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Monsanto and the Poisonous Cartel of GMOs in India


Monsanto and the Poisonous Cartel of GMOs in India

Vandana Shiva

India is steeped in a synthesized controversy created by Monsanto on the first GMO crop supposedly approved for commercialization.


Bayer AG, a Germany company started in the 1880's which worked closely with the Nazis on all sorts of strange projects.


The Obama Administration is on track to break the record for mergers and acquisitions, easily beating the go-go 80s records. Obama's ACA triggered many of these mergers and it appears his Dark Act will trigger even more.

Most of the largest mergers this decade have been and continue to be insurance, drug and chemical companies.


The impact of this merger trend is only now starting to become realized by those most affected. This item seems to have slipped past most folks:
The names of the companies are not as familiar to many, but their importance to agriculture cannot be overstated.
"Two giant North American fertilizer companies said Monday that they are combining, leaving Nebraska and Iowa farmers wondering about the implications for the costs of the elements they use to feed America, which have not been falling as fast as plummeting crop prices.
Also in the works is a planned combination of Dupont Co. and Dow Chemical, which would create a colossal pesticide, seed and chemical firm. Seed and fertilizer giants Bayer AG of Germany and the U.S.-based Monsanto Co. are also in the midst of combination talks, according to Bloomberg News, which cited people familiar with the matter.
'Nebraska farmers are struggling with low commodity prices and steady input costs,” Ashford said. “In an economy where we are already seeing fewer buying choices for farmers, these mega-mergers certainly raise concerns that need to be investigated.' "

For the past 35 years the concept of anti-trust has been abandoned. It was expected during the Reagan years and one term of Bush the elder, however, expectations of relief, change, and hope under Clinton proved for naught.
'Third Way' Democrats have been every bit as fervent in their betrayal of the public's best interests as any Republican, and, because somehow a lot folks continue believe Democrats still represent 'the people' they've been more effective than Republicans in establishing oligarchic policies. It was interesting to follow the Democratic primaries this past cycle as neither Clinton or Sanders had very much to say about the topic of anti-trust.
And so now, we come to the point of this Monsanto/Bayer merger with all of the implications outlined by Dr Shiva plus the additional aspect that this also presents Monsanto with the means of skipping out on US tax obligations through inversion.
Let's keep this all going without any interuption, by all means vote for Hillary.


The barrel bombs of Big Business


And we call it a myth because . . . ?

Probably we do not imagine that external circumstances have nothing to do with suicides, nor that some particular plague might be a factor although other factors exist?

What, then?


The suicide numbers are authentic. More than 270,000 Indian farmers have taken their own lives since the mid-1990s, according to India’s National Crime Records Bureau. And that number is believed to be higher, although firm data is hard to come by.
Those 'debunking the myth' seek to minimize association of the suicides to adverse economic outcomes faced by those 270,000 that did commit suicide.
What this usually ends ups devolving into is an argument over the economic efficiencies of GMO technology/commodity driven industrial monoculture versus small scale individual producers of sustainable diversified food variety crops. If you, Merasmus, are some sort of Monsanto apologist/polemicist tasked with the usual mission of discrediting Dr Shiva's work, then we can well guess ahead of the fact what your future posts will be on this thread.
Should that be case, do everybody a favor and can it---we've heard it all before and life's too short to waste energy in tedious debate with sycophantic propagandists.


And you're pushing the myth that it's a myth!

I've been going to India for some 36 years now and can't even begin to mention how common it is in local newspapers to see a little note about how some small farmer had committed suicide because he had fallen hopelessly in debt because promised miraculous bounty of his expensive gmo seeds and pesticides never materialized and he and family where driven from their farm. Often, as cruel as it seems, the suicide would come from the distraught farmer drinking the very pesticides that drove him into debt.

It reads like a Greek tragedy and it truly is. Now many of these foreclosed small farms are being sold to giant corporate farm interests to mimic the unsustainable chemical-corporate farming model that so dominates in the US.


Either that or it wasn't simply GMOs. GMOs were not the first toxic and invasive farming system foisted onto India and other nations; there were a lot of problems with the Green Revolution hybrids as well.

I don't know the primary research on this, however, only that the suicides are corroborated in a number of popular sources. Where do you get your figures?


buy organic, buy hemp, buy nothing. use clean clean energy. these corporations need our money to survive.


Thanks Jazzbo - your posts confirm my own reading on this going back through the 1970s and 1980s, when the much vaunted 'Green Revolution' had its dark side. Now however the GMOs and the involvement of HUUUUGE corporations, flogging their patented seeds and their chemicals, has forced many farmers to try to increase their output so as to pay for these costly inputs.
Their exponentially increasing water extraction - with more and more deep wells - has resulted in the water table falling. Yet how can the Punjab - the land of 5 rivers, a delta region of incredibly rich soil and plentiful water, with an ancient tradition of food production - have come to this?
The huge number of suicides even became a political issue a few years ago. I recall seeing on NDTV, an Indian TV channel, an interview with the Agriculture Minister, one of Modi's cronies, whose answer was simply to accuse those unfortunate suicidal farmers of being "cowards"! You couldn't make this up - a sort of Trump moment.
Often one can say of Big Business that it has blood on its hands - obviously in the case of the arms companies.
But Monsanto and Dow and their like have managed to turn the good cause of improving food production, so as to end famines and hunger, into this ghastly creation of a polluted desert out of one the world's great delta regions, where Punjab's great rivers bring alluvial salts down from the Himalayas and the region is also blessed with good rainfall.
It seems to me obvious that, if agriculture on 'modern' lines brings ruin and despair to so many, and depletes the soil and the groundwater so fast, this is clearly not a sustainable 'business model'.


No Clinton. http://www.globalresearch.ca/why-hillary-clinton-wont-allow-her-corporate-speeches-to-be-published/5533094 And for what it's worth, No Trump.


It's good to see Vandana Shiva address this.

The Federal Reserve is a private institution owned by genocidal maniacs and war profiteers.

Enabling corporations before the rights of the living is inherent to the current, illegal US dollar.

Look at Ford Motors, too. They, too, were part of the coup against the US, with I.G. Farben.

How do you get a population to accept an unacceptable occupation? Convince them they won.

We are occupied.

Our votes mean nothing to such anti-life corporate overlords. Our political system is nothing but a puppet show.