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Money Talks: Exodus of Advertisers Forces Out Bill O'Reilly at Fox


Of course, comments on articles are just that. But that includes no obligation to approve/support everything said in an article.
Blind, gullible followers create dictators.


He was probably fired cuz of the sexual harassment allegations. Deidre Fulton, tho seems happy he's gone because of ""years of offensive commentary"


Chris Mathews said tonight it had nothing to do with the money-strange----it had everything to do with the money. Also Angie's list was one of the last hold outs-interesting.

I will turn to fox to get the conservative view on something-when some big issue is on going -but its all corporate spin from the right.The night the healthcare vote didn't happen I recorded two shows from fox. They hardly mentioned the vote and the top story was about immigrants over running the country.This seems to be the main theme at Fox "news".


We must use every Tool available to us to ascertain the Truth of any Matter that we feel concerns us.

This will NEVER be found in any Corporate News or Entertainment outlet, and there is NO Reason, or Excuse for watching or listening to them.

We must not let their Framing infect or distract us from our pursuit of the Truth.

We have little enough time to spend in ferreting out the Truth, as it is, and we must spend it doing just that.

Case in point : Truth of the Syrian Nerve Gas was divulged, here in CD, by the VIPS, that it was merely a Syrian Aircraft that bombed an al-Quaeda-in-Syria Ammunition Depot full of chemicals, that released noxious gases that blew over a populated area.

That is the truth.

We don't need to watch FOX to "...find out what they're saying", or MSNBC to hear the same thing, only that "...It's the Republican's fault."

All we need is the truth, and it aint found THERE.

As John said : "Just Gimme Some Truth"


What if Bill O’Reilly got off easy (all puns intended)?
What if PEDERASY is the real wickedness?
Could you guys tell the real story? Please?
Are we wrong about the real glass ceiling? PEDERASY?
We seem to know, it is not who you know but who . . . . . . .!
You have to use your head to get ahead.
Who else was the Bill O’Reilly culture asking to genuflect and what are their ages?
Stop bending over backwards to get a job at Fox News.


O'Reilly would have continued to be employed at faux as long as the annual advertising revenue he generated exceeded the annual hush money payouts. Faux did nothing more than look at the bottom line to determine if O'Reilly would stay or go.

Faux knows that nearly all of their audience doesn't give a rip about sexual harrassment and that his audience will follow him wherever O'Reilly lands.

As always, follow the money.


I agree. They do indeed.


FOX: losing money has far more power than addressing immorality in either its management or its "entertainers" masquerading as "newsmen/women," political analysts, or self-proclaimed "experts." At long last Not-Really is gone...he and Ailes can now golf and grope at will. But the misinformation and outright dissemination of false information (unvetted or investigated) will continue at Faux News.


In the news department ?


Where else?


Just a note in passing. I recently noticed O'Reilly has small hands too.