his actions against women...good. If targeted and fired because they didn't like his political views...bad, very bad.


'Killing O'Reilly' is a big seller.



Well, it took long enough, but a tip of the hat to KO: "Bill O'Reilly, every day's 'Worst Person in the Worrrllllddd'!"


Up next: Outrage of Americans at the treason and corruption of Pres, Veep, and his cabinet are forced out of office and now facing trial!


You are babbling. Do you mean to say that Fox may have targeted him for his political views? Lol. You are very confused. Advertisers were pulling out from his show in droves, Fox had already paid $13 million in hush money settlements to other women he had sexually harassed and last but not least...Fox has begun to feel the heat of a lack of popularity among the viewing public.


I doubt he is too upset. I'm sure he is sitting on a pile of his ill gotten gains which will allow his pathetic ass to retire in ease.


Were the complainants Fox employees?


Ha! I rarely babble. I do, however, actually read the articles before I comment. You should try that sometime. The very first paragraph includes " following years of offensive commentary and what one media watchdog called " inaccurate and embellished reporting". Sounds like there is another dog in this hunt other than sexual harassment to me. Personally, I don't like Bill, always thought he was a self important blowhard. Thought his history books were lousy too. I was simply pointing out that going after someone for sexual harassment was one thing, going after someone because of their political views under the guise of caring about sexual harassment is something altogether different. I am hoping this was just about the harassment, that's all. Remember Bill and Monica? Do you think the right cared anything about Monica, or Bill's history with women?


Money talks. Yes, now we need to hurt Trump the same way.


But I believe mostly ex Fox employees. He used his position to coerce women to consent to his advances or risk being fired


In Trump's case that will be a bit harder to do. But a good start to undermine his clout and prestige will be to support Jon Ossoff for the June run-off big time, to get him past the 50% barrier in the race for the seat vacated by Tom Price, when he was appointed to the Trump cabinet
He now is leading the field with 48.1% over second Karen Handle with 19,78%
BUT: All the other running GOP candidates bring up the GOP total to just over 51%. We registered a <20% swing to the left since the federal election.
We must register another 2% by June! Bernie will be there to help out then.
See: http://www.cnn.com/2017/04/18/politics/georgia-house-6th-special-election-jon-ossoff/


Of course you are babbling. It is not about what this article says, it is about what happens at Fox and there O'Reilly's political rants were fully supported. It was his sexual transgressions only, which prompted the advertisers to withdraw.. His political views and 'liberal enhancements of facts' were right in line with those of Robert Murdoch.


If only.


I wish we could somehow stay very focused on this lesson. When we are trying to understand why our government works the way it does, what do we always hear? FOLLOW THE MONEY.
We must learn how to use our purchasing power to make these fat cats curb their behavior. Money is the one thing that makes them stop and pay attention. Money ( not religion, or conviction, or patriotism). Just Money. If we could only organize around that strategy, we would begin to understand how truly powerful the middle class is.


I NEVER watched FOX or CNN or MSM for that matter only read about them here and there on the web. I don't understand why people watch that kind of crap anyway.


Oh...and I thought comments on articles were, well.....comments on the articles. Thanks for clearing that up.


Yes i agree with you totally, imaging if we could all agree to stay out of our cars for just one day what a shocking message that would send to the fracking industry.