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'Monopoly Power' of Tech Giants 'Must End,' Says Top Dem After Marathon Hearing by Powerful CEOs

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/07/30/monopoly-power-tech-giants-must-end-says-top-dem-after-marathon-hearing-powerful

The regulation has to be in the exchange of data.
Standardize the handshakes and regulate the standard - by which you demand reporting in possible changes to the standard.

That is going to be the first step.
Once that framework is in place, the rest will follow.

I wonder how many businesses have been killed by the under pricing tactic. These days it’s those big guns that price everyone else out of competition. But it has gone on with smaller mom and pops as well.

We should remember that to business concerns if its legal, that somehow makes it moral. I would differ.

I’m surprised Microsoft isn’t being called to account. I was there when they were threatening to withdraw their product from any business that had the gall to also offer competitors products. They ruined multiple start-ups at the time. No question in my mind: behind every billionaire, is a CRIME.

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Taxing the wealth of each owner is more achievable than taxing the combined wealth of their corporation.

Corporate economies of scale are preserved and corporations democratized.

What we have here is " Four Company Stores ". Break them up and level the playing field, or else.

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