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'Monopoly Man' Mocks Equifax CEO While Warren Demands Answers on Security Breach


'Monopoly Man' Mocks Equifax CEO While Warren Demands Answers on Security Breach

Julia Conley, staff writer

Senator rips credit-monitoring company for profiting off breach that exposed 145 million customers to potential fraud


Good for Warren, but I don’t want the services of Equifax et al. I did not requested it nor did I authorize them to compile info on me.

Immediately stop all these credit gathers so I don’t have to pay each one to stop nor do I have to call each one to freeze. My time is valuable Equifax.



Its amazing how American’s just accept that they have no right to privacy. Drug test sure-fingerprint sure-DNA test sure???At one time people were afraid that the ss number would become a persons number----and the government promised it would only be used for social security???So many people have no idea of some of the freedom that once exited-----the idea of privacy has all but vanished.


Predatory capitalism - and as some inquire: is there any other form? - has hit the wall. That wall is composed of everyday people increasingly aware that “colonialism” is here, now, today PRESENT in the lives of any who are not the effete 1%. The predation is based on the fact that the system MUST HAVE the participation of all IN ORDER TO USE AND “externalize” say… the value of labour, the value of mined minerals, entire peoples who pre-date and exceed the capacities of the colonizer… and the list goes on.

Because it has ‘hit the wall’ the only means of survival of the predator is cannibalization at an increased and exponentially increasing rate. All are ‘fair game’ for the consumptive disease of late stage predatory capitalism: fascism/inverted totalitarianism - call it what you will; but know it by its profile(s).


I truly cannot think of a punishment that is equal to the damage that they created short of a firing squad, but I don’t like killing folks just as much as the next thinking , feeling human…I’d like some long jail terms though before I go and try to kick some ass…I’m gettin’ old and wouldn’t get very far anyway, but these pukes need some phkn disciplining!!


Freeze 'em all. You can do that at Innova for free. It’s also free at EquiFax for the moment. Experian and TransUnion will cost you, depending on state from $0 - $10 (it’s state regulated). Also, don’t miss ChexSystems, which is free.

They will all still collect your information, but they wont’ give it out to creditors or banks, unless you already have a (so-called) “relationship” to them.