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Monsanto Accused of Knowingly Polluting SF Bay with Toxic PCBs

Monsanto Accused of Knowingly Polluting SF Bay with Toxic PCBs

Lauren McCauley, staff writer

Targeting the chemical giant which for decades allegedly polluted the San Francisco Bay with a highly toxic environmental contaminant, the city of Oakland on Tuesday filed suit against Monsanto.

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I think that the tides are turning in favor of the people and our planet. MONSANTO is increasingly in the cross hairs of cities across the USA and I personally hope to see armies of farmers, county and state authorities rise up to sue this most demonic organization for high crimes of industrial and agricultural pollution. MONSANTO’s goals is to dominate world food production and control seed distribution worldwide under the guise of producing cheap food.


The same can be said about the employees of Lockheed Martin, Raytheon and GE the makers of weapons of mass destruction.


Will the courts decide that people have the right to know over the corporations right not to speak?

Monsanto has deftly used their right to not speak in a number of court cases. Time will only tell if the courts will find a way to diminish this crime and let Monsanto off the hook for not disclosing this information. And even worse, Monsanto has a lot more money and power than San Francisco, or the State of California for that matter, and can tie this case up in court for decades.


And what will become the fate of sane, germane, and timely legal provisions intent upon holding Monsanto to account for a long list of crimes against nature and humanity should the TPP and TIPP come into law and therefore forestall any other legal endeavors?

The TPP and TIPP will provide a means for overriding legal processes like the one being executed by Oakland, California’s courts.

So far, no one in this thread has taken into full consideration what the ISDS mean. This significant clause taken from the TPP means that NOTHING can trump profit. That if a corporation sees another nation’s laws as inimical to that motive, they can sue. And they will sue for “lost profits.”

This legalese is brought to U.S. by the same diabolical minds that unleashed the cascade of multi-trillion dollar CDS and other weapons of mass financial deception onto the world.

Imagine if you, as a small business, got to sue your community–even preemptively–for featuring laws that inhibited your future profits!

This is sicker than the worst of sci-fi… but if the elites have their way (and they do control most politicians, most of the media, and all of the armed guards paid to protect the status quo and its chief beneficiaries), indeed it will pass into “law.”


this gives a whole new look about "playing futures " in the market , just another way to "hedge " ??? Orwellian at its best

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During a speech she made at a GMO cartel conference in San Diego in June 2014 Hillary admonished attendees to revise their spin on GMOs to make them more acceptable to young voters that she needs to vote for her in 2016.

The “fix” is in, for sure.

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Not to mention the St. Louis County judges, loyal to one of their state’s largest employers, or the US Supreme Court which includes Monsanto operatives Kagan and Thomas.


Monsatan has demonstrated contempt for the lives of humans, animals and the environment for many decades. They are engaged in other crimes against humanity and the environment beside reckless criminal PCB pollution as we speak! Their “roundup-ready” toxic pesticide, their GMO seeds, pollution and decimation of genetic diversity, legal attacks on small farmers and other atrocities are part of global corporate fascism that regards the bottom-line as the ONLY responsibility they have! Humankind, our animal cousins great and small are just another PR thought, even Earths/agricultures critical ploinators are only a blip on their spread-sheets and profit count. http://www.sourcewatch.org/index.php/Monsanto’s_Global_Pollution_Legacy

This reality is why corporate thieves and polluters are pushing so hard for passage of the TPP and the other “trade-deals”, to thwart accountability and costs to their bottom-lines to clean-up their poisonous legacy or end their selling high-priced toxic rubbish! Why do Obama and other corporate whores push so hard for TPP? Because of financial gain after leaving the WH - subversion of our representative gov by corporations like Monsatan and sectors like big-pharma, Obama, Senators and Congress members, is rampant and they will do anything to further the goals of their corporate clients and themselves to the enormous expense of states, our nation and our people, and sustainable world environment!




You have got to be kidding…Hillary? If she is going to be the one responsible for putting Monsanto in their “place” then why did she just hire a Monsanto lobbyist as her campaign director?


Why did Hillary tell biotech conferees that referring to genetically modified organisms as "GMO’s sounds “Frankensteinish”, they should instead refer to GMO’s as “drought tolerant” or “drought resistant”. She also explained at that conference that we, the people, should not be allowed to label food as GMO or GMO free because we would think about the negative aspects and not realize that it is really good for us.

The Clinton Global Initiative promotes Monsanto and GMO seed. They also get paid well by Monsanto, Bayer, etc., for doing so.


After Monsanto won against GMO labeling initiatives in three of the nation’s bluest states (CA, OR, WA) Hillary is convinced that Monsanto and its lobbyists represent a winning formula for her in 2016.

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Please don’t confuse Monsanto with a Person, as the Supreme Court has. Of course it has polluted. A Corporation is liable but a Person, The Person making decisions to Pollute the Bay, is not. Bemoan all you want and it will not make the people who deliberately decide to pollute and violate the environment, accountable.’
Shame has been shown not to work on Sociopaths.

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Only problem with breaking up Monsanto is that it will recreate itself like necrotizing fasciitis in less time than it takes to say it. Then you have several Monsanto companies with new names that belie what they do (Crop Management Corp, Safe Chemical Corp, Natural Growth Products, Weed Wonder Products, etc. are a few possibilities), which in turn would mean less regulatory oversight by state and federal governments (manpower and funding issues). Monsanto needs to be hamstrung financially and taken to task for ALL their destructive operations worldwide, which just may lead to regulatory compliance…one can only hope!

PCB’s Banned by Congress in 1979…and here it is 2015 and Oakland is filing suit…Monsanto has had 36 years to continue their harmful practices that destroy the environment, place all life in jeopardy, and cause untold harm around the world. Yet, they persist in acting with impunity, irresponsibly, and with unbridled hubris. WTF!

Round ('em) Up and excoriate them publicly.

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